Interested in Cloud Mining? Genesis Mining Just Relaunched Their Bitcoin Mining Contracts

Genesis Mining, the industry leader in crypto cloud mining, has announced that they are relaunching their popular Bitcoin cloud mining contracts. The contracts have proven exceedingly popular in the past, and Genesis’ significant stake within the cloud mining space virtually ensures this new round of contracts will garner strong demand, too.

The company, founded in 2013, has nearly five years’ experience with crypto mining contracts. Their last round of Bitcoin contracts, issued in November 2017, didn’t even last 72 hours. While they offer altcoin mining contracts, they are currently out of stock—yet another indicator of the rising demand for all kinds of crypto mining contracts. The Genesis team has gleaned intel from past launches to cater their offerings to a growing customer base, which consists of over 2 million miners.

Commenting on the relaunch, 28-year-old CEO of Genesis Mining, Marco Streng, said, “Last year we simply found ourselves in a situation where the demand was simply greater than the supply we had available at that time. Over the past six months, we’ve dedicated significant resources to expanding our operations and developing our new GM Radiant Technology which will give us the highest level of efficiency we’ve ever had”

Streng and his team have steadily expanded their network of mining farms to reflect their international reach. With Bitcoin mining contracts, Genesis is once again offering their formidable bank of cutting-edge mining hardware to customers willing to invest in two-year mining agreements. Large scale multi-algorithm services power their hardware and allow users to generate returns remotely through their partnership with Genesis.

One aspect of Genesis Mining’s appeal is their strong reputation among greener, less established competition. Few services offer the lengthy track record of fairness and good faith that Genesis does. This is critical, as increasing awareness of Bitcoin has spawned mining services with bad intentions, an inability to follow through on their promises, or both.

While no remote mining contractor can guarantee any fixed level of returns—there are simply too many factors at play—contracts issued by Genesis do carry a certain guarantee: that its issuers are treated to cutting-edge hardware and services, not to mention a genuine desire by the Genesis team to see their customers prosper.

The combination of Genesis Mining’s name recognition, reputation for fairness, honest intentions, and multiple proofs of concept make them one of the safest bets in the cloud crypto mining industry. With their latest relaunch of Bitcoin cloud mining contracts, customers are once again granted access to the most valuable entity in cryptocurrency—Bitcoin—via the most popular company issuing Bitcoin cloud mining contracts.

The contracts are here for the taking now, but history shows that they are unlikely to last much longer.

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