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Introducing Clockwork — The Agency That Is Rethinking The Agency Model For Startups

The coronavirus pandemic appears to have unleashed a tidal wave of entrepreneurial activity, breaking the United States — at least temporarily — out of a decades-long start-up slump.

Americans filed paperwork to start 4.3 million businesses last year, according to data from the Census Bureau, a 24 percent increase from the year before and by far the most in the decade and a half that the government has kept track. Applications are on a pace to be even higher this year.

With so many new entrepreneurs jumping onto the startup rollercoaster one of the biggest challenges that they face will be growth   and it needs to happen quickly!

Funding can stretch so far, so startups need to allocate funds appropriately and at the right time, or operations can quickly start to unravel.

I speak to so many startup founders every day, and one thing that keeps coming up is talent – or a shortage of it whether that’s in design, coding, strategy, marketing, or PR to help them get their message out there.

So many agencies can charge tens of thousands for strategic marketing or PR campaigns. This might work for larger enterprise models, but it is not possible for some startups trying to make a name for themselves.

Until now.

I recently spoke to David Carter, founder of Clockwork, who gives startups access to the best independent marketers, designers, coders, and copywriters in the world – 24/7.

With so many new entrepreneurs taking the leap of faith and starting a new venture, he felt it was time to offer startups something different.

“No more ping pong tables and expensive real estate will be included in our estimates”

“What I mean by this is that so many agencies need to cover costs of large offices, an oversized account teams running the client costs into the hundreds of thousands. It doesn’t have to be this way.”

Startups need an agency that works as they do – all the time. So that’s precisely what Clockwork has created: an international team of creatives and account handlers who are ready to work when you are. Anytime.

David knew that the traditional agency model needed an alternative. High overheads and a limited pool of talent were creating problems. Sometimes things were challenging, inefficient, and expensive – impacting both client-side marketers and agency creatives.

 But it didn’t have to be this way…

He started working as a freelancer shortly after moving to Medellin, Colombia, finding so much more flexibility in working remotely. This proved to be a definite advantage to himself and his clients – predominantly startup businesses with specific marketing needs.

As tech continued to make collaboration so much easier and given the ongoing rise of the freelance economy, Dave felt it was time to offer clients something different: an agile agency able to meet the needs of innovative startups right across the World.

Clockworks creatives have a diverse array of expertise — including design, digital, marketing, and PR and copy, brand strategy, photography, and animation. Not just anyone makes the cuts. They build on previous working relationships, hiring experts who’ve collaborated before.

Everything they do is tied together by Clockwork’s experienced account management team: their Timekeepers. They keep things ticking over every step of the way: making sure projects stay on track and get delivered on time.

David is currently based in Cali, the Salsa capital of Colombia but he works with creatives all over the world.

You can reach him here

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