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Interview with Vadim Andryan, CEO of Crypviser Secure Messenger

The Crypviser secure messenger helps you keep your communication with friends and family private and keeps your personal data secure. The CEO Vadim Andryan will be discussing the Crypviser Secure Messenger with us in this interview.

Please tell us your name and about yourself?

Hello, my name is Vadim Andryan, I am an Entrepreneur, Investor, Adviser, cyber-security & civil engineering expert.

What is Crypviser, tell us more about the business?

Well, Crypviser GmbH is a Cyber Security Company based in Düsseldorf Germany. We have developed the CSMP, Crypviser Secure Messaging Protocol, which is based on our Blockchain Authentication and Automated encryption protocol which we developed. We packaged this technology together and developed the most secure, private and anonymous Instant Messenger, the Crypviser Secure Messenger.

What features make Crypviser unique from competitors?

Using our Blockchain Authentication protocol we have eliminated the possibilities for Man in the Middle Attacks, we have left behind the outdated Central Certificate authorities and Central servers and embraced decentralization and blockchain. Using blockchain for the public key exchange is the most secure way to prevent any altercations, manipulations or exchanging of public keys, this ensures that the person you are communicating with is, truly that person and that person alone.

We have also chosen an honest approach to our business, instead of collecting names or mobile numbers, getting access to our customers contact lists and or an address book and then in turn selling that information to other parties, we have decided to sell our messenger up front. So many people are totally unaware of the real cost of that Free messenger that they are using, we put the cost right up front, clear in black and white.

Along with that theme, as I mentioned, we collect not ONE PEICE of personal information on our users, In fact we have no idea who is behind the user name within the Crypviser Network.

What is the Crypviser Network?

Ahh glad you asked. The Crypviser Network is the most secure decentralized platform for social and business communication based on Blockchain. Being decentralized gives our users a distinct advantage over all the others. First, there is no central point of attack which makes our network much more secure and safer. Second there is no single switch or access point to shut off or Block access to.

We have seen recently other messengers being blocked or shut down by this or that Government, this disrupts the flow of messages, calls, files, etc from being sent or received by that blocked messenger. People use instant messengers for much more than just saying Hi, they use them as an extension of themselves. Groups, organizations and the like, plan events, meetings, gatherings etc using these messengers, and having them shut down or blocked when they are needed the most is, well more than just inconvenient, it is an attack on their freedom of speech. For electronic communication is a form of Speech, and that needs to be protected and assured. With Crypviser Secure Messenger running on the Crypviser Network, which I might add is open source and is publicly ran by normal everyday people around the globe, peoples messages, their voices can not be simply Blocked or Stopped.

Tell us about the pricing and subscription plans for Crypviser services.

Yes as we talked about our messenger is a subscription based application. We have employees, we have offices, we have developers, cryptologist, programmers, graphic designers and other overhead costs, and, well, these people and bills need to get paid. In black and white, no hidden costs involved, the price for a 1 year subscription is €42.99, that is cheaper than the cost of a good cup of coffee a month. There are also other options available, such as a monthly subscription, a 3 month and a 6 month subscription.

Could you give us a walkthrough of how Crypviser works?

Sure. This is something which we are happy to say is quite painless, there is no steep learning curve, for usually the more secure something is the more difficult it is to use. I will take you through it step by step.

The first step would be to download the app from the Apple App store or the Google Play Store.

Once it is installed you need to choose a username and password. This password is extremely important, I can not stress that enough. If one looses or forgets his or her password there is nothing Crypviser can do for them. NOTHING. Remember we are using Blockchain, what goes in the blockchain can not be changed, we can not just simple give someone a New password, for that user name and password are interchanged and not altercation can be made. Therefore is is extremely important to keep that password safe and secure.

Ok, after you have chosen a username and password, well, that’s it, your done.

Though I would like to touch on something that has been brought up before, abouts the anonymity of Crypviser Secure Messenger.

I will be forthright and blunt.

When someone purchases a subscription of Crypviser Secure Messenger we can receive an Apple ID, in the case of Apple Purchase or a Google ID if downloaded for Android. In neither case does Crypviser receive any personal information of that purchase. Moreover the username one creates in the Crypviser Secure Messenger and then registered on the Crypviser Network is in no way connected to any App Store ID. Crypviser has no way of knowing who is behind that Crypviser ID. Our customers are, to us, anonymous.

Could you tell us about your team and customer support?

We have a very Multicultural team, our employees are gathered from almost every corner of the world. Our headquarters is located in Düssedorf Germany and a lot of the daily business decisions are made there, however we also have programmers, cryptologist, and others working in various countries.

How are you funding the Crypvise project, is there any opportunity for investors and partners?

We are, and I am happy to say, one of the 3% of companies that performed an ICO and actually produced what we promised. We were born within the Cryptocurrency Market, it gave us the funds needed to develop ourselves and our product and for those who invested in our Cryptocurrency, CVcoin/CVN they will soon see the benefits of their investment. For the subscription fee for the Crypviser Secure Messenger can also be paid in our Cryptocurrency, CVN. Our investors also have the possibility to run a Node of our network, and in doing so they can earn CVN by registering new accounts and verifying transactions within the network. Everytime a new node is added to the network it makes it stronger, more secure and even more Un-Blockable. I am happy we had our ICO a few years ago, for given the market right now it would be very difficult to raise the funds which were needed. Though in one sense, what we see in the Cryptocurrency market right now I see as a cleansing. There will only be a handful of Cryptocurrencies left standing when all this smoke clears, and I believe those will be ones which have real technology, which can be used in the real world by anyone, backing them. What we have done is to put the power of blockchain into the hands of everyone. Our Cryptocurrency is connected to a real world product which all can benefit from.

How Safe is Crypviser, would you like to talk about your legal and security measures?

Crypviser Secure Messenger is, hands down, the most secure, private, anonymous messenger to date. There is nothing else which rivals it. Period. Security for us is not an afterthought, it is a prerequisite. We don’t toy around with “Secret Chat” options, everything, and I mean everything is encrypted all the time, everytime.

Our encryption is military grade, using only the most trusted and secure encryption protocols. By implementing blockchain we have only increased the security of proven encryption methods.

Crypviser Secure Messenger is filled with extra security features. Lock chats, Hide chats, Screenshot control, Forwarding control, Self destructing messages and much more. We firmly believe that that smart phone you hold in your hand has more information about you than anything else on the planet.

Your whole life is on that phone. That is something that people should take serious, we do. We are in business to Protect people’s private and personal information, and keep it that way. Private and Secure.

Do you have more information for our readers?

There is a lot going on right now on the development side. We hope to release, by the third quarter of 2019 some extraordinary new features.

I can’t really let the cat out of the bag just yet, but let me tell you, these functions, these features are truly needed today, for the internet is becoming more and more censored and it is getting much more difficult to get out certain messages.

Again, it goes to our core belief, everyone has the right to free speech, security, and everyone has the right to privacy.

This is our calling, this is what we deliver.

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