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Interview with Geo Suris the owner of 365 Credit Clinic, Leading Credit Repair Company

Today’s interview is with the owner of 365 Credit Clinic, one of the leading credit repair companies in the United States.

Has your company’s structure changed since the pandemic 

Excellent question, I began the firm in 2013 with a laptop and a legal FCRA / FDCPA book. I’ve promised never to change the structure of my company. Regardless of how much technology you can incorporate into the credit repair business through automations. If you put ” Automations ” into any business right now, it will work faster. However, the business’s quality will suffer. As a result, we do not use any automations, unlike 90% of other companies, which eventually fail due to not knowing what they are doing as a result of automations.

What distinguishes you from other credit repair companies

There are significant differences that set us apart from other credit repair companies. The most important factor is automation. 90% of credit repair firms will use “credit repair systems” to generate generic disputes that will be submitted to bureaus, creditors, and collections. When they have obtained the generic disputes. It will be scanned by the E-OSCAR system and generated as Generic. In the end, this gives the credit repair company a generic response for the long term and no success. On our end, Our firm will never use a credit repair system or any type of automations to obtain our clients the results they deserve. 

What are your forecasts for 2023

Many events will occur in 2023. We are now in 2022, and our economy has experienced a significant increase in inflation. Now, the government is attempting to reduce inflation through an economic downturn. Over 100,000 jobs are expected to be cut before the end of December. In 2023, we should see a significant economic impact, causing the housing market to fall and credit card interest rates to skyrocket.

What advice do you have for the interview’s readers

The best advice I can give anyone right now is to raise their credit score as high as possible and devise a game plan. If the economy continues to deteriorate. I would advise getting as many cash loans as possible and starting a business or investing in real estate when everything is at its lowest point.

“ Geo Suris has been the proprietor of 365 Credit Clinic since 2013. Examining hundreds of thousands of credit reports for clients. Assisting and representing clients in a dispute process against negative accounts in accordance with FCRA / FDCPA laws “

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