Interview with the Founders of Tag World Exchange on the TWEX Token Sale

Tag World Exchange ( TWEX) is a UK company  incorporated to provide easy access to funds and easy investment management through crowdfunding platform. Tag World Exchange is also involved in helping innovative startups reach their full potential. They are also organising an ICO for the TWEX Tokens, Pre-Sale is going on and the Founders Amal and Tapan, would like to share their vision with us in this interview;

1) Mr. Amal, please give us an introduction to Tag World Exchange as to how it started and what key solution it provides?


TAG World Exchange also known as TWEX was born out of the frustration arising around the World regarding private investments and their illiquidity. How many times have investors put their hard earned money in promising ventures only to be badly burned afterwards? When it is time to earn dividends the company owners vote to reinvest the profits in more R&D even though you are now 3 years down the road. How many headaches and prayers have you had hoping for?

  1. Company to become public,
  2. Management to buy you out,
  3. A competitor that comes along and buys everybody out,
  4. No calls from the Company for additional investments as this will greatly dilute your position as you do not want to invest more!

We at TWEX have created our Exchange with such type of cases in mind. We allow you to independently trade each of your investments at a price and time of your choosing.

We also give to our token holders the possibility to earn small stream of income from various different sources:

  • Each company traded with us contribute 1 % of their total sales to the ecosystem for distribution to each token holder,
  • 30 % of all of our profits are distributed to all token holders,
  • 10 % of our all of our profits is used to buy back our tokens at market price,
  • We make money by capital charges we put on fundraising,
  • We make money every time a client trades a smart contract,
  • We make money via licensing fees paid to us yearly for our security device the TWAL

2) Mr. Amal, you have 25 years of experience in banking, finance and corporate funding. How is your experience helping you to run Tag World Exchange?


Having seen first-hand problems that investors have to trade and dabble in private non listed investments, having seen first hand the difficulties entrepreneurs have to raise capital at a time when they most need it and based on the complexities involved in becoming a public concern, we bundled together all of these problems and created one solution – the TAG World Exchange

3) Can you briefly tell our readers about your latest success stories?


Please take a note on Tag World Exchange latest success stories:-

    • Beta Trading Site: – Tag World Exchange has successfully finalized the beta version of trading platform and smart contract and Blockchain implementation.
    • Pre-Sale ICO: – From the 10,000,000 TWEX Tokens representing 2 Million Euros that were available for our Pre-ICO, we are happy to announce that only 3,500,000 TWEX Tokens are now available for 700,000 Euros.

Participants during the Pre-sale are actively contributing in the project by trusting us. Raised funds will be allocated to the development of the first release of the TWEX platform, the launch of the development of the Hardware Wallet and the marketing promotion of the ICO Campaign.

    • TWAL Mock-up:- The TWAL Mock-up is read and presented to our probable investors. On our roadmap – only remaining before our ICO scheduled for February 3rd is marketing and production of a first batch of TWAL – our proprietary secured identification device.
    • Bounty Program: – Investors are invited on our Beta site in order to test-drive the Beta version of our trading platform. The Bounty program awards Tokens for beta testers identifying defect, organizes regular algorithm competitions about improving performance and auditing smart contracts. Besides a certain amount has been allocated to promote the project during the Bounty campaign.
    • Acceptance of US Investors: – We are as well pleased to announce that we can now accept US Investors as long as they comply with our US SEC Compliant regulatory requirements.
    • Preferred Shares as an investment option:- Residents of any territory where trading in Cryptocurrency is forbidden or restricted can still benefit from all the advantages of our ecosystem by acquiring Preferred Shares of TWEX Ltd. Please go to for more information.

4) Mr. Tapan, what advantages does the blockchain bring to Tag World Exchange?


TAG World Exchange is the first of exchange in the crowd-lending space. It has features that enable capital repayment and profit participation. All this can be done only using smart contracts between the investor and the exchange. Blockchain has enabled implementation of smart contracts. Smart contracts are nothing but software code that can be stored in a blockchain and set up to programmatically govern transactions. Also blockchain has enabled to secure the exchange due to its feature of decentralizing the information.

5) You have experience in many areas including fintech, computer science, finance and marketing etc. How are you using your experience in your role as Chief Technology Officer?


Well experience in Fintech, a combination of finance and information technology, is essential to solution financial institutes requirements and design the system accordingly. An exchange like ours required a lot of understanding about existing financial institutions’ instruments and the modern technology of blockchain and digital currency solution that is set to replace them. Replacement of the old methods and process is imperative as the turnaround time for such transactions need to be minimized. Yes it has been tough to change my own perception from the traditional to new environment but having done so and adapted to the situation, my previous experience has given the team the direction as to how we move ahead. Marketing as a field is essential to know exactly where we position our product and how we target the market.

6) Mr. Tapan, please tell us how Tag World Exchange is different from the rest of the market.


