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Interview With TeamGreet: A Solo Founder’s Pandemic Success With Online Birthday Cards for the Workplace

What is TeamGreet?

TeamGreet is a virtual group birthday card service designed for teams who can’t pass physical cards around the office anymore. We provide an easy, quick, and fun way for colleagues, particularly for remote or work-from-homers, to celebrate birthdays together. Users can choose a card, receive a private link to share with co-workers, and then everyone can sign the card with messages, GIFs, and stickers. At the chosen deadline, we’ll email the surprise card to the recipient, helping teams maintain workplace culture and camaraderie even when working remotely.

A Solo Founder's Pandemic Success With Online Birthday Cards for the Workplace

Image: TeamGreet’s group birthday cards bring in-person workplace norms to the work from home age (Source: TeamGreet’s birthday cards)

How did the pandemic and the shift to remote work create a unique opportunity for TeamGreet to enter the market?

The pandemic led to a massive increase in remote work, making it difficult for teams to celebrate birthdays as they used to in an office setting. This shift created a demand for a solution like TeamGreet – what most of our customers find an easy, quick, and fun way for colleagues to help maintain some workplace culture and celebrate birthdays together virtually. We filled the gap left by traditional e-card sites which are famously outdated, slow, and not even mobile-friendly, offering a modern alternative.

You’re currently a team of one. Do you plan to stay small?

Short answer: Yes. As a solo founder, I’ve really enjoyed the control and flexibility that comes with managing a business on my own. I do work with a couple of talented freelancers who help with card design and customer support. For now, I plan to stay small and quick, focusing on growing the business while maintaining the personal touch that sets TeamGreet apart. I’d love to hire in the future, but the time has to be right.

As a solo founder, how have you managed to balance the various responsibilities of running TeamGreet, and is there any advice you’d give to other solo entrepreneurs getting started?

Balancing time and responsibilities has been one of the biggest challenges, especially with an 18-month-old baby. I’ve learned to prioritize tasks, delegate some work to freelancers, and focus on what matters most to the business. My advice to other solo entrepreneurs would be to stay organized, do only what you know will move the business forward, and try not to get distracted by shiny object syndrome.

How do you begin to market to such a diverse customer-base across different industries and age groups?

Our marketing approach targets remote and hybrid teams across various industries, with a focus on making TeamGreet accessible and user-friendly for all age groups. I’ve noticed higher adoption in the media and marketing sectors, though we’re not quite sure why. By making sure the platform is easy to use and visually appealing, we’ve managed to attract a quite a diverse customer base, including unique segments like fandoms that use TeamGreet for their favorite celebrities.

How do you plan to stay relevant to businesses that have now transitioned back to in-person work?

TeamGreet can still be valuable for in-office teams due to the convenience and ease of organization it offers compared to traditional paper cards. I plan to stay relevant by expanding our product offering to include leaving cards, milestone birthday cards, animated cards, and gift cards. I also believe TeamGreet would be a great fit for partnering with HR, team management, or employee recognition software platforms. Seems like a very natural (and non-competing) fit.

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