WatermelonBlock partners with IBM Watson – Interview with the CEO Elliot Rothfield.

WatermelonBlock teams up with IBM to introduce the power of AI to investors through IBM Watson, the computing platform that scans and analyzes big data sets in seconds, providing real-time market insights to cryptotraders.

1) Please tell us your name and about yourself?

My name is Elliot Rothfield, and I’m the Founder and Director of WatermelonBlock. My background is in community arts, design and technology innovation. My entry point into the cryptocurrency space actually came from my involvement with of one of Australia’s largest community arts and music festivals. I became aware of cryptocurrency as a result of working alongside some very talented, yet struggling artists, who were able to support their talent by investing in cryptocurrency.

2) What is WatermelonBlock?

WatermelonBlock is a platform that tells you what the market is feeling. We will be releasing a smartphone app very soon that utilizes sentiment analysis to gauge an understanding of what the world thinks about any of the top 500 cryptocurrencies (by market cap).

As an avid follower of the crypto-market, I quickly become aware of the dynamic nature of it. Things chop and change all the time, and it becomes increasingly difficult to follow especially if you don’t have an indication as to why things are changing so fast. However, as a market that was born in the age of information sharing, reviews, thoughts, articles and social media really drive market action more than we think. It’s on the back of these insights that WatermelonBlock was created. Our solution is to use Artificial Intelligence and sentiment analysis to provide our users with valuable insights in real-time so they can make the best investment decisions.

The WatermelonBlock cryptocurrency app runs off its own ecosystem, facilitated by the WatermelonBlock Token.

3) What are the major features and services provided by WatermelonBlock?

When designing the app, we really took into account the user experience. Everything is designed with the user in mind. Recognizing the intimidation that a lot of investors feel when approaching crypto-markets (information overload, complex stock charts, lots of numbers), WatermelonBlock was designed with a simple and intuitive user interface. App features include:

  • The MelonScore: derived from publicly accessible data on all of the major social media and news networks. WatermelonBlock provides the user with a total score based on this data.
  • Watermelon Index: The Watermelon Index tracks the top 500 cryptocurrencies based on world sentiment.
  • Personalized Portfolio: The personalized portfolio gives users the ability to store the details of their ICO token holdings and value in one place. The personalized portfolio integrates comprehensive sentiment tracking alongside detailed price movements and push notifications to signal any market fluctuations.

Early next year, we’ll be releasing WatermelonSeed – our white label platform, which will allow developers to build off our technology and be able to create sentiment indexes for any market, product or industry.

We will also be releasing WatermelonAnalytics in 2019, our mobile app for custom sentiment analysis. WatermelonAnalytics will allow businesses to search, analyse and compare individual phrases, hashtags and direct URLs to harness industry specific insights.

4) What is the technology behind WatermelonBlock?

WatermelonBlock are proud partners of IBM, using Watson – the IBM AI platform. Watson scans big data sets for market, ICO and coin specific sentiment, and scores these cryptocurrencies and ICO data. Our proprietary social network monitor is always watching social networks, constantly focusing on sets of keywords, hashtags and figures. Our technology is integrated into Reddit, Steemit, Facebook, Twitter, Google and a variety of other platforms. In terms of our blockchain, we use the NEM blockchain. We believe NEM is the perfect partner in tackling issues of scalability and decentralization in releasing our product.

5) What is the market size of Big data and AI in Cryptocurrency investing?

As more and more people start recognizing the need for sentiment analysis, the market size will increase exponentially. However, what excites us at WatermelonBlock HQ is being at the forefront of market innovation and disruption.

6) Tell us about your partnership with IBM Watson and how it works?

IBM have been fantastic to work with. Their support and advisory have been completely invaluable to our development process. We’ve been able to take full advantage of Watson’s capabilities, and it’s been great to have IBM executives on our advisory board to share this crazy journey with us.

7) For investors, what are the advantages of participating in the ICO?

One advantage is that we have a real live product, not just an idea. The WatermelonBlock app is currently in beta phase testing, and will be ready for release in Q4. We also have a variety of things in the developmental pipeline that we’re really looking forward to, and will hopefully cement our status as leaders in the industry.

WatermelonBlock’s unique proprietary algorithms and partnership with IBM is also definitely something to get on board with.

8) Could you share your token economy with us and how to invest?

There will be 400 000 000 WatermelonBlock Tokens (WMB) in circulation, with 60% of that to be sold during the period of our ICO (240 000 000). 1 WMB will be valued at .116 USD.

WatermelonBlock will also be adding a Proof of Burn protocol, where we will be burn tokens up until 50% of the total supply. When our users pay fees in our native WatermelonBlock token to activate our services, 50% of all fee payments will be sent to a wallet address where they will be burnt. Interested parties can pre-register for our ICO on our website and will be contacted when the public sale goes live.

9) Please tell us about your team, advisors, technical support and how ready you are for this project?

As previously mentioned, I come from an arts and music background. I co-founded Strawberry Fields, one of Australia’s most successful arts and music festivals 10 years ago. I’ve been involved in a lot of design agencies and many start ups.

Sonia Miles-Khan, our COO, was an SME in the FinTech space at EY and was the Customer Relations Manager of Nura – the world’s leading biometric headphone company and Australia’s most successful Kickstarter.

Daniel Shani, our CTO, has a really strong background in scaled corporate cloud computing services and full stack solutions. He is the Director of Tech-Head in Australia, a leading Australian cloud services provider and an accredited IBM business solutions partner.

We have a great marketing team at WatermelonBlock HQ who are dedicated to marketing our project to its full potential.

In terms of advisors, we’ve been really blessed to have Jason Lee (Global Director of Partnerships and Strategic Alliances at NEM, and head of NEM Aus/NZ) advise us through our journey, and Boris Manitius and Salil Ahuja from IBM advise us on all matters Watson.

We’re excited for what the future holds at WatermelonBlock HQ, and we cannot wait to kickstart our ICO. Our app is almost ready to go and will launch in Q4 this year.

10) What security and compliance measures do you have in place for the WatermelonBlock project, how safe are you?

WatermelonBlock has KYC and White List for all people wishing to invest in our ICO. As I’m sure you’re aware, the industry has been fraught with security breaches and scams. This is why we are working towards implementing the highest security possible. We’re taking many precautions to make sure that we’re on top of the game with our security, and our investors feel confident and safe with us.

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