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Interviewing Noureddine Khiti Founder of Codshopy

Noureddine Khiti defines himself as the leader of E-commerce that is based on COD. His revealing insights and rejuvenation of E-commerce in his motherland which is Morocco had put them into the pyramid head among successful Moroccan young entrepreneurs.

Khiti went “from rags to riches”- that is, from selling in an indigent area in Casablanca to an international brilliant name in the E-commerce orchard by implementing his unique mixture between innovation and bravado. During SIGMA World Asian tour in Dubai, we had the chance to interview him.

You have mentioned during your keynote that the GCC is a rapidly growing market, does it mean it is better than EGG and the EU? 

I firmly believe that there is no market better than the other, we all have human beings and we have mutual needs. Wherever there is a crowd there is a market. For me, the European market is more scalable and it offers you the right tools that meet in the break-even along with the audience, we may call it perfectly structured. Yet, the GCC market has a crucial asset which is fluidity in business operation.

Do you think, then, that someday are we going to see Noureddine Khiti active in the GCC market? 

For the time being, I am not certain about it because we have just finished setting up our major warehouses in Torino, Lisbon. But I deeply believe that it is an avoidable market and maybe we started operating warehouses in GCC after we finish setting up Bangalore, India.

Recently we heard a lot of noise about omitting the subscription plan of Codshopy. Is that correct? 

Yes, Codshopy is considered as a leading Cash on Delivery E-commerce platform whether in Morocco or Europe as far as it is the first platform worldwide that allows you to create stores dedicated only to Cash on Delivery. The idea to free it from monthly packages is to fetch it out from its exclusiveness and make it public, I know it’s dangerous for my business model because we are losing more than 800 active monthly subscribers but for me, Codshopy is something I take care of a lot and I am not sure we will regret that especially our plans are to make it a public platform worldwide by 2024.

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