Interview with Atif Kamran, President and Founder of MyTravelBiz.

Atif Kamran is President and Founder of MyTravelBiz (MTB), the first Direct Selling company with its marketing plan built on blockchain. The company fuses blockchain technology with travel and Direct Selling on an innovative patent-pending platform offering the best travel deals to customers, while creating a global community of entrepreneurs in the process. Their global headquarters is in Toronto, Canada.

1) Can you tell us your name and about yourself?

My name is Atif Kamran, I am President and Founder of MyTravelBiz (MTB), and I have been a successful entrepreneur, marketing expert, corporate trainer and motivational speaker for over 15 years. I began my career in Direct Selling about 17 years ago and have lived and worked in a number of countries in Asia, the Middle East and Europe, listening and learning from the top leaders and mentors in the industry, and applying those lessons into each one of my successful global business ventures. Those endeavors have afforded me the incredible opportunity to travel in over 60 countries in almost all continents of the world to train hundreds of thousands of people on topics of personal and professional development.  

2) What is MyTravelBiz?

Co-Founded in 2017 by myself and my business partner, Geraldine Aquino, who is also our Chief Executive Officer, MyTravelBiz is the first Direct Selling company with its marketing plan built on blockchain and fuses this powerful technology with travel and Direct Selling. Together, our patent-pending platform offers the best travel deals to our customers, while creating a global community of Entrepreneurs in the process.

In only our first 200 days, which we celebrated on April 6, 2018, we had customers and Representatives from over 40 countries, and those numbers continue to grow daily. We are immensely proud of this incredible achievement, as it demonstrates how MyTravelBiz is changing lives by opening global doors and making personal connections through travel.

3) What are the Major products/Services provided by MyTravelBiz?

MyTravelBiz possesses a large inventory of hotels, flights, car rentals and coming soon, holiday packages, in the travel industry today. Our travel portfolio encompasses over 1 million properties, more than 750 airlines, thousands of rental car locations, and is available in 32 languages and 21 currencies. This diversity allows us to offer the best global travel booking deals conveniently and affordably. We are currently in our pre-launch phase, with our full launch coming in November 2018.

4) What inspired you to incorporate Blockchain into MyTravelBiz?

We saw early on how building every aspect of our company—from our marketing plan, to commission payout and staff salaries on blockchain would revolutionize the way companies do business. The Direct Selling industry has suffered from a lack of understanding for a variety of reasons over the years, but we are committed to doing everything we can to bring it into the now and make it work for today’s Representatives. That can only happen through innovation and transparency. Incorporating Blockchain technology into MyTravelBiz was the way to accomplish this.

5) How does MyTravelBiz create a Global Force of Entrepreneurs?

MyTravelBiz has three core values that form the basis of our integrity and commitment, and that guide every decision we make.

Customers and Representatives First.  

We believe that taking care of our Customers, including our Representatives, will always lead to greater success for all.

Everyone Is Born a Diamond

Our focus is on helping people to see the brilliance of who they are and how they can succeed as they begin recognizing their diamond within.

Diversity is Worth Celebrating

We recognize that diversity and inclusion make us stronger, allow us to change lives and change the world.

6) How does MyTravelBiz provide the Best Travel Deals to Customers?

We combine our diverse inventory of hotels, flights and car rentals with our Patent-Pending Technology, a Price Match Guarantee, state-of-the-art Secure Platform and 14-Day Money Back Guarantee on Business Class and First-Class Packs.

But it’s not just about getting people from Point A to Point B. By making travel accessible and convenient for everyone, it helps us understand other cultures and perspectives; become more tolerant; live in less fear of our differences; overcome prejudices and misconceptions and bring the world closer together.

7) How will MyTravelBiz help Representatives Gain Financial Freedom?

Most Direct Selling companies pay their Representatives on a monthly basis, but we were very deliberate and mindful about choosing to pay our Representatives every week to help them take charge of their financial destiny for themselves and their families. It makes it a lot harder to do that if they’re worried about how their efforts will balance, literally, at the end of the month.

Although operationally it’s more costly and time consuming, especially as we continue to grow at such an exponential pace, we wanted to bring peace of mind to our Representatives and blockchain technology is a way to do that through “proof of ownership.” All commissions are registered on blockchain that can be checked and verified at any time. The extra work makes this completely worth it.

Geraldine and I owe our success to staying true to our personal core values of honesty, hard work, and integrity in everything we do. We are using these values to help us reach our goal to create 100 millionaires, fostering life-changing opportunities for our Representatives and the global community alike.

8) What is the future plan for MyTravelBiz?

I have worked diligently throughout my entire career striving to make every business I’ve built bigger than the one before. That means maintaining a high level of integrity, trust and optimism and sharing my skills and knowledge with others, so they too can achieve their own level of personal and professional success. So, we’re not resting here on our laurels. We’re already looking toward the future to the lives we will continue to change by nurturing the growing number of global Travel Entrepreneurs who have chosen to take charge of their financial destiny.

That is one of the reasons why MyTravelBiz has become a Corporate Sponsor for the TravelCoin Foundation® (TCF), a not-for-profit community interest company (CIC) registered in the United Kingdom.  

With a shared vision to change the world, MyTravelBiz and TravelCoin Foundation both understand the power of blockchain technology, and we support the Foundation by awarding our Representatives with TravelCoin based on Ranks achieved. This advanced commission platform has a great impact on the worldwide adoption of TravelCoin. These two entities work hand-in-hand to provide outstanding opportunities to both leverage blockchain technology and the incredible potential that TravelCoin presents.

Our MyTravelBiz objectives are to carry on activities which benefit the community and, in particular, to develop software and commission research on how digital currency and blockchain technology can improve the travel experience for travelers while impacting the global economy as a whole.

9) Could you tell us about your team?

In addition to serving as the Founder and President of MyTravelBiz, my career experience includes working as a Chief Marketing Officer, Global Marketing Director, Independent Distributor, Training Manager, Manager, Lecturer and Computer Engineer.

Along with her role as Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Geraldine has over 20 years of hands-on field experience and a strong corporate background, working in all areas of direct sales from field representative to the senior executive-level positions at top companies in North America.

Through those roles we have both helped bring start-up companies to multi-million-dollar success through the design and delivery of pioneering incentive plans, creative marketing, communication and training strategies.  

Using our breadth of global experience and relationships, we created a very strong Executive Team of talented, intelligent and compassionate people with a combined total of over 100 years of Direct Selling and travel Industry experience in building successful global businesses.

Our team includes a Chief Sales Officer, Chief Business Development Officer, Sales Manager, Representative Support Manager, Print, Creative and Event Designer, Project Coordinator, Administrative Assistant & Translator, Representative Support Specialists and an IT Development Team.

10) Do you have more information for our readers?

Through MyTravelBiz, Geraldine and I hope to show the world that we are all the same inside. Whether we live in the east or the west, we all want to experience peace and the best of everything for our family and friends. When we spend time in different countries and take the time to meet the local people, we will come to know that diversity is worth celebrating.

For more information about MyTravelBiz (MTB), see the company website at

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