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Interview with Fernando Raymond: Top Digital Entrepreneur and CEO of SeekaHost.

Digital Entrepreneur and CEO of SeekaHost

SeekaHost provides one of the easiest solutions for multiple WordPress website hosting with a simple and effective WordPress hosting control panel. The CEO Fernando Raymond shares more insight with us in this interview with TechBullion.

Please tell us more about yourself and your journey as a digital entrepreneur?

My name is Fernando Raymond and I am the CEO of digital marketing agency ClickDo and web hosting company SeekaHost. After completing my Business Masters Degree at the University of Worcester, I discovered SEO and became a digital entrepreneur and strategist with my two companies that I started from the ground up without any financial investments. My companies serve international clients worldwide and I have consulted hundreds of business owners with regards to SEO, virtual business branding and virtual real estate creation, marketing, and web hosting. I have been invited as a speaker at SEO conferences internationally like at the Bannari Amman Institute of Technology in India and I have published several eBooks about SEO and digital strategies and solutions for virtual property and online presence management and marketing. I am on a mission to help millions of people get online with one or multiple online properties by providing affordable hosting services with the support of SeekaHost web services. I have recently invested heavily in the design and development of the SeekaPanel, an innovative web hosting control panel that makes domain registration, website hosting and set up as well as website management extremely fast and easy so that even digital novices can get online effortlessly. In this interview I want to provide insights into online opportunities and how anyone can use them for their advantage. 

What is SeekaHost?

SeekaHost is a Web Host I established a few years back when I found the domain and purchased it. As my ClickDo agency grew so did the demand of my clients for web hosting. I had a small team of web developers and designers and decided to offer a variety of Web Services & Solutions over time like 

  • Server Management, WordPress Website Management with different control panels including its own uniquely designed SeekaPanel, 
  • WordPress Malware Clearance Support, Security and Backup Configurations & Management, 
  • Support and Tutorials for Website Design, an eLearning Platform for website creation, management and monetization, SEO and digital marketing. 
  • Guidance on Expired Domain Buying, Management and Utilization for Private Blog Networks or Virtual Real Estate Portfolios.
  • Game Server Hosting and tutorials for Minecraft Gaming and Minecraft Server Management & Optimization. 

What unique features and services make you the best WordPress Web Host in the UK?

With SeekaHost me and my team aim to provide the easiest and fastest solution for WordPress website hosting and management with very affordable UK WordPress Hosting, so that anyone can make a start with a basic website for just £1 a month. Because that is how I started out and I firmly believe that everyone can use a web presence to build something they dream of on the internet. SeekaHost use the best WordPress optimised servers and configurations that can cater to high volumes of traffic surges with optimal loading speeds, offering UK and London based servers to UK customers. Our customers will instantly get access to install their domain with WordPress with just 1-click which only takes 60 seconds to install WordPress and begin building a website and publishing content. For additional guidance and support SeekaHost customers have access to WordPress and control panel tutorials through the knowledgebase inside the panel and instant customer ticket and live chat support. Plus, they can take SeekaHost University online courses for SEO, blogging and digital marketing skills. Because the SeekaHost team and I understand that building a successful online property takes more than just excellent web hosting and we want to do everything we can to support our customers with every aspect of website creation, management, and marketing.  

Who are your focus customers, and why should they choose SeekaHost’s Managed WP Hosting?

SeekaHost began with offering web hosting for business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultancies, and agencies as I was mainly working with this target group initially. But due to my passion to get everyone online, we also began targeting private people looking to create a blog or website or a game server. I would say it does not matter what your intention is with your website. Anyone should opt for the best WordPress hosting and control panel for the best results. Therefore, I invested heavily in the improvement, customization and design of our web hosting services and the SeekaPanel. I want to enable SeekaHost customers to have the simplest, smoothest, and most rewarding experience at a good price with our managed WP hosting and SeekaPanel. Security is a priority for us and with our managed WordPress hosting all WordPress website data is securely hosted with DDoS protection, Malware Scanning and 1-click SSL certificate activation and website backups. Managing a WP website with SeekaHost’s WordPress Hosting through the WordPress Hosting Control Panel SeekaPanel will make it so easy that customers can download their own backups and import them too. We believe that every WP website owner should be in control of their web properties and our SeekaHost WP support team answers any WordPress or web hosting queries instantly via the ticket support system or live chat. Because time is of the essence and none of our clients should waste it. 

Could you give us a walkthrough of the SeekaHost WordPress Hosting Control Panel, how does it work?

With pleasure! Over the years we have learned that our web hosting customers care about simplicity, affordability, and quality. Our SeekaPanel offers the following benefits with the managed WordPress Hosting:

  • Low and flexible rates without minimum terms and setup fees.
  • Free SSL & Migration Services.
  • Automatic and regular updates & backups of all website content & 1-click backup option in the panel.
  • WordPress Hosting Support in the Live Chat and Via Email Ticket System.
  • Easy and fast domain registration and creation of a WordPress website in minutes.
  • Unique WordPress management panel with many features that no other WordPress hosting provider offers such as hosting multiple websites with a variety of unique IPs and an integrated tracker to connect a hosted domain with Google Analytics and Clicky to access live website data.

Security is important to every website owner. When do you need multiple IPs for WordPress Hosting and what difference does it make?

