A Modern Cryptocurrency Exchange: Interview with Jitendra Rajput, CEO of Encrybit.

Encrybit is a research based, modern cryptocurrency exchange with an attractive UI and fully equipped with advanced trading features. The CEO Jitendra Rajput will me telling us more about Encrybit in this interview.

1) Please tell us your name and about yourself?

My name is Jitendra Rajput and I am the CEO of Encrybit. My adult life begins following my graduation with a Commerce degree and completion of my Master’s in computer application. From there, I was soon offered a System Administrator position in a software outsourcing company. I loved the job as a I had a real passion to work with numbers and statistics, and finding different loopholes and issues with existing security systems. I learned a lot about how to procure different types of network architecture and became a top security consultant at the firm before leaving.

After leaving, I went on to pursue my dreams of using my extensive knowledge of network security to serve a larger audience at my own company. I have been in this industry now for around 11 years and my team and I have successfully served many different types of software and network solutions to various clients across the globe, encompassing solutions of all kinds, from custom software, web development, e-commerce, network security and mobile solutions.  

2) What is Encrybit and what are the major services you provide?

Encrybit is not an ordinary crypto exchange – it is the outcome of thousands of hours of dedication of our research team in all aspects including the study of exchange trends, trader’s desires, security, UI, network architecture and exchange platform algorithms.

In terms of services, Encrybit is solving some of the most prominent problems being faced by existing cryptocurrency exchanges, such as: major security concerns, poor and inadequate crypto exchange UI, lack of in-built technical analysis tools, high trading fees and the lack of a unique social trading reward ecosystem.

  3) What is the technology behind Encrybit?

Encrybit will have a robust architecture to hold the capacity of maximum number of users and thus make use of required technologies. The base would be C, C++, C#, Python, Java, and MatLab. The hardware programming may include VHDL, HDL, OpenGL, OpenCL, and CUDA.

Encrybit implementing multi-tier security that includes HSM, Multilayer Firewall, 2FA Authentication, IP Filtering, Hot and Cold Wallet, Auditing, Fault-tolerant architecture design, backup and restore system. Thus, the technology behind Encrybit has been chosen and implemented to deliver a strong, secure and fast-performing Cryptocurrency Exchange.

4) What unique Exchange Features make Encrybit different from others?

As you used “different” in your question, what does this mean – the thing, functional, feature or an object which fetch the attention of community or crowd. This is all what Encrybit is about, thought of community and expectation of traders.  

All the feature we are including in this modern exchange is based on the views and concerns of the traders which we came to know from the surveys we did with 11k+ participants from almost 167 countries. This surveys indicated the issues and expectation of traders from a cryptocurrency trading exchange.

Social Trading, Smart Alert, Crypto Radar, Broad Order Book, Coin Comparison, P/L Report are some of the features which will solve the most of the issues we came to know from the surveys in the market. And yes Demo Trading which will help users to self-learn and make trading strategies.

In nutshell, the functional and features we’re including are supportive and useful for every type of traders (VC’s, Professional & Beginners).

5) You operate a Research based platform, could you tell us more about this and how it works?

We have built our platform with help of our extensive research team from analysis of many different crypto currency exchanges and their current issues. Our research is mainly focused on what traders actually want to have on their crypto exchange and how they can feel more comfortable trading.

Aspects such as, what traders like and dislike, what features are absolute necessities, how can our platform add value to a trader’s professional and personal improvement, and how can we build our features into our platform in such a way which is easy to understand.

It is through our extensive research and public surveys that we have conducted, that have allowed us to be able to answer these questions and construct a platform with all the features that a trader wants to have, and not just the basics that they need.

6) We will like to know more about the Encrybit Token and Token Sale?

ENCX is the key element of the Encrybit ecosystem, It will be utilized to administrate the exchange operations with multiple uses in various tasks and fees. ENCX will also determine the exchange revenue model with trading, coin listing, and various other activities.

We’ll be utilizing three important activities for increasing ENCX token demand.

  1. One can utilize ENCX to encash a 50% discount on the trading fee.
  2. 40% of coin listing fee will be charged in ENCX.
  3. Every quarter Encrybit will utilize its 10% of total profit to buy back the ENCX from circulating supply. Burn process will be in action immediately after successful buyback every quarter.

There will be more activities and products Encrybit will launch which will be available for community utilizing ENCX.

Its revolutionary trading platform with the ability to fetch attention from the community, traders, and investors from the globe.

Total supply is 270,000,000, circulating supply after the sale will be 172,800,000 and per ENCX price is $0.2. 60% of total supply is available for sale during Private, Pre and Public ICO.

Private sale is taking place on 1st November 2018.

7) On what stage of development is the Encrybit Exchange, and what is next on your Roadmap?

Right now our team is working on the Beta version of our exchange and it will be live in Q2 2019. Once we have thoroughly tested our beta version with actual users, we will launch our exchange in Q3 2019.  

8) Who are the brains behind this project, could you tell us about your team and customer support?

At Encrybit, we have created same environment as we have had in M-connect solutions which much of the core team has been involved in over 5 years. At Encrybit, each individual has had their own experience and developed expertise in different areas and this dynamic set of different skills, has led to the team building up many groundbreaking products and solutions leading up to our latest project – Encrybit.

Our team consists of numerous specialists in cyber security, Linux administrators, Blockchain developers, UI/UX creators, graphic designers, software programmers, QA, CRM and Business managers.  

9) There have been many stories of cyber-attacks on crypto exchanges, how Safe is Encrybit, would you like to discuss your compliance and security measures?

Encrybit, though focusing on many other features, sees security as a core part of the exchange and, therefore having multiple security advisors and information security experts in the team is an absolute necessity. With that, Encrybit is getting security architecture services from the best in the industry. Our expert security team will make sure to bolster the exchange’s security layers with accurate SDLC methodology. Our security assessment practices include secure and modularized coding methods, secured server infrastructure, application & server penetration testing, and ethical hacking practices to make sure the correct implementation of security standards.

10) Do you have more information for our readers?

Our team has worked hard to convert every trader’s dream platform into a reality. So, jump on our website now, and check out our whitepaper and survey insights and make sure to get in touch with us if you have any questions or are interested in working together.

For more information, visit the Encrybit website:

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