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Interior Designer Directory Becomes World’s Largest Thanks To 12 Year Old CEO Mason Monahan

Most 12 year olds can barely manage their schoolwork, let alone run a growing business and oversee employees. But North Carolina 7th grader Mason Monahan is doing just that – and using his startup to lift his family after hardship.

After losing their home to a devastating fire in April 2023, Mason channeled his lifelong passion for interior design into launching His vision was to create the world’s largest directory of interior designers that connects design professionals with clients globally.

Just months after going live, Mason’s directory is already the largest of its kind. With over 500 listed designers from around the world and 130,000 monthly visitors, is revolutionizing how homeowners and businesses discover and hire talented interior designers.

Remarkably, Mason balances managing his viral startup with attending middle school. He now leads a team of 3 employees that he oversees after classes daily as Founder and CEO.

Mason’s uncommon accomplishments as a 12 year old founder have been spotlighted by INC, Entrepreneur, and other major outlets. But for this design devotee, means even more than business success.

The income helps provide stability for his family rebuilding after the fire. Mason also dreams that one day, the directory could earn enough for him to buy his mom a new permanent home.

In Mason’s words, “After we lost everything, I hoped to turn my passion into purpose. I’m moved beyond words by the community uniting around my vision.”

Once just a student, Mason Monahan is now a CEO doing what he loves – and helping his family heal along the way. Rather than being defeated by tragedy, he channeled his pain into creating something beneficial.

Not only has the directory given Mason’s loved ones hope, but it has helped countless designers gain new business. With his relentless drive, this young founder is proving one person’s triumph can uplift many.

“When I started after our family lost our home, I simply dreamed of sharing my passion while earning enough to help my mom rebuild,” said Mason Monahan, 12 year old Founder and CEO.

“I hoped to build a helpful directory, but never imagined it resonating with so many talented designers. I’m truly inspired by our community uniting around my vision.”

He continued, “Despite my age, I’m devoted to constant improvement as an entrepreneur. Our members will always come first. By refining the platform daily and delivering unmatched value, I know we can construct something meaningful collectively.”

Monahan added, “This is just the inception of the journey. While young, my hunger to keep evolving as a founder has no limits. I look forward to collaborating with kids my age and even younger, to nurture the next generation of online business leaders. By making the definitive resource for clients and professionals alike, our brightest days lie ahead.”

He concluded, “My drive is fueled by our shared passion. Together, I know we can accomplish incredible things. I can’t wait to meet 8th graders this coming school year to brainstorm new ideas and work together to turn them into reality.”

For Mason, interior design began as a hobby. Now, his flourishing startup is helping him rewrite his family’s story. Mason and have a bright future ahead, demonstrating that with passion and perseverance, we can transform hardship into success at any age.

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