International ICO Advisory and Promotion Agency: Interview with Victor Larionov, CEO of Priority Token.

Victor Larionov is the CEO of Priority Token, an international ICO advisory and promotion agency based in the UK with offices in London, Singapore, Moscow and Dubai. The team has raised over $200 Million in funding to support the project. In this interview, Victor will be telling us more about Priority Token.

1) Please tell us your name and about yourself?

Hi, I am Victor Larionov, CEO of Priority Token and Partner of HAX Venture (Singaporean fund and accelerator). I am also Founder and CEO of MOST Marketing — leading Russian consultancy group (marketing, investments, GR). Mentor at Skolkovo Foundation — the main innovation hub Russia.

2) What is Priority Token and what services are you providing to the blockchain and ICO markets?

Priority Token is a UK-incorporated company with offices in London, Singapore, and Moscow. We are a full-scope ICO advisory and globally top 3 marketing agency by Bitcoinist and Hackernoon.  Apart from standard ICO services we offer three unique services which other ICO agencies don’t – access to investors, worldwide and asian marketing,security token offering, and crypto fund.

3) How does the Priority Token ecosystem work and what is the technology behind the project?

As I mentioned, Priority Token is an advisory company, we have helped to launch a lot of successful ICO projects and have developed connections and expertise which can turn an ICO project from good to great. So far we have 50+ projects consulted, 200M+ funds raised, 40+ investors meetups in 2017-2018.

4) How do you access good ICO projects and what is the nature of your relationship with private investors and ICOs?

Most of the projects are targeting us by themselves, thanks to referrals from their advisors or investors and/or feedbacks from our previous clients. Concerning our relations with private investors we have our pool of investors. From time to time they recommend us to their friends who are eager to invest as they know our strict selection process of projects.  

5) Tell us more about your events management, how does it work and what events are currently available?

We are trying to provide the maximum value for the projects we are working with. Thus, we participate in selected international events and organize closed-door private events with investors in only.

In both cases we are doing maximum in order to connect the projects with the investors and to make this connection become an investment. The project has to pass successfully our experts selection process beforehand, though.

6) On the Priority Token Franchise, what is the demand for this in the crypto market, how does it work and what kind of support do you provide?

Today, Priority Token is spearheading a groundbreaking initiative for the ICO advisory services market. Our company has launched a first-to-industry franchise program specifically tailored for ICO advisory service providers worldwide.

Let’s look at the numbers. As a Priority Token franchisee, one will be entitled to:    15-30%+ commission from contract revenues and 30% of Priority Token’s success fee from project funds raised. Our franchisees have an Exclusive Franchise Agreement for their home country. All in all  monthly revenue potential of a franchisee starts at $20,000 USD.

From our side we guarantee support and education from the core team which provides services for our clients. A franchisee will also reap the benefits of targeted advertising at our expense — scaling the business much quicker than previously imaginable.

7) Do you have any major partners you will like to share with us and what are the benefits of becoming your official partner?

We have a developed network of partners – they are media and rating platforms like ICObench, NewsBTC or ICORating, for example. Besides that we cooperate with local influencers, community leaders, and individuals while arranging our private events for ICOs or reaching out to investors worldwide.

Within the frameworks of Priority Token Partnerships program we also offer to become our official partner to those who are willing to work with us on the basis of reselling of Priority Token services or providing a fundraising for our clients.

8) What is the Priority Token investor’s dashboard, on what stage of development is the platform and what is next on your roadmap?

We develop a technical platform for pre-sale, pre-ICO and ICO, incl. ERC20 token contract, while label investors dashboard and crypto wallet. It takes only 2-3 days for its integration and deployment. BTC, ETH, and ALTCOINS are accepted.

Our dashboard has two unique functions: Smart builder and Smart Contract integration. Smart builder allows to set up your ICO in few easy steps. Flexible and clear configurator helps to set stages of ICO, define bonuses for sum of purchase and for purchase in the setted period; you can edit list of accepted currencies – switch them on or off. All process of token sale is ruled from this captain’s bridge. Smart Contract integration is easy to use integration. Simple interface makes possible you to get contract commands without any special knowledge. You can use any commands deploying in your smart contract such as for ex. send tokens to some active contributors or partial withdraw to investors or any thing else you wish.

As for the next steps, we are currently making a fully autonomous gateway to accept cryptocurrencies directly to the cold wallets of investors, without third-party services and the risks they have.

9) Please tell us about your team of experts and customer support for the ICO projects?

Priority Token are highly qualified experts possessing specialised skills covering each facet of the crypto and ICO support process.

Together, we are resolving the most complicated, unique and tailored solidity solution for each ICO. Our team understands a project’s specific needs and helps each client create great projects in line with their very specific requirements.

10) How Safe is Priority Token services and how do you manage compliance and security issues?

The basic idea for popular ICO-projects is to protect against DDOS attacks by installing reverse proxy, so that malefactors could not “block access” the site.

We do not store private keys of our clients (all funds collected on their cold wallets), that means event if we are hacked, attackers will not be able to steal the money of our clients.

11) Do you have more information for our readers?

Please sign up at and follow us on social media  for getting updates on our activities. Also please contact our team in case of any queries.

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