Introducing CubeOasis, a Web3 Virtual World Platform for Business Innovation

Introducing CubeOasis, a Web3 Virtual World Platform for Business Innovation

With the growing popularity of virtual and augmented reality in modern entertainment, it is none too surprising to see VR and AR entering into the workspace as well. Indeed, the VR and AR markets were valued at nearly US$60 billion and US$42 billion last year and are expected to grow at respective CAGRs of 27.5% and 50.7% until 2030, according to reports by Grand View Research and Fortune Business Insights. Many businesses are now looking to capture this growing demand and become pioneers of the new digital age.

CubeOasis is a new virtual world platform that offers virtual spaces for businesses. It blends Web3 functionality with high-value business features, offering a means for companies to explore the ever-evolving digital landscape and capture new opportunities. Let’s take a look at a few of the key features CubeOasis has to offer:

3D Virtual Space Display

CubeOasis brings product advertising into the virtual realm with a 3D Virtual Space Display that allows companies to showcase their products in a virtual setting. The platform includes personalized management capabilities that make it possible for businesses to create special exhibits that show off their unique brand identities.

NFT and RWA Transactions

The platform includes capabilities for users to transact NFTs and RWAs (real-world assets), making it possible for companies to explore new modes of trading and captivating investors and collectors. NFTs can also be programmed with smart contracts, extending their functionality in a myriad of ways. When used to its fullest potential, this enables companies to offer almost any kind of good or service on the CubeOasis virtual platform.

Community Support

CubeOasis provides support for its community, with a focus on interpersonal interactions and user creation. Events, creative projects and collaborations are made available for users to participate in. Educational material and detailed documentation resources ensure that users can easily navigate and make the best use of their virtual space.

User-Centric Business Model

CloudOasis values a transparent business model that puts its users first. The platform gains revenue through virtual block transactions, leasing of virtual display areas for personal or commercial use, and the sale of creation tools and digital assets. The platform will also regularly host virtual events and competitions, with additional revenue coming from sponsorship fees.

Strategic Partnerships

The other half of the platform’s business model relies entirely on strategic collaborations with its business partners. To this end, CubeOasis has partners with big names such as Huawei and Metasurge, and also actively seeks alliances with influential people and key opinion leaders.

Through these features and more, CubeOasis fills a longstanding market demand for virtual business spaces. Other solutions have long struggled with the seamless integration of physical products with virtual spaces, but CubeOasis has overcome these barriers, bridging modern users with the future of business in the virtual world.

The CubeOasis platform has completed development, and all of the virtual world features have been validated through rigorous beta-testing. The company has an ambitious and carefully planned roadmap aimed at empowering companies to redefine their business models in the virtual landscape. With all preliminary testing completed, CubeOasis is now searching for business partners to join their platform. For more information about CubeOasis, please visit their website and follow them on social media.

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