An Interview with Vakhtang Gogokhia, the CEO of Profitable Green Mining Based Project – Golden Fleece

Golden Fleece (GFL)

Golden Fleece is a profitable cryptocurrency mining company based in the country of Georgia, Tbilisi. Vakhtang Gogokhia, the CEO of Golden Fleece explains how they aim to mine some major currencies including, but not limited to, Ethereum and Bitcoin and the Golden ICO Of the total marketable 100 mln GFL (Golden Fleece token), of which 70 million will be sold during their ICO.

1) What are your company’s major plans?

We plan to expand Golden Fleece internationally. We are giving people the opportunity to mine cryptocurrency without the hassle of figuring out prices for electricity, or dealing with cloud mining and calculating if it is even profitable. We take the risk for you, and do the mining.

2) The Golden Fleece targets to raise $40 million during the ICO. How is GFL different from other

ICOs? Golden Fleece currently operates only in Georgia. The advantage of this is that we are able to have cheap, green electricity. We have already allocated land to mine with electrical charges being 0.054 USD per KwH. Unlike other ICOs, we have invested hundreds and thousands of dollars from our own pockets in order to get the ball rolling. Additionally, we are maintaining a level of transparency where investors are welcome to speak to team members and directly communicate with me.

3) Why should people invest in Golden Fleece?

Golden Fleece is a service that helps individuals mine cryptocurrency. By maintaining full transparency, investors can feel secure that their money is well invested. It is always a great feeling investing in a start up that has potential, and in a few years the investment giving 10x returns and more. There’s an opportunity to 10x your investments with Golden Fleece and to have a great, profitable mining service.

4) The spot of the upcoming mining center is the Black Sea cost in Georgia. Why did you plan to build the mega mining data center in Georgia and not any other place?

As mentioned in one of the previous questions, mining in Georgia enables us to strategically take advantage of the cheap electricity and green mining. About 80% of the electricity will be produced from hydro-power plants. To add upon my previous points, Georgia has a blockchain and mining-friendly environment which can be seen from the successful operation of Bitfury, which invested 100+ million USD in Georgia. Furthermore, Georgia has no regulations on cryptocurrency, which is the main purpose of decentralized currency, as one of the local top banks (Liberty Bank) offer Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple trading platforms.

5) Why did Golden Fleece decide to operate on 100% green energy?

Firstly, there is no other cryptocurrency mining company that run on green energy. We want to set an example that mining is profitable when using green energy. As the cost of electricity is one of the main factors to consider in mining, our solution to this problem is running it on green energy. Additionally, We are helping to promote the use of green energy in our category of businesses. Lastly and the most important point, we are taking advantage of the technology and the world of crypto by using our environment that is friendly to mining, and by doing so we are being a responsible tech company.

6) How did the ICO 1st stage turn out? Were you able to sell 30 Million tokens?

We put some aggressive targets and did our best to reach them. The first stage went better than expected by raising north of 1 million USD, and we booked several large investments locally in excess of 5 million USD. We also reorganized our ICO and made a non-stop sale announcement during the span of September.

7) What is the procedure of joining your bounty campaign and what are the benefits?

We’ve allocated 500K GFL’s for various bounty campaigns. In order for supporters to participate in our bounty, you can send us an email at with the specific bounty you would like to participate in as the subject of the email. We also have specific forms you can fill out on which bounty you are interested in, found on our whitepaper(click here for Whitepaper) on Pages 7 & 8.

8) Who is qualified to invest in the ICO and what is the procedure of investing?

Anyone and Everyone interested in cryptocurrency and mining cryptocurrency is welcome to invest in us. We would like to issue a warning to U.S citizens to review the SEC ruling (click here to view ruling) on investing in ICOs that they are doing so AT THEIR OWN RISK. We strongly advise that U.S citizens are complying to the SEC ruling and are not breaking any laws.

9) What are the biggest challenges you are experiencing currently?

One of our biggest challenges right now has to be marketing. All our marketing are done in- house, as we did not hire any professional marketing agency. We are doing all our marketing ourselves, it helps us connect directly with investors and have more control of our PR.

10) Where do you see Golden Fleece in the next one year?

In a year from now I see Golden Fleece expanded to over 2 mining datacenters fully functioning and running, along with having plans set for a third. We should see GFL on exchanges by then and Golden Fleece will be more recognized in the cryptocurrency and mining community.

11) Is there any other important message you would like to pass across to readers?

Our first datacenter is being installed as we speak. Things are looking bright for Golden Fleece and days will only get brighter. Stay tuned and follow updates on facebook, twitter, and our  slack. We are the future of Profitable, Green, Mining. If not the future, we are at least a start to a big movement that the world is yet to explore.

For more  information, please visit the Golden Fleece website here on

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