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Integration of High Voltage PTC Heaters in Electric Vehicles to Generate Potential Opportunity for Automotive Heater Core – FactMR Study

Automotive-PTC-Heater Market Forecast and CAGR

According to cutting-edge studies with the aid of using Fact.MR, car-PTC-heater marketplace is ready to witness constant increase in the course of 2021-2031. Demand for car-PTC-heater will witness constant restoration in short-term, with constructive increase outlook withinside the long-run. Mounting trends in electric powered automobiles era along side growing protection norms in car enterprise the product is probably to benefit traction over evaluation length and shall account cumulative proportion of extra than 25% in North American marketplace.

What is Driving Demand for Automotive-PTC-Heater?

Heating, Ventilating and Air conditioning (HVAC) performs an critical function in car enterprise. The passengers thermal consolation and electric powered car battery performance is tormented by the implementation of higher HVAC system. Conventional cars used to take gain of extra engine warmness for heating up the cabin. Modern automobiles have extra green engines which expend much less warmness. Thus the heating issues in current automobiles has been resolved with the aid of using Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) era.

PTC are type of self-regulating warmers which do now no longer require any outside diagnostics controls. Traditional constant resistance warmers used to have coils and wires to supply required warmness. Problems which include overheating, warm spots and numerous protection issues because of unmarried sensor for whole heater which was in traditional warmers had been removed with the aid of using PTC warmers, this has brought about its rapid adoption withinside the enterprise. Their functionality to attract excessive strength at preliminary degree to quick warmness up the cabin and attain optimal temperature, later growing resistance to attract much less strength for much less heating has been proved groundbreaking era withinside the enterprise.

In addition, PTC warmers are designed to perform among temperature stages of -forty diploma Celsius to 70 diploma Celsius. Time and strength performance, abrasion resistant, fee effectiveness along side smooth production for big scale manufacturing is including to its dynamic capabilities. Booming electric powered automobiles are probably to be maximum beneficiary from this era. It aids in preserving battery temperature throughout huge temperature variety operation. Exponential increase in electric powered car enterprise is probably to take car PTC heater marketplace northwards.

Key Segments

By Product Type

PTC water heater

PTC Air heaters

By Structure Type



By Vehicle Type

IC engine


Hybrid Vehicles

Full Hybrid

Mild Hybrid

Plug-In Hybrid

By Sales Channel



By Region

North America

US & Canada

Latin America

Brazil, Mexico, Others

Western Europe




Eastern Europe

Asia Pacific

Australia and New Zealand (ANZ)

Greater China



Rest of Asia Pacific


Middle East and Africa

GCC Countries

Other Middle East

North Africa

South Africa

Other Africa

Who are the Key Manufacturers and Suppliers of Automotive-PTC-Heater?

Some of the main producers and providers of automotive-PTC-heater include

KLC Corporation




Pelonis Technologies inc

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd

BorgWarner Inc


Dongguan Zhengyang Electronic Mechanical LTD

Ancheng Dingchuang Electric Heating Machinery Co. Ltd.

Automotive-PTC-heater enterprise is thought to be consolidated over take a look at region. The producers withinside the marketplace are emphasizing on research & improvement for offering higher HVAC approach to customers. For instance, BorgWarner has evolved enterprise first dual-area capability excessive voltage PTC cabin heater for hybrid and battery electric powered vehicle.

Geographical Outlook of Global Automotive-PTC-Heater Market

The automobile PTC heater marketplace covers six principal areas: North America, Latin America, Europe, East Asia, South East Asia & Oceania, and MEA. Due to early generation improvement and adoption in North America and Europe, the areas are predicted to be in front. The areas percentage wealthy records for automobile enterprise along side better according to capita profits has enabled better automobile income withinside the vicinity that is possibly to be worthwhile for the product in future. Tesla, BMW, Mercedes, Audi and VOLVO are few of the largest names in electric powered vehicle marketplace and generation improvement belong to this vicinity hence the vicinity holds very positive increase register close to future.

Asia is rising as subsequent massive marketplace for passenger automobiles along side nations like China, Taiwan, and South Korea which might be main in chip production generation and export is possibly to feature momentum to income. Indian authorities is emphasizing on electric powered automobiles income in u . s . to be able to force PTC income withinside the vicinity.

Better financial circumstance of GCC nations, Turkey, South Africa etc. is predicted to have higher call for over different nations of MEA vicinity. Improving financial circumstance of Africa is presumed to feature marginal increase for income.

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