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INTOverse Takes Centre Stage at BNB Chain Ecosystem Mixer: Highlighting the New Direction of Web3 Social

INTOverse, a leading Web3 social platform, took center stage at the prestigious TOKEN2049 Summit held in Singapore. INTO’s Chief Marketing Officer delivered a compelling keynote address, highlighting the imminent trends and expansive opportunities within the Web3 social space.

The TOKEN2049 Summit is one of the largest digital currency and blockchain technology summits in the Asia-Pacific region. Each year, it pulls cutting-edge technology companies, innovators, and leaders from all over the world. This year’s spotlight shone brightly on the BNB Chain Ecosystem Mixer subforum, which underscored Web3 social as a key topic of discussion.

Being at the forefront of the Web3 social ecosystem, INTOverse has been driving technological innovation and development in the sector. At its core, INTOverse is a Web3 social protocol based on blockchain and artificial intelligence, successfully integrating features like crypto wallets, SocialFi, and SoulBound Token (SBT). INTOverse is committed to providing users with an open, free, efficient, secure, and decentralized social environment.

The New Direction of Web3 Social

The rapid growth of the Web3 social industry is a direct result of the increasing digitization of society. INTOverse, with its strong technology and extensive experience, offers users an all-in-one Web3 service, especially its groundbreaking SocialFi model and SBT innovations. These innovations set INTOverse apart from other players in the industry.

The SocialFi model integrates social interaction and finance seamlessly, allowing users to not only interact freely in a decentralized environment but also earn rewards by participating in community activities. This essentially means that users can earn while socializing. SBT, on the other hand, provides users in the Web3 world with comprehensive and secure identity mapping. This means that users can easily and securely verify their identities and access various services and applications.

INTOverse’s Role in the Future of Web3 Social

In his keynote speech at the BNB Chain Ecosystem Mixer, INTOverse’s Chief Marketing Officer discussed the future trends and development opportunities of the Web3 social industry. He highlighted the importance of SocialFi and SBT in the Web3 social ecosystem, and how INTOverse is leveraging these technologies to create a more engaging and rewarding social experience for users.

“We are excited to be a part of the BNB Chain Ecosystem Mixer and to share our insights on the future of Web3 social with the industry,” said the INTO CMO. “We believe that INTO is well-positioned to lead the way in this rapidly growing market, and we are committed to providing users with the best possible experience.”

INTOverse’s Rapid Growth and Future Plans

Within just four months of its launch, INTOverse has already garnered over 370,000 users from more than 50 countries. The platform is actively exploring multiple technological innovations, such as ERC-6551 and EIP-4337, and introducing novel models, such as city nodes and the Star Program, to continually enrich users’ Web3 social experiences.

The BNB Chain Ecosystem Mixer conference brought together a diverse group of experts and stakeholders from the digital world, including many industry leaders who gave speeches sharing their insights and predictions for the future of the Web3 social industry. It was a great opportunity for INTOverse to connect with other industry leaders and to share its vision for the future of Web3 social. INTOverse is committed to being a leading force in this space, and it is excited to see what the future holds.


INTOverse is at the forefront of the Web3 social revolution. With its innovative SocialFi model, SBT technology, and all-in-one Web3 service, INTOverse is poised to lead the way in this rapidly growing market. The company’s commitment to providing users with an open, free, efficient, secure, and decentralized social environment is evident in its rapid growth and ambitious plans for the future.

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