Interview with Piper Moretti, Top Influential Woman in Blockchain and CEO of The Crypto Realty Group.

Crypto Realty Group is harnessing the innovative advantages of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to give you an international access to Luxury Real Estate Opportunities. With the Crypto Realty Group, you can pay for Luxury Real Estate properties with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Piper Moretti, the CEO of The Crypto Realty Group will give us more details on how this works in this interview.

1) Please tell us your name and about yourself?

Hi! I’m Piper Moretti I am CEO of the Crypto Realty Group, blockchain enthusiast, and a licensed International luxury Realtor at Christie’s International Luxury Real Estate. I’ve been in the real estate space for almost four years. About a year and a half into it some people found me online and wanted to look at houses in the South Bay area that they could purchase in Bitcoin. While it took a bit of learning curve – we successfully were able to complete this transaction (the first bitcoin real estate transaction in SoCal!) In 2017, I became the first real estate agent to sell over five multi-million dollar properties for Bitcoin. Since then, I’ve spoken at conferences like Blockshow and have been featured in Business Insider, WSJ, Forbes,, Entrepreneur and more as a top influential woman in blockchain.

2) What is The Crypto Realty Group?

The Crypto Realty Group is a Los Angeles-based firm specializing in conducting real estate transactions with cryptocurrency.  We help clients find or sell their property, using cryptocurrency, anywhere throughout Los Angeles (and beyond).

3) On The Crypto Realty Group, you can search all SoCal homes with cryptocurrency rates, how does this work and what cryptocurrencies do you accept?

For crypto-to-crypto transactions, the particular coin has to obviously be agreed upon by both the buyer and the seller. With regards to the crypto calculator on our site, it helps potential clients get an idea of what their property might be worth in crypto.

4) What other major Services do you provide at  The Crypto Realty Group? 

In addition to helping people buy and sell homes with cryptocurrency, we also provide consulting services. We realize we only have so much time to consult. After receiving dozens of calls with questions from realtors across the globe, we are excited to announce that we just released our new Crypto Real Estate course that will serve as an on-demand resource and answer any questions you may have!

5) Please, tell us more about your listing and home valuation services, how does it work?

Great question! With cryptocurrency, it’s basically going to be the same, in that the value of the home is going to be the value regardless of what’s going on with the market.  A $2 Million dollar listing is going to be listed in US dollars or FIAT. If the seller asks how much is this worth in bitcoin, of course, we can provide that. For instance, at the time of this publication, it’s worth x amount of bitcoin and this is what we can ask depending on what the market is doing. I know it is super volatile but we can always claim this is worth a certain amount of US Dollars and approximately x amount of bitcoin.

6) If a house is bought in crypto, please tell us how the transaction and documentation processes work?

It would work the same as a regular transaction except the escrow company would have to be involved. Right now there is no streamlined process in place, however, there are several startups in the space working on this. Once we get these portals in place it will make the entire process a lot easier. Right now we would have to transfer the funds outside of escrow and have escrow take care of everything else, unless they have an account with a particular payment processor, as a few do in California.

7) We could see you are partnering with other Real Estate blockchain platforms like Block66 and CPROP, tell us more about these partners and the nature of the partnerships?

The two startups I work with are the CPROP and Block66.  With Block66 they are focused on lender matching. Their network will eventually seek to span borders, connecting private and institutional lenders with borrowers worldwide. All mortgages will be issued and managed on the blockchain. When all said and done, they will be able to fund loans within 48 hours.

CPROP is working on an end-to-end transaction platform. Everyone will know what is going on at any given time with the transaction.  They have a huge task in that each state has its own disclosures and regulations, so they are in the process of complying with all of that globally.  I am heavily involved with the California side and nationwide as well in advisory role and to help ensure we comply with fair housing and boundaries of the law.

8) The Crypto Realty Group seems to be very popular in the Media, how did you achieve this and what does it mean to you?

We achieved this with speaking engagements and online publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur listing me as the number one influential women in blockchain. It all has really gained traction over the last 8-9 months. The more I show up the more people want to ask me to speak which has snowballed into boundless opportunity.

9) Do you have any available investment opportunities to share with us from The Crypto Realty Group?

I have a couple of featured listings on my site, I also have live listings feed, just check out

10) Do you have more information for our readers?

I am excited to share more about our new course that is now live!  In our video training series, we’re going to share the ins and outs of Crypto Real Estate and how you can add it to your business NOW as a REALTOR.  We’ll also explore tax implications, the current system problems, payment solutions and the escrow process. You’ll leave with a solid foundation and knowledge to do your first crypto transaction! 5% of profits from the sale of this course goes to help house the homeless.

To sign up for the course visit or you can always email me directly at

You can also check out our youtube channel for weekly video updates on our crypto real estate journey.

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