This is something I want to create more awareness about in the web hosting community. If a website owner intends to manage several websites, this can be considered a so-called private blog network, short PBN. Sadly, PBNs have gained a rather negative reputation, especially in the SEO community. Because PBN owners that used their sites for black hat SEO practices like keyword stuffing, were penalized by search engines for not following the guidelines and their websites were deindexed or dropped. However, I have managed hundreds of websites successfully because I host them on unique IPs and build them to a high standard with high-quality content. To understand the importance of multiple IP WordPress hosting aka PBN Hosting one needs to know that a natural hosting profile for all the websites one owns is key to the success strategy. The diversity a website portfolio owner achieves with different A-, B- and C-class website IPs is crucial so that they appear independent of each other when search engine bots crawl them. The SeekaHost team has been doing extensive research in this field with its SEO expert team and it provides everything needed for the best WordPress or PBN Hosting plans with multiple IPs such as:

  • A unique DNS (domain name server) for each domain so all information is unique.
  • A free HTTPS setup with a free SSL certification to keep all domains secure and gain trust from Google and any search engine.
  • Unique IP hosting from multiple international server locations providing websites with a unique footprint. 

For anyone interested in this subject, they can find more information here: 

Load time and page speed issues are very peculiar to well-performing websites. How do you help bloggers keep up to speed when the website becomes demanding?

Oh yes, we all know how it feels to wait for ages for a website to load. Most visitors will quickly get bored and never return. Search engines measure every website’s bounce rate, which indicates how long a visitor sticks with a website. The lower the rate, the better the website is ranked. It is therefore of the highest importance to us at SeekaHost to provide premium server speed and loading times to our customers. The disk space and server location are key factors here. Hence why we advise our customers to opt for a hosting plan that offers the disk space they may require for each website. If they are hosting a complex WordPress website, they will certainly need 50 GB, which we offer with our WP Hosting Growth Plan. Because images take up a lot of disk space quickly, not to mention plugins or video files. If the website owner is in London, then we would advise to get London Server Hosting to ensure that the distance between the hosted website and its server is not too far for optimal loading speeds. Within the SeekaPanel customers can check each website’s disk space usage. Red will indicate that it is nearly full and that they need to upgrade their hosting plan to continue to have their website load as fast as possible. We are working on a notification email system, informing customers as soon as possible. 

Prompt and timely response is very important to every online business owner, please tell us more about your support team at SeekaHost?

Absolutely! I have experienced many web hosting problems in the past while working as an SEO consultant hosting my websites with other web hosts. And I quickly realized the importance of immediate customer care services especially in the web hosting sector. Websites can experience various issues 24/7 and as a website owner you make a loss with every second that the website is not up and running smoothly. I therefore hired highly skilled and well-trained customer support staff at SeekaHost to provide our customers with instant support in the live chat and ticket support system. It is vital that they can offer technical advice and act fast when a customer reports any hosting issues. We also respond quickly via messenger services on social media channels such as FB, if customers panic and require reassurance that we are working on solving their problem as fast as possible. Our Trustpilot and Google Business reviews reflect this, and I am immensely proud of our excellent customer support as even I myself speak to customers in FB groups I manage such as the PBN Demystified group for example. I want SeekaHost to be a web host that truly cares for every single customer and their web properties to make them their biggest success.  

The digital transformation trend has become more popular in 2021. Please enlighten us more on the importance of content and digital marketing in this age and time?

You are hitting the nail on the head! I would even go further and claim that in the post-pandemic world everyone should own a web property to further their lives, careers, and virtual presence or even help others. Think about how many of our daily operations have moved online now. Banking, shopping, communicating, working, exercising, entertaining etc. Why not establish an internet property with a web address just as we all have a physical property with a physical address? To me it totally makes sense for the following reasons:

  • Job recruitment is moving online.
  • The use of the internet and digital devices is increasing daily worldwide, just check Statista quickly: over 4 billion active internet users worldwide in Jan 2021of which over 90 percent accessed the internet via mobile devices.
  • 30 percent or more of global Internet users mainly find businesses, services, products or information online with the help of search engines with Google as a market leader. 
  • Increasingly more wealth is accumulated on the internet with cryptocurrencies and valuable virtual real estate. 

It is therefore a no brainer that building and managing a digital real estate is just as important as having a smartphone or computer. And this is why I am so passionate about helping ordinary people that may have never even heard of web hosting or WordPress like me 10 years ago can easily, cheaply and speedily start a blog or website with SeekaHost and the SeekaPanel. But their website will only be successful if it can be discovered on search engines or via popular social media channels. Digital and content marketing skills play a vital role in achieving this and they can be learned for free with the digital marketing eLearning platform SeekaHost University I have founded. Me and my expert team share everything we know about SEO, content publishing and writing and online marketing here. Because this has helped us grow and rank websites also for monetization. A website is a person’s reference point online via which the world can contact them if found and access their services, products, or knowledge. I therefore encourage everyone out there to share their genius in any way with the world via a website. 

Any other information you would like to share with our readers today?

I want to tell all your readers that the time is now to get online and build something valuable on the internet for their future. This could be in the form of an online portfolio for career progression or a blog to create awareness about something they deeply care about. And it could of course also be the start of an online business which we have published many guides about on the SeekaHost Blogs. I left university not knowing what I could potentially achieve and what I love about the internet is that it is like the wild west in a way – everyone can chase their dreams here and establish something meaningful and impactful.  As a successful internet entrepreneur and businessman who started out with one WordPress blog I can assure that anything is possible. 

For a brief demonstration of how easy and intuitive the SeekaPanel navigation and website set up is, please see this short video: 

Find SeekaHost also here:





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