Best Practices Of Longevity And Cryptographic Distributed Systems: Interview With Angel Versetti, Founder Of Moon Rabbit

Angel Versetti, Founder Of Moon Rabbit

Angel Versetti, is a Monte Carlo -based serial investopreneur (investor + entrepreneur), a former United Nations diplomat, and transdisciplinary academic researcher. As an entrepreneur Angel has launched and exited several groundbreaking startups with up to $650m valuations (CEO Ambrosus, CEO SecuChip, CEO ChipLess, CEO Smart Security Systems, Dragon Whale of Dogecoin, and Founder of Dogecoin Foundation, As an investor, he has managed to obtain up to 77’000% RoI. As investopreneur, via his Global Family Office Conglomerate Versetti & Co, he is engaged in deep-tech, life extension, and astrophysics. His dream is to merge molecular, hardware, and digital constructs to enable humanity to live forever and build new worlds on other planets, under the benign techno-meritocratic governance model. Angel is on the Forbes 30 under 30 lists in Finance, a laureate entrepreneur and leader with over 100+ honours in Monaco, UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, and USA, having received honours from His Holiness Pope Francis, Prince Albert Grimaldi II of Monaco and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and personal encouragement wishes from Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

A keynote speaker at Vatican Youth Summit at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, WRF Davos, Paris COP21 Summit, SIOI Rome GA Session, ASEM Youth Summit Milano, UNESCO HQ Summit, Monaco Investment Conference, VivaTech event at the Ministry of Economy of France, Technology Working Group event at the Houses of Parliament of the United Kingdom, Angel Versetti was also a published United Nations researcher and project coordinator (UNEP, UNIDO, UNIDIR, UN ESCAP), he was educated at Cambridge University and Sciences Po Paris and featured in Forbes, NASDAQ, Reuters, the Independent and Vice. He obtained additional innovation experience at Google, Bloomberg, World Business Dialogue, BusinessToday (Steven Forbes). His mentors included Sir Howard Davies (Chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the UK and ex-Director of the London School of Economics), the Right Honourable Miguel Angel Moratinos (Former Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Kingdom of Spain), Stephen A. Schwarzman (Founder and CEO of The Blackstone Group, Chairman of the Strategic and Policy Forum of the President of the USA) and Sir Paul Collier (ex-Head of the Development Research Group at the World Bank, Director of the Center for the Study of African Economies at Oxford University). Angel is 28 years old, of which he spent at least half watching movies, reading books, seeking adventures and chasing skirts.

You are an accomplished serial entrepreneur and investor, what inspired you to go into the deep tech and blockchain industries?

I went into it because Crypto – true Crypto – is a radical socio-technological construct that has shifted the paradigm of the abstract concepts of ownership, interaction and sovereignty. It has transformed the very core of the political, social and economic fabrics of our modern society to the extent that only the so-called Industrial Revolutions to date have, much of its vast transformational potential yet to be tapped; and the current state of Crypto being the foundations of the multi-generational Babel Towers, Notre Dames and Sagrada Familias.

Crypto has amassed an unthinkable critical mass of thinkers, doers, schizos, shills, opportunists, dreamers, radicals, geeks, freaks – and the Escape Velocity has been achieved, with everyone from Elon Musk to your Uber driver dancing to the beats of another mined block…

And if we ask why longevity (which is my second industry, more narrow than deep tech), the reason is that since the emperors of great civilisations of yore through the savage king-warriors of the dark ages through the philosophers of the enlightenment through the ferocious dictators of recent days – the greatest of the greatest – have desperately and fiercely sought to live forever – and forever Time has been consuming them all, turning their bodies and their empires to dust…

And so we set upon the quest to discover the meaning of life through the prism of fundamental science and applied philosophy, in order to perhaps approach the zone where time bends and Longevity and Immortality can escape the chimeric dimensions to enter our realm… Or, perhaps, vice versa?

