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Interview with CEO of RxEAL on RXL Token Sale.

In an interview with Dmitrijs Orlovs, the co-founder and CEO of RxEAL, he explains how RxEAL is making the rental market more rewarding for you. Prior to co-founding RxEAL, he has gained a comprehensive experience in the field of tax and finance while working in EY with companies such as L’Oréal, IBM, General Electric, Accenture and others. In addition, he has also managed various projects in the fields of IT, engineering and marketing.

1) What is the Meaning of RxEAL?

Dmitrijs : RxEAL means REAL – real estate, real business application, real people and real value for the customers. The x stands for the technology. This is how we see it.

2) How did you get the idea to launch a Blockchain and cryptocurrency business like RxEAL?

Dmitrijs : I and a few colleagues from the current RxEAL team were working on a real estate related FinTech project in 2016 and became enthusiastic about opportunities that blockchain can provide to improve the industry. Specifically, we saw the opportunities in smart contracts providing solutions that were not possible before and eventually this transformed into the creation of RxEAL.

3) You described RxEAL as the latest way to profit from Rental Markets, how does this work?

Dmitrijs : By profit we do not mean only the financial aspect that is achieved by the virtue of token value appreciation, but also how we are improving the rental transactions as a whole. We are going to create an added value for involved parties, thus making them profit from rental experience improvement.

4) What makes RxEAL Crypto ICO different from the others?

Dmitrijs : RxEAL is creating a product that is applicable in real business world, not only the virtual space, and allows average user to benefit from a blockchain technology without specific technical knowledge. We are working along with other projects that are accelerating the cryptocurrency and blockchain mass adoptions.

5) How much do you intend to raise in the RXL Token Sale?

Dmitrijs : Currently our minimum cap for the project to be successful is set to 800ETH, however given the rapid Ether price growth, we will revisit this number before our main token sale round. Anything above this number will provide our company with extended runway to expand our business globally at faster pace and beat the competition.

6) How can RXL Token Holders Profit from RxEAL if they invest now?

Dmitrijs : Early token pre-sale and sale participants will be able to benefit from the bonus rates RXL will be distributed at. The base price for RXL is 0.0025 ETH, while the bonus price for pre-sale participants will be fixed at as low as 0.00125 ETH.

Additionally, RXL token holders will be able to first use the RxEAL service during the limited access development phase.

7) What are the steps for investing in RXL Token?

Dmitrijs : You will be able to buy RXL at the fixed price during the token pre-sale and sale, buy them later at the market price on exchanges or by doing the OTC/peer-to-peer trades.

Pre-sale participation steps will be available once the pre-sale begins inside our user dashboard at https://app.rxeal.com/ .

Sale will be conducted by a smart contract. In simple terms, participants will received RXL tokens in return for ETH sent to the sale contract.

8) Would you like to share the exchanges where RXL Token will be traded?

Dmitrijs : We cannot disclose this information yet, however we have negotiated with major and reputable exchanges to list our token after the token sale.

9) Can RxEAL be seen as the next big thing for the Blockchain Real Estate industry?

Dmitrijs : We would not be doing it if we did not believe RxEAL becoming a next big thing. We are sure our service will be the valuable addition to the rental markets and real estate rent in particular. Not only we will offer standalone version of the platform, but also integrations into the current systems of the larger corporations will be available. By offering an understandable solution and educating more companies and individuals about the benefits blockchain technology can bring, we are looking to change the way rental deals are sealed.

10) What were some of the biggest challenges you encountered while working to launch your ICO?

Dmitrijs : It has become more and more challenging to stand out from the ICO crowd given the exponentially growing amount of new projects with many of them being outright money making machines with no real intention to develop a product or with no real application.

Price of running a successful ICO has also risen significantly, since it is very hard for advertisers to keep up with the demand and prices of reaching the right audience have skyrocketed.

Another challenge is a large amount of people who joined the crypto community thanks to extraordinary gains lately and whose only interest is so called pump&dump on exchanges. Sometimes it is hard to explain why it takes time to develop the good product and why it is even needed, when others pump the token price without having anything to back it up.

Nonetheless, it is a very exciting field to work in, it is fast changing with many challenges along the road, I guess this is what makes it interesting.

11) Where do you see RXL Token after ICO and in the next 5 years?

Dmitrijs : On the moon, right? Being serious, we see RXL being in high demand because of the people using our platform and services, and token price will grow along with it.

12) What are your marketing and sales strategies to achieve that?

Dmitrijs : We will invest heavily in marketing and sales activities to foster business growth. To win the competition we need to be not only good product developers, but also the best product sellers. Partnership networks, event marketing, regional offices and many other activities are in our plans. Actually, we have outlined some of the main activities in our Whitepaper, so if you are interested, you are welcome to read it.

13) Would you like to talk about your legal and security measures?

Dmitrijs : Major legal concern of token buyers and also the exchanges listing tokens are that token may be considered as a security and legal regulators may just put an end to the whole business. RXL token is a utility token and its only purpose is the use or RxEAL services. We have received legal opinion from the lawyers that RXL is not considered a security.

Security is another major concern in cryptocurrency word and one can never be too cautious about it. RxEAL platform implements careful security measures for complete customer confidence and the main security benefit arises from the operating principle of the platform. RxEAL is an interface designed to create and deploy smart contracts; we do not store deposits nor do we have any access to the funds kept in the smart contracts. To read more about security measures we are implementing I invite you to read our Whitepaper.

14) Do you have more information for our readers?

Dmitrijs : We would like to thank the readers for taking time to learn more about our project and if you share our vision and would like to support us or participate in token sale, please visit our homepage https://rxeal.com/ for more information.

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