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Insta360 Launches Insta360 flow and embraces new challenger for class-leading smartphone gimbal

Insta360 is all set to launch their newest product, the Insta360 Flow. This class-leading smartphone gimbal is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a more professional and immersive filmmaking experience. It offers a range of features, from superior stabilization to tracking and panning modes, that make it the go-to choice for budding filmmakers.

This new gimbal has a small control panel, which is connected to a wheel on the side. It allows the users to switch in between different shooting modes on the go. There are few different shooting modes available to switch between as well. Follow mode is supposed to be one of the most impressive shooting modes out of them. It will allow the users to move the gimbal as per their specific preferences. Another impressive shooting mode available in the Insta360 new gimbal is the Pan Follow mode. This shooting mode will lock the gimbal to a horizontal plane. Similar to its predecessor, it will offer Auto Mode.  It will allow the users to track a subject automatically and shoot.

What sets the Insta360 Flow apart from its competitors is its fourth mode, FPV Mode. In fact, the different letters are representing the different shooting modes of the gimbal. For example, F refers to Follow Mode, and P refers to Pane mode. Automatic mode is available by default. The fourth shooting mode available in this gimbal is the FPV mode. It can be considered as the most confusing shooting mode as well. According to the manufacturer, FPV refers to First-Person View.

FPV mode allows the gimbal to connect to the camera of an external device, such as a drone, and display the view on a smartphone. This gives users an immersive flying experience, eliminating the need to purchase a separate drone and goggles. This new feature will make the new Insta360 gimbal more flexible than other options available. For example, DJI is requesting the buyers to spend money and get a FPV drone separately to get an immersive flying experience. However, the new Insta360 gimbal can offer the same immersive flying experience without the need to buy any other external gadgets. This will help the users to save hundreds of bucks.

On top of its impressive features, the Insta360 Flow is also convenient and easy to use. It is possible for anyone to easily attach a smartphone to the gimbal through the in-built magnetic clasp. On the other hand, it is also possible to fold the entire device easily, which provides hassle-free storage.

There is no need to worry too much about the battery life with the new Insta360 Flow gimbal. Inside the gimbal, there is a 2900mAh battery. It can offer around 12 hours of performance, which is quite impressive. Anyone who purchases this gimbal will be able to edit videos with the Insta360 app. This is one of the most user-friendly apps available out there to edit videos and publish them on the internet.

Insta360’s newest product is sure to be a hit with filmmakers of all levels. It offers a range of features that make it the perfect choice for anyone looking to take their filmmaking to the next level.  Be sure to check out Insta360’s event on the 29th to get the full story.

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