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Instagram Star Cemo Basen Feels Blessed as Well as Pressured at the Peak of His Stardom 

Recent days have seen a rise in fame for the Instagram influencer Cemo Basen. He has over 2 million followers and has also worked with several famous brands such as @miguelwilsoncollection in the recent past. Now his fans and followers are seeing the 33-year-old go beyond the realm of Instagram fame and enter the world of Fashion shows and balls as he was recently seen attending the American Veterans’ Ball as a guest.

What’s more? He has also been recently seen walking the ramps. His fame has been rising rapidly as a result of which he is bound to be brought under the limelight. When asked about the pressure, the fame, and the balance, he said, “I didn’t know about social media before. I went to college I had an Instagram but I just post regular photos. Then covid hits and all of the sudden I find myself posting videos. I feel blessed every day, having so many people love me.” 

He further spoke about the reality of internet fame as he opened up about facing pressure to look a certain way after his quick rise to stardom. Being a viewer versus being in the lens of the camera and being subject to the absurdities is a pressure not all of us can face. Maintaining a public persona while being his charming, down-to-earth self is something that Cemo Basen has successfully taken up as a skill. Indeed, the amount of dedication and the hard work that he puts into every project that he picks up is surely evidence of honing this skill that has aided him in achieving his goals and succeeding in life. 

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