Interview with Marcin Welner, COO of RepuX on RepuX Token Sale.

Introducing Marcin Welner, COO of RepuX; a Decentraliced Blockchain Protocal that enables  the customisation and sale of Data between Enterprise and Developers in exchange for the RepuX token.

1) Hi Marcin, could you please tell us about yourself?

Marcin : Hi. I’m Marcin Welner, COO of RepuX. I’m making sure everything goes smoothly with product development as well as the ICO itself.

Previously I worked for the biggest private postal company in Poland – started there as the number 2 IT guy and ended up leading a 140-person IT department.

I’ve worked on some great products there including Paczkomaty (EasyPack) – a network of self-service parcel locker machines that we were deploying in more than 20 countries worldwide. Same one that many giants like Amazon were working on but the difference was we succeeded; there are now more than 3000 of them in Poland alone.

2) What is RepuX ?

Marcin : RepuX is a blockchain project combining an enterprise protocol that developers can utilize to write apps, and a marketplace that common users can use to sell data and outsource work to data specialists without having blockchain expertise themselves.

We want RepuX to be an open source self-governed organism.

3) What inspired you to launch a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency venture with RepuX ?

Marcin : We saw the potential in the growth of excessive data being produced by pretty much everyone – from SaaS to big enterprises, often gathered from social network end-users.

Their data is locked and they have no way to monetize it. At the same time, there is a huge demand for the raw data from companies.

There is no problem buying data from various third parties but it comes usually in a form of a processed, organized report; you cannot verify its legitimacy and the data is useless when it comes to machine learning or AI.

3) What makes the RepuX cryptocurrency unique?

Marcin : We’re solving a real problem that I’ve described above. We have a working product that is confirming it can be done. And finally we already have interest from many enterprises (including in China).

Also we’re actively involved in negotiations in with many VC funds that have expressed interest in our project

4) How will RepuX reshape how businesses buy and sell data? How will those changes affect the individuals whose data is being sold?

Marcin : We’ll disrupt the industry so that SME’s have lots of data that they know what to do with. No need for them to hire a Data Analyst.  They can now sell this data directly to Trusted Developers (with confirmed unchangeable high reputation – stored in blockchain). If they come up with some valuable insights they can sell it back to the Enterprise they got the data from.

Developers and Data Analysts that prefer to work free-lance would have access to this big data coming from the SMEs and at the same time they can discover raw data coming from individual data sources (end-users).

And finally, as we come to the end-users, take an Amazon Seller for instance. Right now they are generating lots of sale data but they have no way to use or even access it. Now, they can take a ready to use plugin that would connect via API to Amazon, gather customer data, anonymize it and put it on sale on our marketplace. Whenever there is a need for it they’ll get paid!

So, as you can see in our ecosystem there is a place for everyone and we believe all parties will benefit from joining it.

5) How much do you intend to raise in the RepuX Token Sale and what are the steps for contributing?

Marcin : Hard cap is set at 33.1 Million USD. Getting it would speed things up as we could reach out to many data providers right from the beginning. If we get less we’ll eventually reach our goal as well but just at a slower pace.

Right now, we’re on the presale-stage, offering a massive 50% discount. Our crowdsale starts at 6th of March and will last for a month unless the hard cap is reached.

Apart from some countries that don’t allow ICO participations everyone can contribute.

6) What were some of the biggest challenges you encountered while working to launch your ICO?

Marcin : Nothing too major thus far; we have been planning it for a long time. Recently we just had to postpone the crowdsale as some big players expressed interest but this is rather a good thing for everyone 😉

7) What’s going to happen to RepuX after token sale concludes and what where do you see things in 5 years?

Marcin : We’re expecting to grow steadily. We’re already working on the developing partnerships around the globe. This is something that we really believe in so I see a bright future here.

The blockchain revolution won’t be stopped and we’re glad to be a part of it.

8) What are your marketing and sales strategies to achieve that?

Marcin : For the ICO we’re working with various marketing and PR agencies such as BitconMarketing, Conversion Wizards, 7markets, and Melrose PR.

For long-term development, we’re working on partnerships around the globe. We know that data providers are crucial to give the project a good kick-off, so that’s something we’ve really been focusing on lately.

9) Could you tell us a little about your team and customer support?

Marcin : The team is distributed around the globe but the technology team that I supervise is located is in Krakow, Poland.  We have a lot of skillful developers here and the Crypto-community here is massive so we’re planning on expanding after the token sale concludes.

Our internal support consists of 5 people and our Telegram channels are managed by Amazix – a team of people that have been involved in many Crypto-projects including Bancor for example. Both teams are working 24/7.

I’m available on telegram as well so if your readers would like to talk to me or the other team members, we are often on the channel

10) Would you like to talk about your legal and security measures?

Marcin : Legal measures are very important to us. We have a set of legal advisors constantly monitoring the environment.

We’re doing everything by the book and have implemented proper KYC and AML procedures in order to ensure compliance.

As for the security, our site is well protected and audited by specialists from banking industry.

Contributions and Smart Contracts are secured by multisig wallets.

11) Do you have more information for our readers?

Marcin : As I’ve mentioned above if you have any questions please come to the telegram channel – we’ll be happy to answer them.

I would also encourage you to register even if you’re uncertain about contributing; we send a lot of interesting stuff to our subscribers.

For more information, please visit the Repux website :

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