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INTOverse Welcomes TomoChain Integration – A New Era Begins!

INTOverse, the revolutionary decentralized social networking platform, is thrilled to announce its integration with TomoChain. This exciting step opens up fresh opportunities for INTOverse users to earn TOX rewards through social interactions on the TomoChain.

INTOverse has experienced tremendous success and rapid growth since its Q2 2023 launch. In just five months, we have garnered more than 366,000 active users and nurtured a lively community of over 25,000 subscribers on Telegram and 15,000members on Discord.

TomoChain, renowned for its high scalability and security, is driven by a community-oriented mission to boost the adoption of web3 applications. It achieves remarkable transaction speeds and low fees while maintaining decentralization through its innovative proof-of-stake voting consensus mechanism.

Notably, TomoChain is extremely popular in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, with backing from prestigious institutions like  Coin98. This strategic collaboration empowers INTOverse to tap into TomoChain’s popularity in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, further enhancing its rapid growth not only within these regions but on a global scale.

This aligns perfectly with INTOverse’s mission of achieving global adoption, with a strong emphasis on community development. This commitment is mirrored in the forthcoming INTOverse City Nodes, a feature that enables users worldwide, including those in Vietnam, to nominate node representatives and actively participate in the development of INTOverse.

Our integration will roll out in phases, commencing with internal testing on September 5th. During this phase, we’ll actively gather user feedback to fine-tune our product functionalities and enhance overall user experience. Following the successful completion of internal testing, staking on TomoChain will go live on September 20th. In addition, TOX rewards earned on TomoChain will also be listed on MIIX, one of Vietnam’s largest exchanges on this date, allowing users to convert their TOX rewards into other cryptocurrencies

This collaboration marks the synergy between INTOverse and TomoChain, aiming to enrich and elevate the overall social experience. Our shared focus on usability and scalability will further elevate the INTOverse ecosystem. Together with TomoChain, we’re on a mission to establish a highly influential social platform within the local Vietnamese community, laying a robust foundation for INTOverse’s global expansion.

About INTOverse

INTOverse is a revolutionary web3 social networking platform that is reshaping how users connect and engage in the digital realm. By integrating Web3 social features, encrypted wallet, digital identity, and AI assistance, INTOverse offers a comprehensive and unparalleled super app experience. It aims to provide users with an all-in-one platform where they can seamlessly communicate, socialize, manage their digital assets, and explore various decentralized applications. This innovative ecosystem is designed to enhance user data privacy, security, and control while fostering a vibrant and interconnected online community.

About TomoChain

TomoChain is a scalable blockchain-powered via Proof-of-Stake Voting consensus and used commercially by companies globally.

TomoChain’s mission is to accelerate the onboarding of millions of users by empowering today’s applications with technology that masks the friction of Blockchain, all while retaining its underlying benefits. TomoChain’s technology and DeFi-focused flagship products include:

Fast & Near-Zero Fees: 2000 TPS, 2-second block time, ~$0 gas fees, and EVM compatibility.

An array of original features and protocols  designed to support speed, privacy, usability, and liquidity needs all in one platform.


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