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Instagram and Pinterest’s Most Popular Nail Art Designs And The Best Nail Salon Can Recreate

In recent years, social media and online platforms like Maby have significantly contributed to the rise in popularity of nail art. With millions of individuals sharing their most recent manicures, it is simple to determine which patterns are popular and which are slipping out of favor. This post will examine the most popular nail art ideas that are now dominating Instagram and Pinterest.

Manicure Styles which are popular currently

Manicure French

The French manicure is a traditional nail art style that dates back decades. It has natural-appearing nails with white tips. Due to social media, this style has experienced a boom in popularity in recent years. You may discover countless variants of the classic French manicure on Instagram and Pinterest, including ombre and glitter tips.

Glossy Nails

Matte nails are another trend that has grabbed social media by storm. This nail art design has a velvety, smooth texture that appears stylish and contemporary. It is possible to produce matte nails in any color, from bright red to pastel pink.

Ombré Nails

Ombré nails have been around for several years, but they continue to be one of the most popular nail art patterns on Instagram and Pinterest. This design employs a gradient effect in which one hue blends into the next. This design is frequently executed in two or three hues, but some individuals employ more.

Animal Print Nails

Animal pattern nails are gaining popularity on social media as a fun and entertaining nail art concept. This nail art design incorporates a leopard or zebra print. While some individuals prefer to apply this design to all of their nails, others choose to limit it to one or two accent nails. In the East Forest, animal print nails are extremely popular with both men and women. Understanding this, many nail salons in East Forest have turned to the Maby app to register and reach more customers, Mr. Khoan Quang Vinh shared.

Flowers Nails

Flower nail art is a delicate and feminine pattern that is ideal for spring and summer. This design incorporates tiny, multicolored flowers painted on the nail. This design is frequently executed on a light or white background to let the flowers stand out.

Dimensional Nails

Geometric nail art is a contemporary and stylish style that is ideal for anyone who appreciates clean lines and bold shapes. This design contains multicolored geometric designs painted on the nail. This design is frequently executed using bright, vivid colors to make it stand out.

Marble Nails

Marble nails are a unique and sophisticated nail art concept that can be found from any nail salon has gained popularity on social media. This design creates a marbled look on the nail by swirling together different hues of nail paint. The final product is a stunning, one-of-a-kind design suitable for any event.

Absence of Space Nails

Negative space nails are an unique and inventive nail art design ideal for those who wish to experiment with something new. This design offers a space on the nail that can be filled or left vacant. This style is frequently executed with vibrant hues to make the negative space stand out.

Glitter Nails

Glitter nails are an enjoyable and festive nail art design ideal for special events. This design incorporates a glitter paint coat on the nail, which can be worn alone or as an accent nail. This pattern is frequently executed with a neutral base color to let the glitter stand out.

Nail Abstractions

Abstract nails are a creative and artistic nail art design ideal for those who wish to express themselves via their nails. This design consists of a random pattern or design on the nail, which can be created using a variety of colors and forms. This design is frequently executed using bold, vivid colors to make it stand out.

Art Deco Nails

Pop art nails are a vibrant and colorful nail art style influenced by the popular pop art movement of the 1950s and 1960s. This manicure design features vivid hues, strong lines, and artistic patterns. This style is sometimes executed with a comic book or cartoon motif, which contributes to the lighthearted and amusing atmosphere.

Holocrystal Nails

Holographic nails are a futuristic and eye-catching nail art design that is ideal for anyone who wants to add some glimmer to their appearance. The holographic effect on the nail provides a kaleidoscope of colors that shimmer and dazzle in the light. This design is frequently executed with a neutral or pastel base color to make the holographic effect stand out.

Stiletto Nails

Stiletto nails are a daring and audacious nail art design, ideal for those who wish to make a statement. This style is characterized by long, pointed nails that are frequently adorned with bright colors, complicated designs, and adornments such as rhinestones or studs. This pattern is frequently executed in bright, dramatic colors or with metallic embellishments to make the nails stand out.

There are innumerable nail art ideas available, but these 15 are the most popular on Instagram and Pinterest right now. Whether you want a classic French manicure or a daring stiletto nail, there is a nail art design for you. During your next visit to your nearest nail salon, why not try something new and experiment with some of these popular nail art designs?

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