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Interactive Whiteboards Market Current and Future Demand

Education, research, and academia verticals have proven to be the key benefactors of tremendous advancements in the development of interactive whiteboards. High demand for smart classrooms and smart learning equipment has been observed on a global scale, fueling the demand for interactive whiteboards that mimic real-life interactions.

Educational establishments are investing heavily in interactive whiteboards and touch boards in bulk and integrating them into their institutional architecture. The implementation and installation of these hardware solutions are likely to generate a wide range of income streams for the worldwide market. Demand for smart education, an ever-increasing number of COVID-19 positive patients, and anxiety about the next academic year have led to an increase in the number of students enrolling in virtual classes, driving the industry at a breakneck pace.

COVID-19 Impacts Interactive Whiteboard Market Positively

Governments all across the world have enacted countrywide lockdowns to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Citizens are being asked to adopt social distancing measures, which has produced havoc in the school business, with deferred admissions, delayed tests, and uncertainty about the following academic year.

Citizens of these countries are remaining home and avoiding major public traffic locations due to stringent lockdowns. Students and employees in the business world are obliged to work from home and attend classes and meetings through the internet.

Competitors Focus on Innovation Strategies to Stay Ahead

End users wishing to improve their existing interactive whiteboard systems may turn to well-established providers in the global interactive whiteboard market for novel software and collaboration features.

For example, as part of the SMART Notebook Software platform, SMART Technologies Inc. introduced SMART Notebook Maestro software, which allows professors to remotely control the information that their pupils may access.

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