Interview with Tony Cui the Founder of Achain.

Tony Cui is the founder of Achain, a simple, efficient, and secure blockchain platform that enables users to quickly deploy digital assets, smart contracts and other enterprise-class decentralized applications.

1) Please tell us your name and about yourself?

My Name is Tony Cui, the founder of Achain. I started Achain in 2015. I want to build something Then we were a small and dedicated team. We want to build something new and revolutionary. It is a belief that I had and still holds that Blockchain can create a better, trusted and inter-connected world for its residents.

2) What is Achain?

Achain is a public blockchain platform that enables developers of all levels of experience to issue tokens, smart contract, create applications and blockchain systems. We are committed to building a global blockchain network for information exchange and value transactions.

3) What are the major Achain features and Services?

Achain has made technological innovations such as RDPoS and Value Exchange Protocol (VEP). The First one is finished at the current stage of development. VEP is still underdeveloped. It is expected to launch in the third stage, Cosmos, of Achain project.

Aside from these two features, we also have Lua Virtual Machine, a Smart Sandbox for smart contract test, a Modular Design that helps make maintenance easier.

Achain Also offers Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) to developers and corporates. We help them by creating and customizing a new blockchain.

4) Could you tell us more about the Achain Main network and how it works?

Achain main network has 99 Delegated nodes that verify every transaction on the network, it also has other nodes that record each verified transaction.

5) Achain enables developers to issue tokens, the cryptocurrency market is obviously not doing well in 2018, What is the future of the Token market?

The token market is very much like the stock market, albeit a little wilder and unregulated. We all know that in stock market “Bear goes, Bull follows”. IT is true in 2018 we are in a rather bearish phase now. But I believe soon things will recover.

6) What is the essence of the ACT Token, why should investors buy this token and where can we get it?

ACT transaction is fast and its transaction fee is very low, as low as 0.01ACT. These are the essence of ACT token and also reasons that investor should buy it. Moreover, there is immense potential for ACT, as we have high numbers of active Dapps on the network.  ACT can be purchased on more than 20 crypto exchanges across the world, including famous ones like Huobi and OKex.

7) Do you have any success stories to share with us since after your ICO in 2017?

Since the ICO in 2017, Achain has been very active in attracting Dapp and smart contracts onto the network. Achain now has 130 smart contracts. Among them are Dapps and digital assets, aka cryptos. It should be noted that these are very active smart contracts as many other smart contracts on other public chains are very dormant.

8) Many are calling for a ban on Cryptocurrencies, how could this affect the Achain blockchain, can blockchain really keep its relevance without Cryptocurrencies?

And there are also many who call for regulation rather than a ban. To me, regulations are positive reactions from the government.

The thing is when it comes to new things, most people’s reaction is fear, fear of uncertainty and of the unknow. It is very understandable. We can see many countries in the world are reacting differently. Some banned fiat-crypto transaction, other are strong advocates of them. So, in an unlikely case where the world united to ban crypto and crypto trading. We can still keep our business because ACT is only one part of what we do at Achain. We also offer BaaS as mentioned before. More importantly, we have faith in blockchain technology that it will bring benefits to people.

9) With the high level of Cyberthreats on Cryptos and blockchain, how Safe is Achain blockchain, would you like to talk about your compliance and security measures?

Blockchain itself is rather secure. It is designed to be so.

One, a public address can only be accessed with a matching private key. The integrity of the private key is ensured with SHA256, SHA 512 hash encryption and ECDSA encryption.

Two, Achain wallet will remind the user to backup their private key. An offline signature is used when using the private key to eliminate the risk of private key being stolen through the Internet.

Three, an Achain based smart contract will not be allowed to launch onto the network until tested inside the Achain Sandbox, where security risks and faulty codes can be detected.

Four, on a blockchain code level, our encryption method is a customized version of the open-source third-party secpk1, which is in turn part of ECDSA encryption algorithm.

There are efforts we made to make Achain blockchain safe. For example, we also work with blockchain security specialists to identify potential risks and bugs.

10) Could you tell us about the Achain team and customer support?

Two-thirds of Achain team are dedicated software engineers that are either developing new tech for Achain or maintaining and upgrading the current network. We also a have a marketing and community operations team that runs our marketing campaigns and day-to-day operations, community management etc.

We also have close to 2 million community members and ACT holders from over 30 countries and regions. They help us manage the local community, organize meetups and other marketing events for Achain.

Our team members have a solid education and working background. Many of team memebers have degrees from famous universities in China and overseas like Tsinghua University.

11) Do you have more information for our readers?

Well, yes. HODL.

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