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Internal Door Lock Types: Choose the Best for Your Purpose

There are several types of internal door locks that you can install in the entryway of your house. Some are made to secure the door from unauthorized access, while others are meant to deter intruders from entering your property. This guide will help you figure out which ones are suitable for your family’s safety and security.

Most homes have multiple entrances, such as garages or sliding glass doors. Choosing an appropriate internal door lock might prove crucial if you want to secure these areas. The critical difference between various types of locks lies in their mechanisms and functionality.

Deadbolt Locks

A deadbolt is a bolt-like device with a protruding piece that secures the door once it has been closed. They require little force to be unlocked, but they are effective if used properly. It is usually combined with a keyless mechanism, making it easier to open the door. It is best suited for houses where children must go through the door to get outside.

Chain Locks

Also called chain latches, this locking system is one of the most straightforward and affordable options available today. These locks come in two parts; one holds a spring-loaded pin that keeps the door locked when not pressed by the other end. When moved by a handle, the pin releases the latch allowing the door to open. Most residential chainsets are secured around the top edge of the door frame. You can also find them mounted on the bottom edge of the door frame to prevent the door from swinging up. However, some prefer using them on both sides to ensure no one can push the door open without turning the knob.

Electronic Locks

With the advancement of technology, modern electronic locks are fast becoming the preferred choice of homeowners. Usually installed in high-end properties, these locks work by sending signals via radio waves to transmit codes so that you can easily unlock the door even when away from your residence. Some models even allow you to change the code remotely, making it easy to keep track of who enters your home.

Combination Locks

While they may seem complicated compared to traditional mechanical locks, combination locks provide another way to secure your property. Unlike the above locks, they do not need keys to be operated. Instead, they use numbers that correspond to the numbers on the dial. You can turn the dial and unlock the door if you know the correct sequence. Primarily used in commercial settings, this type of lock is beneficial for those who wish to secure their premises against intruders.

Choosing which doors to install will depend significantly on how your house is laid out and what purpose they serve. A residential locksmith will help you choose the appropriate types and sizes according to your needs.

When choosing an internal door lock, consider the intended usage and the security level. For example, if you have elderly parents living alone, installing a simple deadbolt might not be enough since anyone could knock down the door to enter.

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