Interview with Gary Markham, the CEO of Axpire on their latest fintech solutions.

Gary Markham, the CEO of Axpire.

In this Interview with the CEO of Axpire, Gary Markham will show us how their blockchain based fintech platforms will be making financial management more efficient and effective for managers and administrators.

Please tell us your name and about yourself?

I’m a software entrepreneur with a focus on making businesses more efficient. aXpire is my second business, and prior to diving down the entrepreneur rabbit hole, I was a managing director in consulting, which reflects my drive to understand how businesses run. This curiosity is pretty deep rooted, and can be traced back to my many fond childhood memories disassembling household items (to the chagrin of my parents), like washing machines, to understand how they worked.  

What is Axpire?

aXpire is to blockchain what Google is to traditional software. We offer a suite of software that ultimately enables new processes or improves the efficiency of existing processes. We like to call this “blockchain-as-a-service.”

What Solutions are you bringing to the blockchain market and what is the level of demand for Axpire services?

Right now, we have solutions across spend management, procurement (freelancing) and initial coin / security token offerings, all intended to serve as “adoptable blockchain infrastructure,” or tools that are, or eventually will be, better than their traditional counterparts. We have a good sized focused on enterprise software, which will take time so see real uptake, but we are forming relationships today that will benefit us tomorrow.

What specific Products and features make Axpire unique from other turnkey digital solutions?

Resolvr is a spend management tool with a blockchain database. It allows businesses to create and accept invoices in any format and save ~5-10% on average. It’s unique in its use of machine learning to process invoices more efficiently and in its use of blockchain technology to create a more secure software. Finally, for asset managers, Resolvr has an expense apportionment tool that allows one invoice to be fractionalized and split between different funds and departments. This tool is important for compliance, spend visibility and profit opportunities!

MatchBX is unique in that it allows entrepreneurs to service businesses and each other via online services, all while earning cryptocurrencies. To start with, we allow payment in AXPR, but we will open the application to other cryptocurrencies to allow freelancers to maintain control over their money and to maintain at least pseudo-anonymity. In addition, MatchBX takes a fee that is burned, reducing supply and increasing the scarcity of the token to reward all early adopters; similar to the PayPal referral concept. We want early adopters to reap the most reward.

CoinBX is a relatively new product, and it can serve as both a gateway and an ICO/STO platform. It’s unique in that it is one of the only STO platforms, and in that it will soon have dividend and non-fungible token capabilities.

Could you give us a brief walkthrough on how Axpire works?

We’re a software company, with a variety of products, I’d say you have to checkout one of our products, such as to get a sense of how we work. Our business model includes increasing the value of AXPR and taking fiat licensing fees.

Is there current opportunities for investors and partners at Axpire?

Absolutely, if you are interested in a large portion of AXPR or signing up as a partner, please email

Could you tell us about your team and customer support?

We have a strong, ambitious team that aims to provide the very best customer support. We are active almost 24/7 to help our customers success.

How Safe is Axpire, would you like to talk about your legal and security measures?

Very safe. We are ISO 27001 secured, which is a robust IT security standard, and we have several legal opinions marking us as a utility token

Do you have more information for our readers?

Please join us in Telegram to stay on top of everything we’re doing:

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