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Integrated 3D Radar Market is Likely to Reach US$ 55 Bn by 2032 | FMI

According to a recent analysis released by FMI, the integrated 3D radar market is forecast to grow at a rate of 12.7% throughout the projected period and would account for US$ 55 billion by 2032. According to the survey, the usage of integrated 3D radar is reflected in the increased demand.

It is anticipated that integrated 3D radar sales will increase dramatically. Additionally, sales of integrated 3D radar would increase by US$27.9 billion by 2026. Increased sales of integrated 3D radars are anticipated to aid in the market share expansion of this technology.

They are a key component of any defense arsenal and use integrated 3D radar technology to monitor and identify views and information. Standard 2D radars are gradually being replaced with integrated 3D radars because they provide the more exact location and height data even in bad weather.

Key Learnings:

  • Opportunities for the integrated 3D radar market include increased R&D in the field of military simulation and rising defense spending in emerging economies. In 2017, the total global military expenditure rose to approximately US$ 1739 billion, primarily as a result of increased spending by numerous nations including China, India, Saudi Arabia, and others.
  • New evaluation kits have also been developed by companies like Vayyar Imaging, making it simpler to design, integrate, and scale integrated 3D radar image sensing for better application.
  • The United States presents a significant prospective market for integrated 3D radar due to the large production of military technologies and the monitoring of meteorological conditions in this area, which is vulnerable to natural catastrophes like cyclones, floods, and hurricanes.
  • Due to increased government efforts to install technologically advanced surveillance systems and some European governments’ encouragement of the installation of novel radar systems in cars to help drivers better localize nearby objects and support the European Union’s goal of reducing road fatalities, there has been significant market growth in Europe.

Competitive Environment

Several well-known companies competing in the integrated 3D radar market include Northrop Grumman Corporation, Indra Sistemas, Raytheon Company, Thales Group, BAE Systems PLC, Airbus Defence and Space, Honeywell International Inc., SAAB Group, ASELSAN AS, Rheinmetall AG, ELTA Systems Ltd., and others.

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