International Year One – Preparatory Student Program at Universities in Great Britain

International Year One - Preparatory Student Program at Universities in Great Britain

Parents of students and graduates of secondary schools often are interested in how to enroll in the 1st year of the University of Great Britain without losing one year of study? It is possible. Everyone knows that studying at the University of Great Britain after foreign school is impossible.

The reason for this is the difference in the education systems of countries. Students know that before the British University bachelor program, the Foundation preparatory program is necessary, this program prepares foreign students to receive higher education in Misty Albion. An additional year before studying on the main program is both time, and money, so some universities and educational companies have developed a unique program – International Year One.

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International Year One is a unique, intensive program for one academic year, at the Universities of Great Britain, which combines the program of training international students to study at the University of England and the first course of the British University. This means that now students do not need to spend an additional year in preparation, and get a basic higher education in the UK for 3 years, instead of 4. It should be noted that the requirements for admission to the British University will differ in each educational institution.

Although the program is attractive for students, it is necessary to take into account important features that make an admission to the program quite complicated.

What do you need to know about the program International Year One?

Before you choose a program of learning – – International Year One – it is necessary to take into account the following features:

The program combines an intensive preparatory program and the first course of the university;

The program is carried out only based on several universities in the UK;

The program leads to admission to programs, whose course is related to business, management, and finance;

Requirements for applicants may differ depending on the university;

The program lasts 3 trimesters;

Minimum requirements for admission to the training program are as follows:

  • Minimum age: 17 years
  • Academic Level: Certificate of Middle Education, or 1 University Course or A-Level, Foundation
  • English level: IELTS 5.0 – 5.5

Depending on the educational program, entrance requirements may vary. Today, the most popular preparatory centers are OnCampus, International Study Centers of the Study Group of the Educational Group, Into University Partnership, Kaplan International Pathway. Each educational program works by individual universities.

Most universities of the Into University Partnership and International Study Centers educational group and International Study Centers accept students only after the Foundation or A-Level preparatory program.

International Year One OnCampus has been prepared and developed by Cambridge Education Group as part of on-campus preparatory programs.

Minimum age: 17 years

Education: Certificate of Middle Education

English level: IELTS 5.0

Program duration: 3 trimester

Additional trimester is offered for those students, the level of English is lower than IELTS 5.0, and they need additional preparation.

Number of academic hours per week: 25

Start of study: September, January

The curriculum includes 8 academic modules and English for academic purposes. List of academic modules that are offered to students:

  • Business Environment
  • Managing FINANCIAL Resources and Decisions
  • Organizations and Behaviour.
  • Marketing Principles
  • Business Decision Making
  • Marketing Intelligence (Coventry Only)
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting (Lsbu Only)
  • Business Skills for Proposals and Pitches
  • Study and Communication Skills for Business

Students who want to enter the Bachelor’s program in the course “Economy” in addition to the main modules take an additional subject: microeconomics.

The average cost of training on the program also depends on the educational institution and can be from 11,000 to 15,000 pounds of sterling per year.

Education consultants advise the International Year One program exclusively to those students who meet the introductory requirements. The program is very demanding, so the most suitable for those applicants that have excellent grades and a high level of English. Otherwise, it will be hard to cope with a program of such intensity.

In which universities can you do this Program?

Today in the UK, the majority of universities can offer International Year One for foreign students. We can recommend you enter the following universities in this program:

Coventry University London Campus – University offers International Year One by specialties in the course of business management, finance, and tourism. Entrance requirements – IELTS 5.0. Age from 18 years old.

Keele University – university adopts international students on the International Year One program in the course of business, international relations, politicians, and media. Requirements for admission 17 years, IELTS-5.5

Kingston University, London – the program is available for students who have selected the courses of finance, entrepreneurship, business management, IT technologies, and recruitment. Requirements for admission age from 18 years, IELTS-5.0

Leeds Beckett University – International Year-One Foreign Students Program allows you to transfer from a university in your country to Leeds Beckett University. The program is available in the following courses: Finance and Management, Accounting, Hotel Business, Sports Management.

Liverpool John Moores University – the program is available when choosing professions in business or engineering. Language Requirements – IELTS-5.0.

Manchester Metropolitan University – University adopts students on the International Year One program that has reached 18 years old. Students can study finance and management. Requirements for knowledge of IELTS 5.0 – 5.5, depending on the course.

The University of Huddersfield – the program is designed for students who have already arrived in universities in other countries, but those who want to continue their education at the University of Huddersfield. The program is available when choosing a business profession, engineering, or marketing. IELTS 4.5 introductory requirements.

University of Leicester – International Year One program is available to students when transferring from your home country’s university. If you have already started higher education and realize what you want to study in the UK – this program is for you. You can proceed to the program by choosing a management career path. Requirements for IELTS 5.0

The University of Lincoln – If you have chosen to study finance, engineering, computer science, or media research, and you have already been 18 years old, then this is a program for you. The course of study lasts 3 semesters and after the end of the course, you can continue learning in the second year of undergraduate.

University of Sussex – The program is available in business and management areas, computing sciences, electrical engineering and electronics, finance and audit, international relations, cinema, and media. The age of the applicant from 17 years. IELTS 5.5. The program is designed for 2 semesters of training.

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