Interview with the CEO of Ether Legends on ELET Token Sale.

Curran Mulvihill is the CEO of Elementum Games and founder of Ether Legends, he will be sharing with us in this interview, the details of the Ether Legends Blockchain project and the opportunities for us;

1) Could you please tell us your name and about yourself?

Curran : My name is Curran Mulvihill. I am the Co-Founder and CEO of Elementeum Games, LLC based out of Denver, Colorado. I have been a Bitcoin enthusiast since the beginning, intrigued by the technology, even in its infancy. Then this thing called Ethereum came along. Its promise to utility was exactly what our team had been looking for. I have been a part of many exciting business ventures in the past, but none as exciting as this.

2) What is Ether Legends and what is the technology behind it?

Curran : Ether Legends is a fun, visually astounding, collectible trading card game that you can play in person, or digitally on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The main focus of technology is the embodiment of integrating blockchain, having decentralized game play, implementing an amazing rewards system, QR Code redemption of physical cards to digital cards, content ownership and the smart contracts that govern the gaming platform and ecosystem.

3) Would you like to tell us about your team?

Curran : I am blessed to be working with some very talented people. Our Art Director, Mark Ludy is an amazing individual, bringing concept to reality and his ability to motivate the team, producing the highest level of quality work. Our software team is also exceptional, working with the infrastructure of the platform and prototyping our seamless connectivity, verifying the overall feasibility, making our vision a reality. Of course, I don’t want to leave out the folks on our marketing team. They spend countless hours promoting for the cause.  

4) What inspired you to launch a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency business with Ether Legends?

Curran : Blockchain technology. I am intrigued by the ability to create your own ecosystem universe. Gaming, games and creativity, that of being a pretty hardcore closet gamer. I wanted to incorporate the passion and vision of what I had learned over the years into one consolidated project. I wanted to create something that would help change the negative perception of cryptocurrency, to demonstrate its utility, even if that is only in gaming. I want to be a part of the next generation technology and gaming, build a community and platform for the world to use and share.

5) What makes Ether Legends crypto ICO different from the others, tell us more about your value proposition?

Curran : There aren’t a lot of ICO’s out there focused on the gaming industry that I have come across, and those that are, seemed narrow focused. Ether Legends and this gaming platform are focused on entertainment, blockchain game play, gaming community, rewards, and ownership of digital content. This is more than one game; it is an entire gaming ecosystem with endless scalability and expandability for blockchain gaming as a whole. Specific to Ether Legends, it is visually stunning, gives players the ability (and right) to own all of their digital content and determine what to do with it. The trading cards alone are a masterpiece of art and will be minted in a limited fashion to protect the rarity and value of those assets abroad. As part of the Token Sale, our first limited edition digital trading card will be given out to those who participate and never to be minted again once the sale concludes.

6) How much do you intend to raise in the ELET Token Sale and What are the steps for investing in ELET Token?

Curran : We have an incremental development plan that supports several different levels of funding. We intend to raise upwards of 5,000 ETH.

Anyone can participate. On our website, you click the “Get Elementeum” button and it will direct you to the step by step guide on how to participate. In general, there is a contract sale address where you send Ethereum, a minimum of .03 ETH or a maximum of 100 ETH and you will be returned the amount of Elementeum to your wallet at the configured exchange rate of the token sale smart contract phase and parameters.

7) Why would Ether Legends increase in Equity and Value and how can ELET Token holders Profit if they invest now?

Curran : Simply put, collectability of physical and digital assets, demand for game play, expansion of game platform and participation where players (or collectors) can buy, sell and trade on the marketplace and earn dynamic rewards all with the Elementeum Token.

8) Would you like to share the exchanges where ELET Token will be traded and on what date will you start trading After ICO?

Curran : The team is actively working with a number of exchanges to allow of not only our game token Elementeum, but our digital assets as well. We anticipate being on at least one exchange upon conclusion of the token sale

9) Where do you see Ether Legends after ICO and in the next 5 years, do you have any value projection for the token price?

Curran : I see the Ether Legends game thriving with a large user base who loves to collect and play this game. I see multiple expansion card sets, additional games being released on the platform and other gaming developers utilize our platform from our open source code. I see never-ending expansion.

I wouldn’t be comfortable in making predictions that can be speculative in nature. I am looking forward to letting the market decide. That is one of the exciting things about this. The more users that are a part of the network and more demand you have for the game and its special uses, the more value your token and ecosystem can have.

10) What are your marketing and sales strategies to achieve this goal?

Curran : There are different strategies between the physical and the digital game specifically. The physical game is geared towards the younger generation. Advertising for the physical card game will include TV ads, Radio ads, internet marketing, social media and pursuit to have physical trading cards in major retail outlets (in work). The digital game will have some of the same marketing strategies but target a more mature audience with its regard to cryptocurrencies in nature. Having both of these products will help in cross-advertising reaching a larger genre of gamers and collectors than if we were limited to one market.

11) Would you like to talk about your legal and security measures?

Curran : Before releasing any smart contract to the blockchain, our team works through security audits to make sure there are no vulnerabilities and we will protect our players, platform and community.  

12) Do you have more information for our readers?

Curran : I would like to thank our supporters so far and pushing us to make the very best. The team is extremely gifted and I am looking forward to kids and adults alike, to really enjoy the game, gaming platform and what it has to offer.


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