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Intrinsic Melodies Music Studio Offers Some of Oklahoma City’s Most Unique Piano Lessons

Playing the piano can be a really fun and exciting activity. But, to truly be able to play it well, one needs the help of an instructor who has the experience needed to keep students interested. But, finding someone who’s able to provide such lessons isn’t always easy.

Luckily, for people in Oklahoma, there’s an option that might be worth it. Intrinsic Melodies provides piano lessons to people of all ages. Megan Reed, who provides the piano lessons is known to add a bit of fun to her lessons, allowing her learners to remain engaged, even if they’ve never played the piano before.

Megan ensures that her lessons are designed around the specific skillset of whoever it is that she’s teaching currently. She enjoys working both with adults who may have tried piano in the past but never got into it, as well as with kids who are just now developing an interest in the instrument.

On her website, Megan states that she understands how important it is to provide piano lessons that are actually unique and engaging. A bad experience can really turn people away from the amazing instrument, and in fact, 86% of piano students quit within just the first two years. This is because teachers are often unable to make the experience fun, which is why it always feels like a chore for kids, and parents end up having to nag their kids to practice.

This is something that she tries to change. Her piano lessons in Oklahoma City are becoming incredibly popular primarily because of their amazing non-traditional methodology. Reed’s style of tutoring has been a hit with a majority of people, and she strives to make the experience easy and social.

Because of this, she’s the first name that pops up when anyone is in search of piano lessons in OKC.

About Intrinsic Melodies

Megan Reed is passionate about showing her students their musicality, whether they are 9 or 99.

At Intrinsic Melodies, they believe that music is an innate human ability. One can hear music in the rhythm of their speech and their steady gait when they walk. All human cultures have some form of music, making it an ‘intrinsic melody’.

The Simply Music method, the Better Practice App and the Power of Two Accelerated program are some of the unique ways Intrinsic Melodies is able to make the learning experience fun and exciting for all their students. For more information:

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