Interview with Kees de Vos, CEO of MobileBridge Momentum on MMTM Token Sale

Kees de Vos is the CEO of MobileBridge Momentum, a blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation, helping companies see more result from their marketing by rewarding customers with the Momentum Token.

1) Could you please tell us about yourself?

Hi, my name is Kees de Vos, CEO of MobileBridge, father of two, living in Warwick in the UK. I’m Dutch, but have always worked abroad.

I have worked in digital commerce for most of my working life and thoroughly enjoy the ongoing change it brings. Besides that, it has taken me all over the world. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the biggest names in retail over the years to help them in their digital journey; from in the US to AS Watson in China, and from Argos and Tesco in the UK to Woolworths in Australia.

2) What is MobileBridge Momentum?

MobileBridge Momentum is both a platform and a crypto-currency that will revolutionise the marketing and loyalty landscape. We turn (existing) loyalty platforms into crypto-based incentive and reward schemes and use them to reward customers not only for their purchases, but for all the things they do that help their favourite brands. For example; they introduce their friends, write a product review, leave (extended) user details, sign up for an email campaign or visit the store.

3) What inspired you to launch a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency venture with Momentum?

Two challenges set us off:

  • Users in general are happy for brands to store their details, but it goes under the assumption that a. they get some value out of it (better discounts, better user experience) and b. their data is stored securely, they understand what and how their data is used, and they are in control of their data. If these conditions are not met, the user will lose trust – something that is crucial to have a strong customer/brand relationship.

Using the blockchain we can not only implement the security and transparency, we give the user the control over their data.

  • In our existing platform we more and more worked with loyalty points to incentivise consumers to perform certain actions, such as responding to a survey or sharing the fact that they had downloaded the app with one of their friends. With that in mind we had to make sure this was a scalable and secure process and required solid ledger capability. Again, blockchain offered us the necessary functionality to solve the challenge.

Once we had arrived at the need for blockchain we started to re-think our proposition and modeled the Momentum approach based on the frustrations the end-consumers experienced.

3) What are the main issues with existing loyalty programs that led you to come up with this solution?

Loyalty programs today are heavily underused and disappoint consumers more often than not. Soon, approx. $500billion worth of rewards is processed through loyalty systems, annually, and about half of these points simply expire and is wasted. The main reason is that consumers simply do not see the value in these programs; it is either too hard to earn points or too hard to turn them into something they get real benefit from.

4) How will Momentum reshape consumer loyalty programs as well as the industry overall?

Consumer loyalty programs will no longer be focused on just getting the consumer to buy more or getting their user details to send them more spam, they will be about building real engagement with their most valuable customers.

Momentum will put the consumer in the driving seat; they can now earn crypto-currency, real money, for supporting their favourite brands. For those that want to earn some extra money marketing their favourite brands, they now can. Brands can effectively now outsource their marketing activities to their most passionate customers.

5) How does blockchain technology help Momentum accomplish this?

Blockchain provides us the infrastructure to give the customer trust their data is safe, secure and under their control. In addition the blockchain provides us the secure ledger for managing the loyalty point transactions. Ultimately the blockchain has helped us decentralize marketing.

6) How much do you intend to raise in the MMTM Token Sale and what are the steps for contributing?

Our target is €25M.Our hard-cap is set at €42M, which would allow us to accelerate the global roll-out and adoption of our solution.

We are currently in our private sales and people can contact us directly for details how to partake. The best way is to join our Telegram channel (

7) Do you know which exchanges the MMTM token will be traded on at this time?

We can’t comment on the use of exchanges at this point, but would of course like to make sure our tokens as accessible to the public as possible.

8) What were some of the biggest challenges you encountered while working to launch your ICO?

The market is so crowded and so young, that finding experienced partners is really hard. We had to move our timelines several times in order to get the best partners on board, for a reasonable cost, and I am glad we did.

9) What’s going to happen to MobileBridge Momentum after the token sale concludes and what where do you see things in 5 years?

We will hopefully be very busy building our platform and deploying it globally. We already have a number of partners and potential clients lined up, with some of them committed to buying tokens in order to be as close to the action as possible!

In 5 years, the way that companies will build relationships with their customers will have changed significantly and with a bit of luck Momentum will have played a role in that.

10) What are your marketing and sales strategies to achieve that?

The most convincing marketing we can deliver are the results we deliver to our customers. Running similar incentives, although not on the blockchain, saw our customers achieve conversion rates of up to 50%, doubling their app downloads month on month and achieve 80% more and higher quality customer data. This is before bringing in the sophisticated capabilities with the Momentum platform.

So far, the prospective customers we speak to, completely get it and we already had people sign up, wanting to be the first to use it. Sharing customer results will only further drive the demand for our solution.

11) Could you tell us a little about your team and customer support?

We have an extremely experienced team behind us, both within the company as our advisory board for the token sale

We are an existing business with existing customers, so we know what to do to serve our customers. Technical support and customer success teams ensure our customers not only benefit from a technically sound solution, they also learn how to best use our toolset and drive the best possible results for them and their users. Our technical team is 18-strong, with various technical backgrounds, but all blockchain trained.

12) Would you like to talk about your legal and security measures?

For us protection of user data is paramount and legal and security measures have to be part and parcel of what we do. For both we work with specialist external companies to ensure we retain an independent and specialist opinion on both topics.

13) Do you have more information for our readers?

Too much to put here ? In our conversations with potential partners and customers, the feedback has been overwhelming and the belief in the solution is there. Visit our website, download our whitepaper and join the conversation on Telegram,, to ask any questions you may have!

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