Integra Sources Partners With More Brands Through Embedded Hardware Design And Development

Embedded Hardware

Integra Sources has continued to cement their position as one of the leading custom hardware and software development companies in the world, with recent collaborations with different enterprise companies, research centers, and innovative startups further substantiating this claim. Embedded Hardware Design And Development is one of the services that have made Integra Sources increasingly popular in recent times, helping clients to build safe and cost-effective embedded systems with relative ease.

The global IT industry has continued to evolve over the years, as more brands emerge to offer groundbreaking solutions to meet the diverse needs of businesses and individuals. The multi-billion-dollar market has undoubtedly impacted millions of lives across the globe. Unfortunately, thousands of businesses in different parts of the world still find it difficult to develop the right systems to help bring their ideas to life. However, the team at Integra Sources seems to have mastered the art of creating custom solutions to meet the specific needs of each company as substantiated by their embedded hardware design and development service.

What Is Embedded Hardware Design And Development?

An embedded system is designed to control multiple electronic devices, combining embedded hardware and software. One of the major components of an embedded system is a micro-controller, with the external processor, internal memory, and i/o components all interfacing with it. Embedded systems are popular due to their compactness and cost-effectiveness as they tend to consume less power.

What Does Integra Sources Bring To The Table?

Integra Sources leverage the expertise of a team of well-experienced and highly trained professionals to provide embedded product design and development for a plethora of embedded systems. The versatility of the Integra Sources team ensures that all categories of projects are effectively handled, creating sophisticated embedded systems with increased security requirements and a rich collection of peripherals and I/O capabilities.

Features Of The Embedded Hardware Design and Development

Using the latest technology platforms, the company works with clients to choose the most suitable system for the project. Features of the embedded hardware design services from Integra Sources include simple and complex designs from concept to production.

Over the years, Integra Sources has worked with several businesses to implement embedded hardware in different application areas, including telecom, consumer electronics, medicine, and education, amongst others. The categories of services offered under the Embedded Hardware Design and Development solution are PCB design and layout, FPGA design, hardware product design, prototyping and assembly, testing, validation, and certification, and preparing for manufacturing.

The comprehensiveness of the solutions by Integra Sources and the unique combination of quality and relative affordability to ensure that clients, irrespective of their industry or budget, get services to match their desired outcomes, have endeared the software and hardware development company to businesses across the globe. Integra Sources currently boasts of a long list of top brands as their clients, with the likes of Aver Media, University of East London, and The Medical Team attesting to the quality of service delivery by the company.

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About Integra Sources

Integra Sources is a custom hardware and software development company founded by a team of hardware and software engineers with a solid educational background in information technology and extensive work experience in the IT services industry. The company aims to push boundaries to create things deemed impossible.

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