Interview with Jeremias Grenzebach, Co-Founder of Dentacoin; Blockchain Solution for the Global Dental Industry.

Dentacoin is a blockchain powered decentralized dental platform aimed at leveraging the characteristics and properties of the blockchain to deliver efficient and low-cost global dental solutions. The Co-Founder Jeremias Grenzebach will be discussing the Dentacoin project with us in this interview.

Please tell us your name and about yourself?

My name is Jeremias Grenzebach, Co-Founder and Core Developer at Dentacoin. I have a varied experience as a web developer, IT trainer and Solidity developer.

What is Dentacoin and what Services do you provide?

Dentacoin is the first blockchain solution for the global dental industry. It aims at shifting the focus from “sick care” to preventive care and creates a new dental ecosystem through an industry-specific cryptocurrency, an intelligent Assurance model and a set of incentivized software tools.

Could you tell us about your team?

The Dentacoin team consists of well-versed professionals in the fields of Dentistry, Programming, and Marketing. This inherent mixture of real-world experience creates the needed prerequisites for bridging the gap between Blockchain and our everyday life and business environment. Key locations of the core team members and advisors are Netherlands, Germany, South Africa, Bulgaria, USA, Canada, UK, China, Russia. The Foundation is backed by a vast community of progressive dentists committed to moving the focus from acute treatment to sustainable prevention in the interest of all people.

What is the technology behind Dentacoin Apps and platform?

Dentacoin is an Ethereum-based token and all our tools have Blockchain-based functionalities to handle payments, settle agreements between parties, verify user identities, and incentivize beneficial behaviour.

What is the demand and market size of Blockchain Solution for the Global Dental Industry?

According to the Australian Dental Association, 90% of all dental problems can be prevented with regular check-ups, proper oral care and nutrition. Due to high costs, lack of insurance or no access to dental care, 80% of the world’s population cannot afford high quality dental treatment. The need for both patients and dentists to focus on preventive measures is obvious.

There are 1.6M dentists and 6B people on this world, the majority of which are potential Dentacoin users. The inherent high fragmentation and low industrialization levels make dentistry an ideal use case for a blockchain solution like Dentacoin to be applied. Our long-term goal is to achieve 10% market share within the patient segment, and 12.5% – within the dentist one.

Dental health is suffering on a global level, how will Dentacoin specifically solve this problem?

Dentacoin shifts the focus from “sick care” to preventive care and creates a new dental ecosystem where blockchain is intelligently applied to:

  • Make preventive dental care affordable to all people through Dentacoin Assurance;
  • Help people improve their poor oral hygiene habits through the Dentacare app;
  • Provide the missing reliable market data about Patients’ opinions/needs through DentaVox surveys;
  • Deliver the infrastructure for trusted and detailed Patient feedback for Dentists to improve upon;
  • Ease and secure all payments and ensure lower transactions costs through the Dentacoin currency and the dedicated Wallet dApp.

Dentacoin cryptocurrency is called The Bitcoin of Dentistry, how does this work and how will it be applied to the Dentacoin project?

Dentacoin (DCN) is an Ethereum-based token that circulates within the global Dentacoin network and serves as its baselayer. It is embedded as an incentive in all tools to foster participation and motivate beneficial behaviour. It also ensures access to certain functionalities, it is used as a means of payment for dental services and products (currently we have 73 partner locations in 18 countries accepting DCN payments) and can be exchanged to other crypto and fiat currencies.

How does Dentacoin work between patients and Doctors?

Dentacoin is driven by a vast community of progressive dentists (1801 worldwide up to date). Dentacoin Foundation provides the infrastructure for patients and dentists to efficiently collaborate with each other and exchange feedback and value.

Cryptocurrency projects have lost a lot of value and trust lately, What makes Dentacoin unique from others and why should anyone invest in Dentacoin?

Dentacoin’s value is tied to its adoption rate. With the growing user base of our tools and the progressive adoption of the Dentacoin (DCN) currency as an official means of payment for dental services, we are creating a substantial value of Dentacoin which does not rely on speculations and grows in the long run with every new participant added to the network.  

At what stage of development is the Dentacoin project and what is next on your roadmap?

Last year we successfully collected funds for our development needs through a Presale in July and an ICO in October. Shortly afterwards we launched our first three products:

  • Dentacoin Trusted Reviews – the first platform for detailed, verified and incentivized dental treatment feedback;
  • DentaVox – a market research platform exploring people’s insights on dental health topics and providing key market results to the industry stakeholders;
  • Dentacare – a mobile app that helps users establish healthy oral hygiene habits through an incentivized 90-day challenge.

In October, our Dentacoin Wallet dApp that allows for easy DCN purchases and transfers was also released.

Cumulatively, the Dentacoin tools are already used by 80K+ individuals and 1.8K+ dentists globally. Moreover, 84 dental offices, suppliers, labs accept Dentacoin currency as an official means of payment. Over 40K token holders and 175K DCN transactions are recorded.

The next major milestone is Dentacoin Assurance entitling patients to lifelong preventive dental care against low monthly payments in DCN. Its testnet will be launched by the end of 2019. Another important event is our participation in the world’s leading dental summit International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany in March. Further partner network expansion, exchange listings and Dental Health Database are also on the roadmap for next year.

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