Interview with the CEO of Tradeplace, An All in One Cryptocurrency Exchange

Tradeplace CEO Youssef NCIR is introducing to the blockchain market, a Centralized cryptocurrency exchange for crypto trading, live news, analysis, crypto forum and Mastercard.

1) Please tell us your name and about yourself?

My name is Youssef NCIR. I have more than 12 years’ experience in management positions at multinational companies. I am a big investor in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology with more than 5 years in the industry, and I have seven years of experience in forex (fiat currencies).

2) What is TradePlace and what is your vision?

TradePlace was started to simplify the procedure of trading cryptocurrencies on an exchange. Indeed, TradePlace aims to have a worldwide reach and seeks to be a multi-operated platform for traders, providing a safe and easy cryptocurrency exchange. In a medium-term timeframe, our exchange should become one of the best in the cryptocurrency industry. One of the unique features of the exchange is that customers can get a qualitative analysis of coins or tokens.

It is an all in one platform: interactive chat rooms, consultants, experienced traders, all kinds of bots and trading tools interacting in a single ecosystem, live chat support, live news-sharing services for blockchain enthusiasts without the need to use third-party services as an aid, and much more.

3) What unique features and services do you offer at Tradeplace?

Because TradePlace is aiming to become the best exchange around, it will offer a host of innovative and unique features to serve the community on our platform. These will not be superfluous add-ons which will cost our community more money, but all of this will be offered for free to registered users. The list below is an overview of what we think are the most important and relevant features, but it isn’t exhaustive at all. We’ll constantly be innovating and thinking up new ideas about how we can make TradePlace better and better for our users.

The Exchange Itself

Of course, one of the most important parts of our platform will be the exchange itself. Thanks to the important feedback we received from the community during our survey, we were able to determine that the speed of an exchange is a very important factor. Other factors the community thought to be important are quality 24/7 customer support, ease-of-use, low fees and an attractive design. All of these areas will be addressed on our exchange. We can see where other exchanges have slipped up in those areas, and we are committed to not make the same mistakes. However, apart from all of these, security is our number one priority. It’s almost as if you hear of a new exchange hacking every week. You can’t trade if all your funds have been stolen, right?

Community Forum

Another large part of the TradePlace platform will be the community forum. On this forum, users will be able to interact with each other and talk about anything cryptocurrency and blockchain related. They can exchange ideas, discuss hot topics, give each other advice, start business relationships and so much more. A live news feature will also be closely related to the forum and therefore users can stay up to date with the latest talk and updates while also being able to discuss them with other people, all in one easy-to-use place. The sky is the limit!

Expert Analyses

From the very beginning of the launch of our platform, we will start releasing expert analyses about various coins, tokens and trading pairs. Our experts have years and even decades of experience with financial markets, so you can be sure to trust any analyses that they may provide. The analyses will be provided with the goal of creating a healthier and more stable environment for cryptocurrency trading, since in today’s world a lot of people are just investing on whims and feelings of FUD and FOMO. This makes a lot of people lose money and causes lots of money to flood around the market in a very unstable manner. Our expert analyses will allow our users to make informed decisions on what to invest in and when to invest as well.

EXTP Token and MasterCard

The TradePlace ecosystem will have its own native token, abbreviated as EXTP. This token can be used by traders to pay trading fees on the platform. Those who hold the token will also receive cashbacks and bonuses (more details about this will be released at a later date). Exchange wallets can be linked to a MasterCard issued to every user who has completed the KYC process. Then you will be able to spend your cryptocurrency funds anywhere you like (if the place you want to spend it accepts MasterCards, which most places worldwide do).

4) The cryptocurrency market is not doing very well currently, what is the future of cryptocurrency exchanges?

The future of the cryptocurrency in the world is very exciting, and the majority of experts in the field confirm that cryptocurrencies will soon be in good health again. The current situation is a foretaste for many investors in fintech and other areas who have not yet tried investment in the field of crypto.

The market will be more and more attractive for investors, the regulatory commissions will find more control solutions and will understand the importance of the blockchain and cryptocurrency discipline.

Subsequently, the platform that has more auditing and regulation resources will of course work in these conditions and will be open to several countries without any problems.

5) What do you think about the tradables market; Cryptocurrency, Stock, Forex, Commodities and which market will thrive the most in 2019 and beyond?

As I explained before, we have more than 200 crypto exchange platforms, and there is some very sharp competition in terms of monthly volume. On the other hand, during this period of crisis, we found that a lot of markets could not resist and manage their loss considering the volatility and the loss that they had during this period.

However, the markets that have been able to resist and manage are those with high risk management and a very well managed crisis management procedure.

The companies and markets that will continue in force next year will be those who work as a team and who like to make win-win partnerships, and also those who manage their funds at a very high level quality.

Finally, regulation and respect of the procedures remain a very interesting point. We must be open to the world and communicate with the auditors and be clear about the stock exchange procedures.

6) At what stage of development is the exchange, What is on your business plan and roadmap for 2019 and what should we expect from you?

What you can see from our vision and our roadmap is that we want to do some new things for traders and investors: features that will help them easily manage their funds, increase the level of communication via the forum and the live chat support, allow more and more market visibility and make our TradePlace Alliance move forward together to a new world of trading.

Our position in the market will be strong with all the free services we will bring to our dear members and investors. Regulation remains a key point in our development path and be among the most regulated exchanges in the world of crypto.

7) What is the value of your token and what makes it different from others?

Our EXTP token is the TradePlace Exchange’s own token, and it will be used for the payment of transactions fees in all exchange and trade operations on the platform. EXTP will be released on the Ethereum blockchain according to the ERC-20 standard and have all the characteristic advantages. What is noteworthy is that their emission will be limited to a certain amount, which is an additional security and guarantee of the growth on its price.

Finally, I think a native token of an exchange has a lot of value if it is supported it in the platform.

8) Could you tell us about your team and customer support?

We have a very competent team at a high level of competence in business management, community management, crypto market strategies, and crypto charts and trends analysis. It is thanks to this experience that we made a living during the last few years, therefore, we want to bring an exceptional new product to our dear members so that they take advantage of the various free services.

In addition, we took the best crypto advisors in the world, like Jason Hung, Giacomo, Giovanni, Jun, Andrey to help us with their experiences and advice to get on the right track and succeed with this product.

9) Do you have more information for our readers?

A last word to all readers: the world of ICOs and crypto is very large, so you must choose the project that you see has the best vision and which also has the right standards of regulation.

Whichever way you see it, whether the field is down or in crisis, always look for the right opportunity that’s best for you.

The markets are always in up and down trends, so take a step back and you will see that TradePlace has an advantage over several other projects. It is an exchange that will change the vision of traders, allowing them to limit investment risks and much more.

For more informations about us, take advantage to see our Whitepaper, our OnePager, and more informations in our website TradePlace.

We are also present in different social media like telegram (+31k of users), Twitter (+9.5k), Medium (+8k), facebook (+7k), and Linkedin (+6.9k).

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