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International photographer Tanishq Arun awarded official selection at the one shot photography awards

Tanishq Arun

Tanishqarun is a professional photographer from Chennai india who is currently in Canada has been awarded the official selection for a major international photography award called the one shot photography award and he is now on the road to the finals. The theme of the competition was searching for peace. His image “ In search of new beginnings” speaks about a girl and her search for meaning as she embarks on a new journey in life by finding peace with herself. Tanishq was the winner of the honorable mention award for the international photography awards in 2023 and he was also the finalist for the world sports photography awards where he brought kickboxing into the awards for the first time. Tanishq and his family own a camera museum called Dr Aruns Photography and vintage camera museum which is the winner of the guiness world record for the largest collection of individual film cameras and is now on the road to receiving the guiness world record for the largest collection of film cameras in the world. 

 Tanishq Arun

As a child tanishq has grown up around cameras. He started his photography journey with a point and shoot film camera which forced him to focus intensely on every shot as the number of exposures on eash film role was limited. He was also the first person to start photographing kickboxing professionally in India and had travelled all over India photographing the sport of kickboxing.

 Tanishq Arun

Tanishq received his diploma in photography at ambitions 4 photography academy and is currently pursuing a degree in Canada. He is now going into unique Genres of photography which isn’t commonly explored such as hard core music. He also does fashion photography and is currently working with models from various countries in Canada

Tanishq is also the youngest photography guest lecturer in Chennai having given lectures in two major universities Vit Chennai and Shastra iit madras. Tanishq aims in improving the standard of photography in india and inspiring people from his home town Chennai to have a more artistic approach to their work.

Tanishq believes that when one starts to use photography as a art and not solely for monetary purposes one can create more impactful work and once one can balance art and commercial photography one can go to great heights in the industry 

 Tanishq Arun

Tanishq strives for excellence in his work and is on the path of mastery of the art of photography however his journey has not been easy as from a young age tanishq had to overcome multiple obstacles. During the start of his career tanishq worked completely for free for a year only for the experience and to build a portfolio. When asked why he replies “ its because I believe in the beauty of my dreams. And it doesn’t matter to me whether achieving my dreams requires 1 year or 10 years of constant hard work, as long as it makes me the artist I am destined to be I am willing to struggle and embrace the journey for the love of photography”

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