What is the project “Moon Rabbit”, tell us more about it and what difference will it make to our lives today?

Moon Rabbit is a vertically integrated crypto-meritocratic techno-conglomerate — 安居財閥 (AngoZaibatsu) — constituting a system of systems (Jurisdictions) with the overarching mission of seeking to discover the secret to eternal life — whether biologically or digitally — and to enable humanity to transcend the known dimensions and experience new worlds and spiritual states.

Under the leadership of Angel Versetti, we build upon the best practices of Longevity (Radical Aging Therapy & Genomics) and Cryptographic Distributed Systems (Rust, Substrate & Web3) to achieve our mission. Jurisdictions may pursue their own endeavours and visions, provided they contribute to the Higher Vision of Moon Rabbit.

How is Moon Rabbit working towards achieving its mission?

Moon Rabbit uses cryptocurrency and substrate / web3 infrastructure to create an ecosystem of thinkers, doers and researchers in the industry of longevity and to provide liquidity and funding opportunities for longevity startups. Additionally, being a layer1 protocol on substrate, it enables any entrepreneur or startup to launch their own protocol on DeFI , NFT , Crosschain communication, web3 or otherwise

Tell us more about practices of longevity (Radical Aging therapy and Genomics), how does this work?

We work with biotech labs that develop cutting-edge techniques that reverse or slow down aging processes. Primarily, we are interested in gene therapy or other genomics-related technologies, as they enable radical methods of fighting aging. Aging is ultimately a disease like many others and it requires therapy and treatment as well. Currently, most experiments are done on animals, but soon initial trials will be done on humans.

Your interest in IOT is outstanding, how do you think in practical terms it will scale Blockchain and is it helping your Moon Rabbit project in any way?

IoT is essential to provide quality data for blockchains, but this is not the main technology stack for Moon Rabbit. Some startups within Moon Rabbit ecosystem, through, may use IoT and benefit from Moon Rabbit’s highly scalable substrate-based blockchain

NFTs have taken the crypto space by storm, what would be your advice for NFT beginners and investors?

NFT is an innovative field and it is exciting at applications beyond merely digital art. Identities of different sorts can be built on NFTs. Moon Rabbit likewise is incubating an NFT gaming project to launch on its framework soon. For beginners and investors, the basic advice of doing due diligence on NFT is important.

At what stage of development is the Moon Rabbit project and what is next on your roadmap?

We currently have infrastructure live at and we have many Temples and Jurisdictions live. Next in our roadmap is aggressive scale-up and rollout of our crypto ecosystem, as well as engagement of longevity entrepreneurs. Next for our roadmap is to launch Dogecoin Jurisdiction. As Founder of Dogecoin Foundation, I currently have launched a Syscoin-based fork of Dogecoin and we intend it to be fully interoperable with the Syscoin ecosystem and Dogecoin. We will also be launching an EVM compatibility by the end of summer, meaning that any Ethereum-based dapps, protocols and blockchains will be fully-compatible with Moon Rabbit.

Any investment or partnership opportunities you would like to share with our readers today from Moon Rabbit?

Moon Rabbit is not an investment vehicle or a financial tool, thus there is no way to buy into Moon Rabbit (AAA). However, what we currently do offer in terms of partnerships is an opportunity to open your own Temple (with altar commitment of 10 BTC or more) or your own Jurisdiction (with treasury deposit of 13.88 BTC or more). The BTC is swapped for AAA cryptocurrency upon the Torch Lighting of the altar, with the corresponding number of AAA coins being minted upon activation. Currently 88’888’888 AAA per 10 BTC.

Do you have more information for our readers?

We are actively hiring crypto OGs for a variety of positions within the Moon Rabbit ecosystem. We especially need people to focus on various regions: Asia, Middle East, Russian Empire countries, Latin America. We need business developers, community managers, content creators. Additionally, we have an accelerator for protocols and startups who would build on Moon Rabbit. We are able to invest in these startups. Always feel free to reach out to 

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