Introducing a New Addition to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure — Stellar Cyber’s OpenXDR Platform

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle and Open XDR innovator Stellar Cyber, are joining forces to bring less complex, yet more comprehensive cloud security.

Businesses that already rely on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can now further strengthen their security.

Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR platform combines the capabilities of several security solutions that are essential for reducing cyber threats within cloud environments.

The Challenge of Protecting the Cloud 

Securing cloud environments today is challenging, to say the least. From cloud misconfigurations to shadow IT, malware, access management, and data loss, there is a lot to consider when protecting valuable company assets that reside within the cloud.

Moreover, companies that have adopted the cloud in recent years have built intricate infrastructures that consist of multi-cloud environments, public clouds, and hybrid networks.

Without a proper cloud security solution, organizations lack visibility into their complete environment and potential cyber threats.

In a worst-case scenario, undetected cybercrime leads to stolen and leaked sensitive files. At the core of cloud protection is data protection.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) has become a trusted place where businesses turn to protect their cloud and prevent compromised data. They have been integrating the best security practices — from the start of building their architecture.

“We designed OCI with a security-first mindset, which is one of the many reasons why enterprises continue to trust Oracle with their data,” said David Hicks, Group Vice President, Worldwide ISV Cloud Business Development, Oracle. “Stellar Cyber on OCI provides our joint customers with an industry-leading Open XDR solution to manage their cloud security posture and help protect their data.”

Now, Oracle has strengthened its cloud protection with a more comprehensive and accurate way of managing security.

Managing Security With OpenXDR

Although OpenXDR isn’t designed exclusively for the protection of the cloud (it covers the complete attack surface), this solution does tackle some of the main issues of cloud security today. 

Some of these include:

  • Detecting and mitigating a large number of cyberattacks
  • Securing the rapidly changing cloud environment
  • Managing a large number of data that stems from versatile tools

Let’s dive into how the OpenXDR platform helps companies that face more attacks than even within ever-changing cloud environments.

AI-Powered Cloud Security With OpenXDR

Stellar Cyber’s Open CDR solution unifies the functionality of security solutions such as NG-SIEM, XDR, NDR, and SOAR.

The platform gathers the security data from these tools and correlates them based on what is considered normal for one’s infrastructure. 

It keeps learning about the systems and networks of a specific business to create accurate reports of what is threatening the organization. With that information, it swiftly alerts security teams of any high-risk issues that need to be mitigated or fixed as soon as possible.

Instead of getting multiple disconnected alerts, security analysts get only those that indicate major vulnerabilities within the cloud.

Well-known security threats are detected and blocked automatically.

Also, it repeats this process in real-time to catch any anomalies or threats early.

As a result, the teams that use the platform are more productive. They get accurate and relevant reports that are easy to understand. They also know that the alerts they receive point to accurate and real security threats.

Plus, everything is made available from a single user-friendly interface.

“Stellar Cyber is committed to providing the critical capabilities security teams need to deliver consistent security outcomes—all for a single license and price on a single platform,” said Jim O’Hara, Chief Revenue Officer at Stellar Cyber. “This simple yet comprehensive model makes it easy for customers to measure how our Open XDR platform dramatically impacts their security ROI.”

The Best Cloud Security Is Properly Managed

Perfect cloud security doesn’t exist. This is especially true within cloud environments that are rapidly shifting and changing from one minute to the next.

Once you cover all the security points, the most important thing left to do is to continually manage and automate the mitigation of newly discovered threats.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure combines solutions that simplify the cloud security of hybrid, private, and public clouds.

The OpenXDR platform fits that profile perfectly. It provides security teams with analytics, contextual detection of cyber threats, and automated response in real-time.

For companies that have one or more cloud environments, this new addition to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure means that they have a more intuitive and comprehensive way of managing security. 

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