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Interview with Evgeny Ponomarev, co-founder, and CEO of Fluence.

Fluence, a blockchain-based database provider, partners with Friend Software to bring secure data storage and app development to Blockchain. Fluence offers blockchain developers an alternative to traditional cloud service providers, ensuring no sensitive data leaks or hacks; partners with Friend to offer users more tools and resources to build and deploy their apps quickly and at scale. Evgeny Ponomarev, co-founder, and CEO of Fluence will be discussing this project and the partnership in this interview.

1) Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

Sure! I studied applied math in the university, but always was more into building new things, than academia and science. That passion brought me to the position of lead product manager at one of the biggest city mapping services 2Gis. From there my interest turned to the machine learning. Soon it was clear, that there are no tools to get the datasets of the required quality. It’s almost impossible to gather, store and process the necessary data. Like medical records, for example. That’s how a Fluence idea came up. Basically, we wanted to have a reliable data storage to run machine learning algorithms on top of it.

2) Could you tell us briefly about Fluence and Friend Software?

Friend Software is a unique platform that allows to set up an environment for decentralized app developers. They benefit by adding a powerful tool to the platform. Fluence wins by gaining frictionless access to the audience of great developers using the Friend platform. The more tools that help to adopt blockchain technology the more successful it will be. That’s why partnerships like this are important.

3) How easy is it to recall my data uploaded to Fluence’s database?

We’re building various clients to simplify access to the data and make it as smooth as possible. You’ll be able to upload and access your data through the console, APIs, UIs unique for each platform, or using drivers tailored to your needs.

Recalling your data means finding an online node with the latest version of your database. Since all the data is replicated, there should always be at least one node with your database online by design. From the users perspective, retrieving data should be as easy as using conventional tools like Dropbox.

4) As a first time user, how do I get access to these native Fluence token (FLU) needed for payment?

FLU token will be available on the open market, that means you can just go to any exchange of your choosing and buy it there!

5) How easy is it for me to access Fluence’s database for data storage? Can I do it on the go with my mobile phone or on a web? Or is there a series of steps to be followed?

Of course, as I said, we’re working on various tools that will allow accessing Fluence database on various levels: via UI, API or driver. In the future, you will have a separate client for each platform (Mac, iOS, Android, PC) to work with your data directly or through the app integrations.

6) In the occasion that I want to discontinue my use of your service, how easy is it for me to do this?

You can just stop paying for the service, that’s it. Of course, you’ll have the option to delete your data immediately, or to keep it for some time, in case you’ll change your mind.

7) How long can my data be saved for in your database? Finitely or infinitely?

By default, if the client stops paying, we will have a safety valve allowing to keep her data live for some reasonable amount of time. There could be emergencies though. If you ran out of FLU balance, the network won’t remove your data immediately. Since the nodes are independent, we can’t force them to store the data forever. Nodes join the network for profit, it’s unreasonable for them to store the data nobody’s paying for.

8) In the event that I want to either just store my data or only develop an app, can I do one without being hindered by the partnership? Or will my abilities to use either be restricted?

You mean the Friend partnership? You can use Friend Software platform to develop your app, or you can use Fluence directly through the drivers and APIs I’ve mentioned. I am 100% sure that while using Fluence you’ll be able to also use any other tool you’d like. Even do so simultaneously! For example, store backups in the Filecoin network!

As someone who just wants to store data, you’ll be able to do that directly by using Fluence or any third party client.

9) Do you have more information for our readers?

Recently we’ve updated our Primer and Whitepaper. We’d appreciate any feedback, comments, and ideas!

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