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Interview with Charlotte Day – 3 Years At The Helm Of A Busy Marketing Agency

Charlotte Day is the Creative Director of Contentworks Agency.  A senior marketing strategist, content marketing thought leader, social media expert and author of 1000+ articles.

Charlotte, tell us more about yourself?

I’m a writer at heart and always been. I started out by writing event reviews for the local newspaper when I was at University. In the 2000s I worked as a content writer for a large tech organisation and launched my own website This was a place for me to showcase my thought leadership and content marketing ideas in addition to building up my experience working with big brands. I also crafted a strong online presence and became active on social media, especially Twitter and Linkedin. In the meantime, I progressed to become head of content and strategy for a large forex company. It was during this period that I learnt how to use my creative marketing and storytelling skills to reinvigorate a traditionally dull industry. Finance. In 2017, along with my business partner Niki Nikolaou, we founded Contentworks Agency

What is Contentworks Agency and what services do you provide?

Founded in May 2017, Contentworks Agency is now one of the leading marketing agencies for finance, fintech and tech brands. Headquartered in Cyprus but with a global presence, the agency has clients in London, Europe, the USA, China, Canada, Singapore and Australia. Our Directors originate from financial marketing backgrounds. We gleaned some awesome experience in the field, but we also saw the mistakes that were being made and realised financial services marketing could be so much better. 

Contentworks took complex subjects like forex, banking, fintech and blockchain and explained them with fun content. We designed content and social media solutions for busy corporations that deliver results without stressing CMOs. And we hired the best finance writers and social media experts to help us grow. 

Contentworks Agency provides three solutions that clients can choose from. Contented, our content marketing solution. Socially Sorted, our three channel social media management solution. And Rockstar, our complete content and social media management solution. We are of course flexible and can provide just analysis, an eBook course, content for a campaign or website content for example. 

Today, Contentworks Agency provides compliance friendly content writing and social media marketing services for a variety of sectors including finance, fintech, tech, legal, real estate and tourism to name a few. We provide a variety of marketing solutions including blogging, PR, whitepapers, videos, social media management and technical analysis. 

Tell us how Contentworks Agency is different?

I’ve worked in both the agency and the client side of marketing so, I know exactly how stressful marketing departments can get. I also know the pain points I experienced working with previous marketing and PR agencies. We learnt from these pain points to create an agency that eases the stress companies experience. We operate a friendly and responsive marketing agency and ensure our clients always receive their content in a timely manner. We are proactive in suggesting new content campaigns, social media ideas and strategies. We also understand the regulations and compliance rules that govern the financial landscape, so this cuts down on “backwards and forwards” communications between marketing and compliance. A traditional headache in the finance sector. In fact, we not only understand them, but proactively publish monthly updates on the latest updates from regulators like CySEC, ESMA and the FCA.

We are a flexible agency and clients can be as involved as they like. However most love the fact that perfect, native English content arrives in their inbox without any effort on their part. They can also enjoy hands free social media management because our team handles proactive and reactive media on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok and YouTube. 

As an agency our advantage is bringing an entire content team to the table, from strategists, to creative or technical writers, social media managers, strategists and videographers. But that’s not all. Clients enjoy one-on-one strategy time with Niki or myself; team training on communications practices and marketing in addition to a written strategy and marketing goal setting should they require it. 

What do you love most about Directing Contentworks Agency?

I love the creative elements of my day the best. My passion is video script writing, something I personally undertake on high level projects. I love meeting the clients, talking over ideas with a large coffee and then creating a story that fits their brand or product. Then seeing it through to filming, production, postproduction editing and the final release. We’ve created animated and live videos for a variety of clients worldwide and I adore every single one. 

I’m known as the social media one and I direct that side of our business. We’ve always got a campaign happening on one or more of the channels. I love turning trends into tweets, challenges into tiktok videos and viral news into page updates. For me the speed combined with the technology available at my fingertips makes this an exciting part of my job.

I like taking part in marketing panels and the agency is very active in media partnering with leading events in Europe. In my free time I author a lot of articles for magazines and online sites. This helps me to grow my knowledge and share insights with my followers, something I’ve been actively doing since I first established my own website.

There’s a lot of work involved in running an agency, managing the team, speaking with clients, organising media appearances, travel and events. But everything can be creative and fun if you choose. 

How Do You Spend Your Free Time?

I’m focused on crafting a better work/life balance, so I am taking more time out, especially at the weekends when I used to work. In my spare time, I love to read novels, travel and write fiction and poetry. I recently learnt the word Tsundoku (Japanese: 積ん読) which is the art of acquiring reading materials but letting them pile up in one’s home without reading them!  However, this year I’m working my way through my bookshelf again. An ideal weekend for me would be walking by the beach, drinking a great coffee, and sampling some new food somewhere (#foody). I also love to wander around old towns, exploring bookshops and markets. 

What’s Next For You And Contentworks Agency?

Despite the unusual times we are experiencing right now, we are positive about the future. Enquiries for online marketing services have risen following the global lockdown. Additionally, brokers and banks are seeing increased trading volumes and more than ever they need an experienced marketing agency to work with them. We have expanded our international team to take on more clients in the fintech and finance spaces which is great. Contentworks Agency also turns 3 on May 15 2020, so we will be celebrating with donuts and bubbly (even if it’s over skype). We have big plans for Contentworks Agency and we’re optimistic for many great years ahead. 

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