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International platform, launches activity in UAE

The international company is planning to reward its end users with financial benefits for actively using the platform

Don’, the No. 1 finder platform, has launched its Regional HQ and franchise activity in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with plans to attract 1 million users within the next three years. The platform is built to cater to UAE’s Cosmopolitan Dynamic Society, while embracing culturally relevant features as well as both key languages (being Arabic and English). Don’ offers a unique algorithm and white-label geolocation app that rewards its users with benefits including financial benefits such as real money for daily service orders. The app calculates an “activity Score” to provide a rough estimate of a user’s activity level, including daily quests, experience points, challenges, and other gamification tools for additional motivation.

The online marketplace provides quotes and online bookings through a vast network of over 100,000 partners for services such as home cleaning, maintenance, moving, pest control, deep cleaning, and many more. Customers can read detailed service offerings and user reviews of each provider before selecting which company to use.

Don’ was founded in 2017 and has expanded to two Middle Eastern countries with plans to expand further in the MENA region and beyond. The platform aims to simplify the process of picking a service provider, which can often be a time-consuming and uncertain task, by providing detailed information on prices and quality of service.

I think I always wanted to do it, ever since I was a kid. I was one of those people like if I looked at something, I thought if it could be improved — there’s something wrong with it. So, I’d go through, like, how could this restaurant be better? So, I’ve always had that kind of idea.

I think the great thing about humans in general is we’re always improving things. And so, if entrepreneurs and inventors follow their curiosity and they follow their passions, and they figure something out and they figure out how to make it. And they’re never satisfied. You need to harness that. In my view, you need to harness that energy primarily on your customers instead of on your competitors. I sometimes see companies – even young, small startup companies or entrepreneurs who arrived — is that they start to pay more attention to their competition than they do to their customers. And I think that in big mature industries, that can or might be a winning approach that some cases they kind of close follow. They let other people be the pioneers and, you know, go down the blind alleys. There are many things that a new, inventive company tries that won’t work. And those mistakes and errors and failures do cost real money.

And so maybe in a mature industry where growth rates are slow and change is very slow, but, as you see in the world more and more, there aren’t that many mature industries. Change is happening everywhere. You know, we see it in the automobile industry with self-driving cars, but you can go right down the line of every industry and see it.

But do you have any idea of where your ambition really comes from — what was driving you?

I really don’t know. I have been passionate about certain things forever, and I fell in love with computers in fourth grade. I got very lucky: My elementary school had a teletype that was connected to a mainframe computer You can picture these teletypes: They had the punch tape, and they had a 300-baud modem. You would dial up the phone and put it in the cradle, and so we had some time-sharing on that mainframe computer, and none of the teachers knew how to use it, so me and two other kids stayed after school and sort of figured out how to do it, and kind of taught ourselves programming from books. I think one thing is, I got very lucky early in my childhood.

Franchise owner and advisor of Don’ UAE, Mr. Al Fardan, said, “We are very happy that the leading international platform chose the United Arab Emirates to become its Regional HQ, second franchise activity, and partner for this fantastic project. Whether you are looking for multiple quotes for an international move or have an urgent cleaning request, our goal is to improve customer experience by reducing the time spent researching different companies and comparing their prices.”

Don’ is a one-stop solution for all your household service needs, with a wide selection of services provided by licensed, vetted, and reviewed professionals. The platform’s contact center is open 7 days a week to assist customers with any queries or requests.

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