Interview with Dr. Nico Conti, Doctor. M.D. at UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

Interview with Dr. Nico Conti, Doctor. M.D

We recently sat down with Dr. Nico Conti, Doctor. M.D. at UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine. 

Please tell us your name and a little more about yourself.

Nico Conti, MD. I am a Michigan native, born in Detroit, who eventually made his way to California by way of Cleveland.  I work as an attending physician for internal medicine as a hospitalist doing inpatient care, but before that worked as a scientist studying viruses and bacteria in a lab.  I love the outdoors, hiking, surfing, or just going to the desert for some quiet time.

What is your expertise? As a professional, what would you say is your unique value proposition?       

My expertise is internal medicine. I have an MD from Central Michigan University College of Medicine. I was part of their first class, the inaugural class.

What does a typical day look like for you? How do you stay productive and efficient on a consistent basis?

On a typical day, I get up very early and workout, then head to the hospital and review charts, then round to see my patients. After that, I work on notes and follow-up results, often coming home to go for a run or sit in my backyard for the end of the evening.

Which professional accomplishment or success story are you most proud of? What stands out as one of your most notable achievements?    

I am very proud to be an assistant professor of medicine. I have always wanted to do academic medicine and be a part of higher education, especially as I worked in laboratories. I am very proud of being given a teaching award as a resident and for all of my publications that I have been fortunate to publish.

Can you name a particular challenge or obstacle that really tested your mettle and what you did to overcome it?

Working as a physician treating patients admitted to the hospital during the covid pandemic. It was a difficult time and trying for patients, healthcare workers, and society.  It taught me lots of lessons and perseverance.

Do you have any upcoming projects you’re really excited about?    

I hope to be having several more publications this year.

Are there any professional or industry trends that have recently caught your attention? What about those is exciting to you?   

I think medical education has changed significantly during the pandemic in many ways that benefit students.  There is greater flexibility in ways to attend talks or lectures that give learners more options and sometimes control in catching up on content they have been too busy to see.  

What advice would you give your younger self?

10 years ago, I would give anything to be where you are now. Keep working, and see what the next 10 brings.

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