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Introducing Collective Forecast: Revolutionizing Market Predictions With Community-Driven Insights

Collective Forecast is proud to announce the launch of its innovative platform, which is set to transform market predictions by harnessing the collective wisdom of traders and influencers.

At the core of Collective Forecast lies a diverse group of experienced traders hailing from various corners of the globe, each boasting over a decade of industry expertise. United by their passion for trading and a common objective of enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in their craft, they have collaborated to develop a platform that offers unparalleled value to traders.

Dedicated to fairness and ingenuity, the team behind Collective Forecast has established a DAO registered in Lithuania. This distinctive approach ensures transparency and equality within the platform, distinguishing it as a secure and inclusive hub for trading aficionados.

Thus, Collective Forecast was born – a cutting-edge trading platform offering innovative market forecasting and analysis tools powered by AI & Big Data. We considered the experience of the founding traders, the methods they used, and the problems they encountered. We created a product using Al & Bid Data to produce a reasonable, understandable, and balanced result. Thus allowing the analysis to be sped up for traders in their daily work.

Collective Forecast’s fundamental goal is to create the most accurate system for market prediction fluctuations amidst high volatility due to the data obtained from tools & traders of all kinds.

Knowing firsthand about the hardships and pitfalls of trading on the stock exchange, we strive to create one family-friendly and in-a-business-like-manner credible ecosystem for sharing experiences and practical skills. By joining the Collective Forecast community, everyone contributes to the common cause, namely, the automation of the trading process for maximum profit.

Collective Forecast provides traders with a wide range of charting capabilities, thriving on data from over 50 analytical instruments. An extensive set of tools allows users to find their way to track and visualize the assets’ price movements right in the trading interface.

The platform presents a range of services and products, including:

  • CoFo Feed & CoFo Analytics: Providing up-to-date financial events and market news.
  • CoFo Scout: Offering insights into market dynamics. CoFo Scout processes market data using proprietary tools. The final criteria ranking within CoFo Scout is provided by AI and Big Data analysis.
  • CoFo Setups: A setup is an analytical model in a graphical or text format used to forecast the movement of an asset.
  • Metrics and Charts: Visual aids for tracking and analyzing market trends. Charts help traders monitor changes in quote prices, indicate whether assets are being bought or sold, and provide an evident picture of market behavior. Based on the charts, users decide on investments, build trading strategies, and conduct market analysis.
  • Indicators: Tools for predicting market movements, it is a software solution that allows you to spot various patterns and receive signals about the best time to enter/exit a trade under certain market conditions.

Collective Forecast unites a professional community to make profitable predictions and follow the insights of others, all in pursuit of trading success.

At the heart of Collective Forecast’s mission is establishing a dependable system for predicting market fluctuations amidst high volatility. By leveraging the diverse insights of traders, the platform aims to address the challenges and risks associated with stock exchange trading. Embracing a family-friendly and business-focused ethos, Collective Forecast is dedicated to automating the trading process to optimize profits.

“Collective Forecast transcends mere platform status; it’s a community-driven initiative reshaping how we approach market predictions,” remarked Eugene Matsulevych,CEO. “By becoming part of our community, traders and influencers can contribute to the shared goal of automating trading processes and generating more precise forecasts.

By 2025, the CoFo platform will stand out with its proprietary programming language for creating advanced indicators and trading setups. Positioned as a social network catering to traders and investors, CoFo is poised to become a key player in the global financial market. Through the strategic promotion of CoFo Coin on the platform, the token is expected to secure a spot in the top 50 by market capitalization. Embracing the principles of Industry 4.0, CoFo leverages automation and data exchange to drive innovation and efficiency in the trading landscape.”

Traders, influencers, and market enthusiasts are encouraged to join the Collective Forecast community and participate in this transformative movement. Only here can you benefit from the most proven information on the nearest or distant price fluctuation forecasts for major currency pairs or even participate in making these forecasts.

For further details about Collective Forecast and how to engage, please visit


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