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Intro to Stock Rover

Intro to Stock Rover

It’s easy to become frustrated with the diversity of screening tools and options available for investors. The internet and the accompanying boom of information have been great assets to investors who want all the data in the world at their fingertips, but it can be overwhelming and hard to narrow down exactly what data is right for your circumstances. One solution available to investors is Stock Rover, a stock screening tool that allows users to customize the reports and information that they receive to fit exactly the metrics and data points that they are most interested in.

(Almost) Endless Options

Stock Rover has received terrific industry reviews for its user-friendly approach to navigating more than 350 data points and metrics. While generally easy to use, it has yet to launch an App to complement its services but it works well on desktop and even on the web browser platform of most smart phones.

It also offers several service levels to match the needs of investors from beginner to expert. Enhanced service levels offer extensive history of share price and financial statements, and data can also be exported off the platform and even sent over too, and integrated with, the user’s brokerage firm.

Safe With Rover

Rover offers a number of tools and features to ensure user protection and a high quality of customer service. All users have access to an online ticketing system for customer support inquiries. Understandably, the company does prioritize its paid subscription users for a prompter response and actioning of e-tickets. There is also a customer service phone line option that is offered, although it costs an additional $50 per year. It is also only staffed during regular business hours, a possible draw back for investors who like to do their deep drive homework at odd hours.

The company also places a premium on the security of its features. Financial transactions are securely encrypted to ensure protection of user data. The website is protected by several layers of firewall and the company’s internal policy severely limits who has access to user data. All in all, Rover offers a very fitting level of security for a platform that is centered around such a sensitive topic.

As mentioned, the tool does not yet have a mobile app, but its overall user-friendliness makes it easy to access from different devices. You will do well with a desktop but even if you are a serious smart phone user, you should still have no difficulty accessing Stock Rover.

Appropriate Access for Your Needs

Like many services in this space, Stock Rover offers different levels of subscription to cater to different levels of users. The Premium Plan is one that will satisfy a mix of investor experience levels, as it offers over 350 data points and metrics to filter from and build your research around. Premium also offers 10 years of a target company’s financials, which is a powerful look back at past trends for those wanting to really know what they are talking about.

Premium level members can also export their research to their brokerage in order to streamline their investment decision making process and reduce redundant work, and they will also begin to reap the benefit of an enhanced level of customer service.

On the other sides of Premium are a lesser offering called Essential and a more robust offering called Premium Plus. While it is possible these products could offer value to some investors, Essential will not offer the same kind of value as Premium, and on the flip side it would be a very specialized investor who would benefit from the additional features offered in Premium Plus over Premium.

Pricing breaks out as follows:


Monthly – $7.99

Yearly – $7.99

Two years – $139.99


Monthly – $17.99/month

Yearly – $179.99/month

Two years – $319.99

Premium Plus:

Monthly – $27.99

Yearly – $279.99

Two years – $479.99

Final Thoughts

Stock Rover is a terrific platform, but the benefit it offers can only be realized by active traders who are in search of robust data to maximize their investment decisions. It also puts out a lot of last minute information so it may not be for the faint of heart who need to spend days contemplating every possible investment decision. That said, those looking to take the next step will almost certainly find strong value in the deep data offerings of Stock Rover.

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