Tag World Exchange is lot different from other exchanges in the following ways:-

    1. TWEX is an exchange platform created on three main pillars –
      1. TWEX Platform
      2. TWEX Tokens
      3. TWEX Hardware Wallet (TWAL)
    2. TWEX platform is an Innovative crypto-currency crowd-lending platform offering transparency and liquidity to the investors as well as the funded company.
    3. TWEX platform allows investors and companies to come on a single platform with investments done on a portfolio rather than a single company.
    4. TWEX platform enables investors to have a clear view of their investments with a fraud free environment based on blockchain, crypto-currency technologies with distributed ledger and smart contracts.
    5. Smart contracts enable investors to benefits from Capital Reimbursements and Profit Payments along-with receiving a part of the net Profit generated by the payment of all Funded Companies of 1% of their Gross Sales.
    6. TWEX Tokens are non-inflationary and are based on real world economies. Tokens are ERC20 based. Tokens can be acquired in Bitcoins, Ethereum, US Dollars, Euros, Swiss Francs, Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars and Pounds.
    7. TWEX Hardware Wallet (TWAL) security device named the TWAL to be used by users in order to access risk free their wallets/accounts held on the platform.

7) Who is your target market with your coin?


Anybody who would like to earn profits while helping good honest companies located the World Over. Do keep in mind that the key word is World. This enables you to take advantage of various upturns in various economies around the World and no longer be confined to a geographical location.

8) Mr. Amal, what makes Tag World Exchange project especially exciting for ICO participants? Tell us why people should invest into your ICO.


We give our token holders the possibility to earn small stream of income from various different sources:

  • Each company traded with us contribute 1 % of their total sales to the ecosystem for distribution to each token holder,
  • 30 % of all of our profits are distributed to all token holders,
  • 10 % of our all of our profits is used to buy back our tokens at market price,
  • We make money by capital charges we put on fundraising,
  • We make money every time a client trades a smart contract,
  • We make money via licensing fees paid to us yearly for our security device the TWAL
  • Our System is non inflationary and based on real Worldwide Economies

9) Where can people see the progress of your ICO and how much you have already raised?


We are now starting to raise funds in pre-ico round.

Our main progress is that we have finished all development works and do not need money for that unlike most ICOs where they ask you to fund their development! Funds being raised will directly contribute to the various companies listed with us.

10) There could be potential investors out there who might not fully grasp how to invest in Tag World Exchange. Mr. Tapan, who is qualified to buy TWEX tokens? Kindly give us a step-by-step guide on how one could participate in the ICO?


The Tag World Exchange platform has been built keeping in mind the ease of use for our investors as well as listed companies.

Steps to invest are as follows:-

    1. Go to
    2. Learn as to “How to buy tokens” from section. In order to be accepted as a valid participant to acquire our tokens you must first:
      1. Create an account on the Twex Platform,
      2. Submit your Investor Information,
      3. If you are an US citizen you need to know whether you are an accredited investor by clicking on the “Yes” button.
      4. If your country does not support crypto-currency investment you can do through preferred share options by clicking on the “Yes” button next to the question.
    3. Read through the “TERMS & CONDITIONS” of the TWEX platform by going to the section
    4. Register with your KYC information on the platform as an investor by going to the “Investor Information” menu item i.e. section. Here the exchange captures:-
      1. Basic details
      2. Contact details
      3. Address details
    5. Once registered, investor gets a mail with his login id and password.
    6. Investor can now login with the “Login” menu item i.e. section.
    7. On login, investor can now open his e-Wallet using the “Wallet Opening Form” in the menu item i.e.
    8. Investor can now buy TWEX tokens using fiat currencies like USD, GBP, AUD, NZD, CHF or crypto-currencies like Bitcoin and Etherium.
    9. Once “Order” is placed then only would the transaction be reflected into the “Account Statement”
    10. As well, the investor has to deposit the amount in the mentioned TWEX Ethereum Address or TWEX Bitcoin Address or pay via Paypal.
    11. The transaction would be shown unconfirmed in the “Account Statement” till the payment is made.

11) How do you see Tag World Exchange project running after it completes its ICO?


Tag World Exchange is a private exchange and it would ensure that every investor on its platform have necessary and sufficient information as to where his money is getting invested. The portfolio is listed under and the details of each project can be seen. Tag World Exchange would ensure information of performance of each company flows back to the investor on timely basis that would enable him to check on capital repayment and profit participation as mentioned in the smart contract. We are not putting all eggs in one basket, hence, the portfolio return would as well ensure a decent profit for the investors, if declared by the promoters.

12) Mr. Amal, can you tell us a bit about your team?


Tag World Exchange has a strong board member and board of advisors coming from varied background and experience. Most of our team are well versed with the nitty-gritties’ of blockchain cryptocurrency and smart contracts.

We have a legal team as well who are well acquainted with the laws governing the system.

Our strong marketing team includes some of our advisors who give us timely advice to market the product in different geo’s apart from a full time marketing team. Our presence in the social media speaks of our market reach and penetration.

Our development team, based in India, has the technical capabilities to deliver the features of the exchange on a timely basis keeping in mind of quality and other non-functional requirements like security, robustness and scalability.

We are a committed team here to deliver “Innovative crypto-currency crowd-lending platform offering transparency and liquidity to the investors as well as the funded company.”

13) Are you focused in any specific geographic areas?


Currently we are focused in Europe, UK, US and India. We are expanding our focus to Middle East, Africa, Far East & China as we go ahead.

14) Thank you Mr. Amal and Mr. Tapan. Is there any other important message you would like to pass across to readers?


All funds raised because of you go directly to the projects listed. We have finalised our beta version of our trading site. You are all invited to test-drive it at:

We have created a small trading contest with winners earning TWEX Tokens. And everybody wins as you get 10 TWEX Tokens for opening a wallet with us. Besides your wallet number will take part in a weekly lottery draw that will enable the lucky winner to earn 50,000 TWEX Tokens!

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