Interview with Phoenix Choi the CEO and Co-founder of INFLEUM.

Phoenix Choi  is the CEO of ELSOL COMPANY, a company builder organization that helps start-ups grow through a profit-sharing model. ELSOL is also launching INFLEUM, an open source brand publishing platform for micro-influencers comibined with eight dapps from ELSOL’s existing marketing solutions.

1) At what stage of development is the INFLEUM Platform ?

The INFLEUM Project is preparing to be listed on recognized exchanges. We are also working on decentralizing our existing solutions like Redito (affiliate marketing platform), Redink (online consulting platform), Reditail (deep learning marketing automation platform), and Redicheck (review platform). When decentralized, they will be INFLEUM’s core Dapps. From 2019, we plan to accelerate the development of the full platform with the blockchain-based compensation engine.

2) What opportunities is INFLEUM bringing to the market?

Cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology have grown into a trend and many marketing tokens are in the market. Upon first glance, INFLEUM may look like another marketing token, however INFLEUM is based on a proven revenue model from Korea and is a reverse ICO project. The token is also about brand publishing, which goes beyond just marketing. It will be used for projects involving micro-influencers to accelerate brand establishment and growth.

To give an example, we have partnered with ATFS, a token to start an agricultural revolution in Korea. Through this partnership, INFLEUM will help ATFS grow as a brand and other agricultural products that have grown through new and innovative farming ways to become a brand themselves, ultimately creating an ecosystem of agricultural brand publishing. As such, I would like to emphasize to our investors that INFLEUM is always open to partnerships that will broaden the industrial scope of brand publishing.

3) Who are the brains behind this project, tell us about your team and customer support?

First, the core team members behind INFLEUM are leaders from Elsol Company, a company-builder organization that has established KRW 40 billion in sales and average brand sales growth of 2,305% within three years through its brand publishing business.

The team is comprised of data scientists, growth hackers, content marketers and more who all believe in data-driven success. We also have a strategic technical team that is behind affiliate marketing, business consulting, smart logistics and blockchain integration that will help Elsol’s successful data-driven brand publishing model globally.

4) Traders and investors are more concerned about the security of their investments, could you tell us about your compliance and security measures on INFLEUM platform?

One of our core DApps provided on the platform deals with safe transactions for optimal level security. Plus, we have made partnerships with an expert blockchain organization to develop the mainnet, and we are now exploring various security elements like hacking and abusing related to the mainnet.

5) Where do you see the progress of the decentralized exchanges and trading platforms in 2019 and beyond?

Currently, centralized exchanges seem to be inadequate to include P2P technology, but still the decentralized exchanges cannot compete to them due to their transaction limitations and lower utility for the users.

However, in 2019, decentralized exchanges are expected to improve with introduction of prototypes of layer two solutions like Bitcoin Lightning Network and Ethereum Plasma resulting in lower transaction fees, better security and no single point of failure to better manage cryptocurrency assets. Bithumb has officially opened a dex and Binance will also launch a beta dex early next year. Maybe the market size will gradually shift from centralized to decentralized exchanges.

In addition, as the blockchain is understood regionally and globally, national and international regulations will be placed. This will stabilize the market and financial products for fiat currencies like ETFs are expected to enter the cryptocurrency market.

6) Where do you see the adoption of blockchain technology in 2019 and beyond, which industry will benefit the most from blockchain and What should blockchain startups lookout for?

Amount of funds raised from ICO’s around the world in September is 89.5% less than January 2018 which shows the recession in the ICO market. This may be due to the number of ICO’s dropping 73%, however the number of industry-led reverse ICO’s have increased. We can see that start-ups were leading organizations hosting ICO’s up till now, but corporations have announced ICO’s starting in 2019. These bigger companies will introduce blockchain tech into their processes and will discover efficiencies that will lead to price reduction, fraud prevention and market expansion.

I also expect that exchanges will have a larger role in ICO processes. By combining ICO process with decentralized autonomous organizations (DAICO process), investors will have more power in project decision making and will be able to get refunds when project does not satisfy its promises.

So if you were to attract investments without worrying about regulations until 2018, the SEC’s “token majority of securities” will be replaced by STO’s, it seems that start-ups should take care and follow such regulations.

7) What is the fate of the cryptocurrency markets, where do you see the adoption of cryptocurrencies and what should all crypto investors look out for in 2019?

I think that the fate of the cryptocurrency market is on mainnet development. Because Ethereum and EOS are 20 tps and 3,000 tps respectively and VISA is 24,000 tps, the two are not yet fast enough for the real world. Mainnet development is critical to overcome above limitation and to foster start-up ecosystems. In addition to the simple processing speed, security and stability will also be complemented.

Only then, cryptocurrency will be trusted, and evolve to becoming an ‘exchange medium’ and ‘value scale’ beyond the current ‘value storage’ function.

8) Do you have more information for our readers today?

Although the ICO market is shrinking, it is true that we can expect high investment performance when we are listed and transactions begin on exchanges. As I mentioned before in this interview, evolved investment methods like IEO/STO/DAICO/SEICO are going to change the cryptocurrency market. Still, there will be scam ICOs. However, INFLEUM being a reverse ICO project based on a proven business model of Elsol Company, this is not a token solely for portfolio investment. By being a token holder of INFLEUM, you will be one of the users of a novel ecosystem that will change the start-up and brand publishing world.

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