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International Business Development Mogul Duncan Wyse on Diversification

International Business Development Mogul Duncan Wyse

International Business Development Mogul Duncan Wyse discusses Diversification

Duncan Wyse is an accomplished and growth-focused executive with a track record that has both solved failing businesses and expanded the necessary tools and resources for other businesses to expand their sales and organizational practices. Although he is based in Texas, his work spans the globe, as his dealings have taken him across 3 continents, both physically living in these locations and providing the means necessary to achieve growth on a massive scale.

With over 10 years of experience in international business development, Duncan Wyse has gained a unique skill-set that has an overwhelmingly positive impact on any business he is assisting or advising. The diversification in his projects has given him an insight into issues that can only be garnered when his work spans multiple time zones, as the problems may change, but people’s goals, needs, and wants always seem to remain the same.

Growth Through Diversification

Duncan Wyse’s myriad experiences have made it difficult to define his job description. While he leads business development as an executive, he has successfully completed 2 mergers and acquisitions for large corporations. This is an extremely difficult task, especially the coordination of the leadership teams from both sides at the negotiating table, and handling the bankers, lawyers, and the needs of the employees that are questioning the very situation at that time. Duncan Wyse knows that without the experience that he had gained from launching multiple projects in domestic and foreign offices, he may not have been the man necessary for that job.

His time management is enviable, as he often finds the time to do everything he sets his mind to, and it will always get done. He has also grown 3 completely “greenfield” territories that were innovative to positions where they either control or completely dominate the market.

The Importance of Work-Life Balance

Duncan Wyse has an executive mindset, and this is usually synonymous with dealing with high-stress situations. Throughout his business dealings, his CrossFit training , fitness, and passion for golf help to reset and unwind during, after, or before a stressful situation may occur. He also has a fairy-tale ending with his beautiful wife, originally eloping and getting married in a courthouse, with just the two of them present. The Wyse family celebrated their deserved large wedding on July 19th, where an entire Scottish castle was booked for friends and families alike to be there for the renewal of their vows.

Duncan Wyse’s attitude toward sales can also be seen on the track, where he has competed in various athletic demonstrations, including triathlons. Duncan Wyse has most recently completed an Ironman Triathlon in Texas. He believes that the mental fortitude that comes with business is also extremely necessary in long periods of athletic strain, demonstrating a warrior spirit that cannot be conquered, and to push harder when the pressure of failure is at your back.

Duncan Wyse has been a volunteer firefighter for the last 4 years and is qualified as an official level 1 firefighter.

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