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Interview with Daniel Girdea, Co-Founder of Arcona.

Daniel Girdea, Co-Founder of Arcona.

Daniel Girdea is the Co-Founder of Arcona,  an Augmented Reality Ecosystem powered by Blockchain Technology. 

We are very excited to learn more about this innovative project, and Daniel will be sharing with us in this interview, the opportunities Arcona AR and Arcona Token have for us. Read through this interview and go get the Arcona Token now;

1) Hi Daniel, could you please tell us about yourself?

Daniel : My name is Daniel Girdea and I am the co-founder of Arcona Digital Land. I’m an entrepreneur, having founded multiple successful businesses in IT, Medicine, Agriculture, and real-estate industries and I have experience in the investment field as well. I also believe in magic.

2) What is Arcona?

Daniel : Arcona is Global Augmented Reality ecosystem built on Blockchain technology.

Imagine that there is no Facebook, Twitter or other social networks and the only way you can share your creativity with the world is just through the screen of your mobile phone.

Problem: There is no single space and tool for users to easily interact with augmented reality.

Solution: Arcona in the public information space unites the physical and virtual world anywhere. Arcona offers free access for all users and software functions, allowing them to change the surrounding real spaces on the fly.

The Arcona Ecosystem creates a Digital Land – a layer of Augmented Reality, generated on the entire surface of the planet.

We sell plots of the Digital Land in real world locations via auction and charge a small fee for every transaction in the system.

3) What inspired you to launch a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency venture with Arcona?

Daniel : We realized that by utilizing blockchain technology we can create an open source ecosystem and invite all the developers in AR to take part in the development of the project. Thanks to blockchain technology we can now protect the copyright of developers and 3D artists by ensuring that they will receive a monetized reward for their IP. We use the blockchain as the ledger to identify the owner of the digital land and the owner of the content. The token is used as the internal currency of the Arcona ecosystem.

4) What makes Arcona’s  ICO different from the others and why would Arcona increase in Equity and Value?

Daniel : In Arcona we have 2 distinct assets in our ecosystem, not just the token like most others have. Besides the token we have Digital Land that is linked directly to the real world locations. It means that you can buy the digital land in the center of NY, launch a project on the land remotely and this digital content will appear exactly in that place in the real world in AR. That means that Digital Land is a limited asset. The land will be sold via auctions, and thus we will see the real market price of the land. The price of the land depends on the project that you launch on it. An interesting project will attract the users to this space in the real world. The attractiveness of the place will affect the price of the land, just like in the real world.  Nobody wants land where there is no infrastructure, and when a new business center appears in a location for example the price of that land goes up. It means that the best way to make money is to stay inside the Arcona ecosystem , buy land, launch creative projects, and make your own business inside. Or you can just become the landowner and lease the land to other entrepreneurs.  

5) How much do you intend to raise in the Arcona Token Sale?

Daniel : 50M USD. We have already reached our softcap.

6) What are the steps for investing in Arcona Token ?

Arcona Token

Daniel : Register on the website by pressing the Buy Arcona Token Button. Fill the form (your ETH wallet also). After login you will see our wallet address. You just need to transfer the ETH and the tokens will be sent to you automatically through the smart contract.

7) Would you like to share the exchanges where Arcona Token will be traded?

Daniel : So far we have agreements with both Yobit and Gatecoin.

9) What were some of the biggest challenges you encountered while working to launch your ICO?

Daniel : To convince our VC’s to buy the tokens instead of equity. It took me about 5 hours and I succeeded, after which 3 more VCs joined us.

10) Where do you see Arcona after ICO and in the next 5 years?
Daniel :
By 2023, to have the use of Augmented Reality as a broad phenomenon and to have Piligrim XXI and our Arcona AR Ecosystem become an industry standard. Also, we will have successfully combined the physical and virtual worlds into one single augmented reality environment, having achieved the total amount of geo-referenced AR territory of 100,000 km2 in major world capitals. I see the ecosystem community and its internal economy being fully operational with millions of active users all participating in its further development.

11) What are your marketing and sales strategies to achieve that?

Daniel : Cooperation with hardware developers will be key for us to reach end users. Hardware developers must work with software companies like Arcona to avoid the situation that happened to Google Glass; Google failed to work with software developers so there wasn’t any software to compliment the hardware, leading to its failure.

We will also be creating projects for major players in various industries to show working cases. For example our project in the travel industry to show to tourists how historical places looked in the past. We are in top 20 companies selected by Booking. Our working cases in travel are here  –

In real-estate AR is already used. You can see how the future buildings will look like and see your future house.

Advertising channels are oversaturated in the real world and there are plenty of places in Arcona such as digital billboards on the walls of the real buildings.

Gamers now are sitting and paying at home. We give them opportunity to create their favorite avatars in the real world and play with them outside in the real world.

12) Could you tell us a little about your team and customer support?

Daniel : All the members of our team have experience in different industries and businesses. My Co-Founders and I have been working together more than 10 years and have launched several businesses together. Now, Arcona is the only project that we run.  All the needs of the company are covered by the team. Our CEO is dealing with the marketing and the operations, our project leader has the vision and the strategy, I cover sales and work on strategy also, and our CTO is leads R&D and is our blockchain specialist.

13) Would you like to talk about your legal and security measures?

Daniel : The token being offered would be considered a utility token because it’s only used in our own ecosystem with land as our own distinct asset. That’s why I never talk about the token price as it’s far more important to focus on making the project succeed rather than focusing on the price of a token used in the ecosystem. Success is based on internal economy and the business model of the project itself. The price of the token is affected by the capitalization of the system and the interest in the project.

14) Do you have more information for our readers?

Daniel : We have been around since 2013 and have both traction and revenue. All that I described here cannot be provided by any pre-existing platforms due to technological issues. We have our own computer vision system and our own platform for remote positioning of the objects in AR. We are not using GPS. We provide the very user-friendly tools for the user to create and manage their AR projects. For more advanced projects users are welcome to come to the Arcona marketplace, where the developers will create for them any project they like. We further support developers by providing them with advanced development tools.

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