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Instagram Designers To Follow To Get Some Inspiration In The Graphics World

Following the work of reliable IG designers is always a great way for you to see some of their new works. In this article, you are likely to come across some of the best animators, illustrators and designers, able to serve you with the best IG feeds you could have asked for. You have to follow these names now, if you are actually trying to get creative inspiration as delivered directly to your feed. Whenever they are going to upload some new works, you will come up with those ideas on your newsfeed on IG. 

Help from Instagram:

People are socially quite active when it comes to Instagram. IG is one most effective social media networks for the graphic designers. This is one image based platform, which will help you to capture and then share world around you. It can further give you that sneak peek into what others are actually aiming for right now and include some of your favorite designers in the lot as well.

If you are actually planning to be an aspiring graphic designer and want your page or work to stand out in the crowd, then you are asked to take a quick look at these names and then finalize on the one that you care to work with. There are names of so many artists in this list, who have done everything right from pixel art to experimental design. You can easily follow these inspirational ones and things won’t go wrong. 

The first name is Design lad:

Design lad happens to be a London based freelance director of 3D illustration and animation. The person is always looking for fun. As it can be well defined, you can always guarantee that this work will have that unique sense of color, character and playfulness.

  • This person is known to play the work in bold manner and in colorful way. He has worked for some of the bigger names in the market like Sony Music, Virgin, Adidas, and WIRED.
  • According to him, for his bold works, he has commented that he tried to post projects that everyone can easily relate to. That helped him to gain quite some new work for a long time.


GianlucaAlla was born in Italy but now he is based in London, where he moved few months from Switzerland. It was in the year 2013 when he was first introduced into the design world. It all started when a professor in his university asked him to join a fashion project and they started creating some catalogues for the Italian brand.

  • At this present moment, he is freelancing and working hard to build his own business. He is known to experiment constantly with typography, which is his genre.
  • His latest project was Letterzip, which was his personal project. It is mainly a series of the short animated answers or GIFs where users get to send them through any form of application, by searching “Letterzip” while they are actually typing.
  • For him, Letters are the biggest inspiration. He always worked hard to be consistent in what they do, by manipulating the lettering and using the same on different applications.

He doesn’t want to be a designer, who just ends up designing posters or animates letter. He is willing to be a designer, which is called for designing poster and then after that for the animating letters.


Mainly known as a German illustrator and animator, ElenorKopka is also the co-founder of the gaming studio, which goes by the name of Ghostbutter. Originally she is known to have studied graphic design and illustration but also has been quite passionate about the moving images. So, she started teaching herself animation. She is always quite fascinated with some cute and funny animations, which can be a bit more weird and eerie, to say the least.

  • She was known to make lot of print graphics like the woodcuts and lithography before she started her venture into the world of animation. It is what led her to the love of black and white.
  • Even at this point, when she works digitally, her process seems to be a little bit analogues in nature. She is the one to just carve out shapes and then put layers of shades and grains on the images she created until she is quite happy with the textures and depths. 


LetaSobierajski is known as NY based art director and graphic designer, who is known to have combined art and photography with some of the most traditional design elements to it. It helps her to create unique visuals across multiple media. You can check out her IG feed, which us bizarre, eclectic and even inspiring for most of the people. So, if you are venturing into the world of graphic design for the first time and want to enjoy some quality inspiration, following her service will work out just great for you.

Velvet Spectrum:

If you are looking for some other names to have added in the field of graphic designing, then Luke Choice is an Australian born American designer, specializing in some of the stunning 3D work. He is also known for its amazing work s in the field of animation and typography. So, he has proven to be that one multi-talented name that you can literally work with.

  • You can follow his IG account, if you want to stay updated with the latest client works for some of the likes of Nike and some such bigger names in the market.
  • But, not just for the professional ground, but his personal work is incredible and hard for you to ignore as well. 

These are few of the many names that you are subject to come across, when it comes to Instagram based designers. The names are not just particular revolving around the graphic design field but can also be added in the other designing categories as well.

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