Interview with Mario Nawfal, CEO of International Blockchain Consulting (IBC).

International Blockchain Consulting (IBC group) helps blockchain and cryptocurrency companies with Fundraising, Launch of ICO/STO, Equity Crowdfunding and other Blockchain Solutions. The CEO Mario Nawfal will be telling us more in this interview.

1) Please tell us your name, about yourself and your experience at IBC.

My name is Mario Nawfal and I’m an entrepreneur who enjoys the challenge of building businesses that scale globally. I started off in e-commerce in 2012. With aggressive marketing and a strategically nimble team of mostly remote workers, my first businesses grew to $1 million in revenue in the first year, and $10 million in the second. After replicating the same model with a wide variety of products, I established GoGlobal, an accelerator which identifies businesses that have a high-potential for growth. We partner with quality manufacturers in the niche and leverage our global marketing and customer support teams to sell the products around the world.

More recently, seeing the rapid growth in blockchain related technologies and the huge disruption potential brought by the industry as a whole, I established International Blockchain Consulting, which focuses on tech support and funding for startups looking to build blockchain-based businesses and now, thanks to STOs, get fundraising for potentially any type of business.

2) Could you give us a brief history of IBC Group and your success story so far?

We launched in late 2017 and immediately saw massive growth. A lot of startups looking to conduct ICOs came our way, looking for advise on how to proceed in such a new and rapidly evolving space. We are proud to say that every single one of the projects we took on as clients – even in those heady early days – provided legitimate use-cases of the technology and a fair investment opportunity. We were able to identify and reject a lot of projects that were either too immature to have a chance at success, or – frankly – potential outright scams. Our other big success so far is the fact that, despite the bear market, we have continued to help startups raise capital for blockchain-based projects. Thanks to the law firm I am now a partner in, we have managed to advise projects on the best way to raise funds while remaining in regulatory-compliance.

3) What specific services do you provide at IBC Group and who are these services for ?

IBC offers turn-key solutions for startups looking to use ICOs and STOs for fundraising and/or incentive models. We also facilitate the tokenization of a variety of asset types.

I’m a partner at International Blockchain Legal, which is a perfect synergy, as it allows IBC to offer the most up-to-date legal services for startups looking to use either the ICO or STO fundraising model.

Because of this, IBC is perhaps best known for our ability to ensure legal compliance at every step of the ICO/STO fundraising process.

We also have a sister company International Blockchain Accounting, which offers blockchain accounting services to individuals and businesses.

4) IBC Group provides Fundraising opportunities for startup blockchain technology companies, could you tell us more about this and how it works?

We’ve developed a system for matching the right investor to the right project so that startups can get the level of funding they need and investors are exposed to their prefered level of risk. We have refined our matching system to the point that it can almost be considered algorithmic. A core tenant of our approach is respecting the privacy and valuable time of both the investors and the startups who approach us. This respect, I believe is what has allowed us to stand out amongst the competition. In fact, our approach to matching investors and businesses has worked so well that we are now replicating it for fundraising outside of the blockchain space and into the other business environments through other businesses I own.

5) Launching an ICO is becoming more challenging lately. What makes IBC Group special?

First of all, we offer access to quality private fundraising. It’s obvious that the crypto-markets have taken a beating and that ICOs are not enjoying nearly the amount of “easy” fundraising they once were. However, it’s also obvious to people who really understand this industry that it has massive potential. The CIO at my VC fund, for example, is salivating at the opportunities available in this bear market.

Secondly, because our global network of consultants includes some of the top legal experts in the space, we recognized early-on the dangers of the first generation of ICOs (and were able to advise our clients accordingly). At the same time, I have been able to leverage IBL’s legal knowledge to provide startups and investors with access to legally compliant token offerings – whether they are built on ICO or STO frameworks – that suit the proposed use-cases and business models. That’s what makes us stand out. It’s about fundraising.

6) What Blockchain Solutions do you provide and where do you see the demand for Blockchain Solutions by 2019?

We provide blockchain development work that ranges from simple to complex for both consumer facing open-source solutions, and enterprise-focused permissioned solutions.

As for the demand for blockchain solutions, we predict that, as with the early stages of the Internet, demand will start in the permissioned enterprise space before moving out to more open (permissionless), consumer-facing applications.

In 2017 and 2018 we saw dozens if not hundreds of success pilot projects in the enterprise space. In 2019 we will see the first wave of those pilots being deployed at full scale. Maersk, for example, in collaboration with IBM and R3 recently completed a pilot for conducting the complex insurance renewals of its container ships. The pilot successfully streamlined the insurance renewal process, so Maesk has now committed to using the permissioned blockchain solution for the insurance renewals on its entire fleet of 800 container ships. We will see many more of these deployments in 2019, and their successes and failures will pave the way for widespread consumer adoption of blockchain technologies.

7) Do you have any current opportunities you will like to share with us from IBC Group?

If you’re looking at raising funds, we recommend you look privately because it’s legally compliant and growing at the moment. The STO model – for which we provide full support – can significantly aid in this process by streamlining compliance and enabling liquidity for investors.

Stop looking at coinmarketcap and start focusing on the real value created by this technology.

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